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Archives                                            Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                     by Jude Lassow
                                                                  March 3, 2011
                                                               e-mail judespets@aol.com 

HEY JUDE:  “Please help! Bryn, a 4 month old rescued puppy is now on life support with double pneumonia.  Brooklyn Animal Foster Network aka BAFN is suddenly overwhelmed with urgent and unexpected expenses.  Our expected slow time this winter never came with the recent rescue of 15 dogs, including 6 puppies. Pulled from a damp, cramped, feces-covered cellar which existed as a profit center for their “guardian" it was an awful situation, Bryn is now in the trusted hands of the Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group of Brooklyn, NY.   Bryn's bill is expected to come to close to $4,000. Brooklyn Animal Foster Network, 2522 E. 11th Street  Brooklyn, NY 11235,   Sincerely yours,  Laurie Bleier, Director 917-754-3537* * *

I have two rescued cats that need responsible homes.  Melvin, is a neutered 1yr old male, playful, friendly, likes other pets.  Baily, is a 4 yr old neutered male, playful, spontaneous, funny, okay with docile cats not dogs.  Their orange and white markings are magical, they look like twins.  Mandie Muscato, Straycat413@aol.com  * * *

DOG OWNERS:  Your pooches will enjoy fun, run and sun at the following Dog runs. 
Dog Walking Guidelines -

NYC law requires dogs to be on a leash 6 feet or shorter at all times, except during designated off-leash hours in designated areas.  Owners must be in control of their dogs at all times.  Dispose of dog waste properly.  Dogs are never allowed in playgrounds, on bridle paths, on ball fields, or other designated sports areas.  There are no off-leash areas at the Parade Ground.  Do not allow dogs to dig - holes create trip hazards. To protect wildlife habitats, dogs must always be leashed and on stay on paths when in wooded areas. Dogs are allowed in the water at the Lake adjacent to the Peninsula meadow during off-leash hours.

                                                             Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                     by Jude Lassow
                                                                  February 24, 2011
                                                               e-mail judespets@aol.com 

Update: Prince Charming, the rescued nine week old kitty, adopted by Susan Pulaski, of Bay Ridge.  “It was love at first sight.  After seeing his photo in Jude’s column, I called Teresa Romano, and set up an appointment to meet my Prince Charming.  Immediately, my heart did the happy dance.” *** Janice Foti from Furry Friends Pet Care, Dyker Heights, www.Furryfriendshome.com, received condolence telephone calls from Loretta living in Bensonhurst and Theresa residing in Bay Ridge, after reading In Loving Memory of Lucy in the February 9 issue of Muffin’s column.  Janice re-connected with old friends.

""Clip & Save Hot Line Numbers""***Shelters
311 for Animal Care and Control aka ACC…ASPCA: 212-876-7700…
Bide-A-Wee: 212-532-4455…Humane Society: 212-752-4840…
North Shore: 516-883-7575
Emergency Medical Numbers: Brooklyn Vet Emergency: 718-748-5180
Animal Medical Center: 212-838-7053
Miscellaneous Animal Services: ASPCA-Legal: 212-876-7700 X HELP…
Poison Control:
888- 426-4435…H
ousing Assistance: 212-308-2210…
Cat Trap Rental: 718-833-7988…Turtle Rescue: 917-734-0442
Lost & Found: 311…
Pet Finders: 800-666-LOST…800-STOLEN PET…
Pet Line: 800-564-5704…ASPCA: 212-876-7700…ACC: 311…Muffin’s Pet Connection: 718-833-7988 Check with local police, vets and groomers.  Where permitted, post fliers with pets photo. *** Discount Spaying/Neutering Certificates: muffins.org " " " " " "

Hey Jude: Help! My Wonderful 2-year-old cat Seymour needs a new home. I will be moving soon, and am unable to bring him with me. He is and is very affectionate, outgoing, and playful, loves chasing string and fake mice! He is neutered, healthy, and up to date on all his shots. He gets on well both as a solo cat and as a companion to other cats. I would like to give him directly to a new owner rather than subject him to an overcrowded or kill shelter. If interested, please contact Amy @ 917-974-9798 or amylinstrom@yahoo.com. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks.

Muffin’s Thanks: Lillian Marino, former of Brooklynite, now a Seattle Washington resident, subsidizes MAMA feral cat TNR coupons for her brother. Mobile Vet in Bensonhurst performs the surgery. Lillian tries from 3,000 miles away to reduce the cat over population situation in Brooklyn. Spay one female cat, and prevent the birth of 100 unwanted, starving kittens.
Pet Amber Alert.com - Lost: February 13, 2011 Navy, a 2 year old, 40 pound, 21” tall, female Portuguese Water dog, is black with white chest. She is very sweet and probably really scared. She just arrived from Iowa last week. Her chip number might be: 497-756-4C5A. Reward for safe return. Please contact: 347-385-4043 Hotline: 877-875-PETS


                                                            Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                     by Jude Lassow
                                                                  February 17, 2011
                                                               e-mail judespets@aol.com  

In Loving Memory:  On February 7, 2011 DR AKHLAQ TABASSAM suffered a major heart attack. He was the beloved veterinarian from Dr. Sinha's Animal Clinic at 1946 Bath Avenue. He is survived by his wife and three young children.  His wife is having their fourth baby in April.  Dr. Tab as he was affectionately called, worked closely with animal rescuers. He will be missed. 

