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New Hope:  NO KILL Shelter in NYC by 2009
By Jude Lassow
     Can we, the caring voice for animals, dream of a NO KILL shelter in NEW YORK CITY?  Will the goal of NO euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals happen in four years? 
Will New York City become a prominent leader in the NON KILL shelter agenda?  Animal lovers believe that with a lot of hard work, dedication and determination, this dream can become a reality.  We need to call the Mayor's office @ 311 and say we want the AC&C to be a non kill shelter.  This NO KILL SHELTER message has to get out now.  Tell everyone!  Let the sounds of the city ring loud and clear...AC&C: ADOPTION Center. 
     The Animal Care and Control shelter wants to join forces with The ASPCA, Humane Society, and Bide-A-Wee and become a non kill shelter in Brooklyn and NYC.  Picture this:  ALL New York City Shelters - ADOPTIONS ONLY! 
 EdBokes1214.jpg (364817 bytes)    Ed Bokes, Executive Director of the AC&C is a Visionary, helps reform troubled shelters.  He is a retired pastor, who rescued lost souls, and now his mission is to rescue lost dogs.  Throughout his journey in life, Bokes has seen that hundreds and thousands of healthy pets are killed simply because there aren't enough homes for them.  In 2004 Bokes began his new calling at the AC&C, by implementing new innovative help programs.  Adoptions have increased 122%, and euthanasia has decreased 30%.  Seven thousand pets have been adopted.  Fewer animals are being put to sleep now, than in the last 130 years!  Bokes NEW HOPE program networks with 165 Animal Organizations.  More foster care for shelter animals are needed.  Each fostered pet that leaves the AC&C is vetted, with shots, tested, spayed/neutered and micro chipped.  The care taker is given food for the cat or dog.  
Bokes inspire upbeat, positive, hopeful ideals from his dedicated 'dream team', which includes: Richard Gentles, Director of Operations. Gentles also manages the shelter's three full service Care Centers, and two Pet Receiving Centers.  Gentles, Bokes and Brian Kilcommons believe that the AC&C can become a non kill shelter for healthy and adoptable cats and dogs.
Briandogtrainer1214.jpg (17796 bytes)Brian Kilcommons, is the official dog trainer for the AC&C. He's a renowned Author, Lecturer, Video Producer and Consultant.  He teaches shelter volunteers about handling a dog prior to adoption.  



ACC1211.jpg (26493 bytes)The Animal Care & Control is located at 
2336 LINDEN BLVD, Brooklyn NY 
8am-8pm seven days a week.  
The AC&C is a 501(c) 3 Non Profit Organization that contracts with New York City for Animal Control services.  To adopt a pet from the AC&C call 311.
                                    * * *
   Pet Care Pilot Program helped the CACC shelter (now the AC&C)  
Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst Volunteers networked with  Jackie Casano, the former Adoption Coordinator at the CACC.  For five years Casano's 
Pet Care providers, housed and nurtured puppies, and mother cats with their new kittens, until the right home was found.  

Lori1214.jpg (57130 bytes)In Memory of 
Lori Jirovec from Personality Plus, a groomer in Bay Ridge, would hold about 30 cats and kittens in her store until she and Muffin's Pet Connection found homes for them.  Hundreds and hundreds of CACC pets were re-homed.  


CACC1217.jpg (73528 bytes)Muffin's Wall of HOPE pictures of shelter animals with their new families.  There are hundreds and hundreds of photos covering the walls in Muffin's office.  





J&Npopeye131.jpg (9436 bytes)Jude and Norm from Muffin's of Bay Ridge,  www.muffins.org



DonnaMEM.jpg (3247 bytes)
In Memory of Donna Olsen from Bensonhurst, a devoted rescuer.  Olsen saved hundreds of pure bred Persians, Siamese, domestic short hair cats and dogs from the CACC.  


Mirella1212.jpg (7823 bytes)

Mirella Amato, from Bensonhurst, worked with Donna. Each would house CACC cats and dogs until new homes were found.  



Jackie1211.jpg (16133 bytes)
Jacqueline Nanni's Puppy Love rescue, fostered Pit Bull and mixed breed puppies for the AC&C.  She bottle feed, nurtured and cared for them until they were adopted.  Nanni rescued hundreds of abandoned pups from the shelter.


MayJo1216.jpg (142866 bytes)

 Pat Downs and Mary Jo Tobin from Bay Ridge, has a dedicated volunteer group that fosters cats and dogs for the AC&C.  They have found new homes for these shelter pets. 

More foster care, and committed volunteers are needed for the NEW HOPE foster care programs. Get Involved, be a part of this historic change for NYC.  The AC&C Call Center is 212-788-4000.  Together, we can make a difference.