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." -Roger Caras former ASPCA President

Hey Jude, “I read your column all the time and wanted to share my feelings about Bernie, my twelve year old orange tabby cat and how he is helping me to keep balance in my life.  Ken, my husband of thirty-two years passed away. There are a lot of changes going on in my life, and I do not know if I am ready for them, yet.  For decades, Ken and I shared our love of Rottweilers, birds and one kitty together.  All, but Bernie have walked over the Rainbow Bridge.  I sit here with my memories of Rambo my favorite Rotty. Her soulful eyes reached the center of my being.  I had never experienced that kind of love connection before.  She made my heart dance.  With a sadness and void in my heart, I gaze into Bernie’s green eyes, and see his soul.  He is very special to me.  He usually does what he wants to do; he is so joyful and playful. 
We adopted him from Narrows Animal Hospital when he was six weeks old. Bernie was brought up around dogs, and I almost taught him to bark.  He is funny and shares himself with me.  When I am sitting at the table and he wants my attention, Bernie jumps up on my shoulders, purring and purring, and stays there.  I observe him rubbing his territory, getting ready to stake his mark.  He is very smart, and he lets me know when he is hungry by pointing to his bowl.  Like all cats, Bernie is obsessed with cleanliness.  Any sounds he hears, he puts his tail and ears up with full attentiveness, a trait he undoubtedly learned from his Rotty family.  He knows how to fetch and play ball.  Oh, yeah! Like me, he loves his Hagen Daz ice cream, too.  When he senses I am down, as my daily life can be overwhelming to me, he comes over and licks my fingers, letting me know, he is here for me.  I have God, my poetry and Bernie.  He certainly is a special kind of pet.  I have not come across any other cat like my Bernie.  He comforts me, and I feed him, I think I got the better deal.  We are going to make it, my Bernie and Me!” – Written by Jan E. Schneider - Dyker Heights

                                                            Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                     by Jude Lassow
                                                                  February 10, 2011
                                                               e-mail judespets@aol.com  


UPDATE ALERT: NURSING/NEW MOTHER CATS CAN GET PREGNANT- During her spays surgery it was discovered that CATE a new mother cat, was carrying eight fetuses.  Fabio from the Animal Clinic of 20th Avenue confirmed this.  While her litter of five, five week old kittens was being weaned, CATE returned to work at the Newspaper stand in Bensonhurst.   Within two weeks she became pregnant again.   The vicious cycle of unwanted kitten births can be stopped: SPAY one female cat and prevent the birth of 100 starving, homeless kittens.  Be a part of the solution.  Visit muffins.org for more information. 

“Hi there, I'm Prince ("Charming").  I am a very handsome solid black male kitten, with a fluffy tail.  I am ULTRA friendly to kittens, cats and small dogs as well!  I love to play and chase, and chase again.  I am very gentle on the hands to people.  I am a lover, I purr with delight.  I was one of five kittens born to a very sweet mommy cat, which was not spayed in time.  But I was saved along with my mom by Teresa my foster mother.  We were born in her warm bathroom, and had plenty of food, vitamins and LOVE.  My mom CATE is now spayed and lives with her family in a home.  I am looking for a new friend who will fall for my charm, and adopt me into a loving life that I would become accustomed to.  Please call my foster mom, MAMA T at 347-587-2378. 

BROOKLYN ANIMAL FOSTER NETWORK and KIKI’s PET SPA & BOUTIQUE: present HOMELESS PET ADOPTIONS Saturdays Noon- 6pm many rescued adorable cats and cuddly dogs need a friend, need a responsible home, need you.  60 Broadway, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Please call Laurie Bleier 347-725-4027 Mention that you read about their adoption event in the HOME REPORTER newspaper, Muffin’s column.

Join us as we are hosted by the North Shore Animal League Adoption Van and Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital for a day of adoptions. On Thursday February 10, 2011 we will be at 365 7th Avenue (between 10th & 11th Streets) in Park Slope, Brooklyn from 2pm to 7pm. 
Come meet your new best friend or just say hello!

                                                             Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                     by Jude Lassow
                                                                  February 3, 2011
                                                               e-mail judespets@aol.com  


a three year old tuxedo cat has a job.  She is employed by a twenty-four hour newsstand in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn to keep vermin at bay, without the use of poisons.  Her owner hesitated getting her spayed. When I learned she was pregnant, I gave her prenatal care with vitamins and special foods. I was available to her for the delivery of five babies.  I was called when she went into labor at 5am November 7th.  I rushed her home where I helped her deliver five kittens.  Cate was extremely trusting, letting me hold her leg up while the tiny tots popped out. Poor Cate went into heat a week after delivery.  Cats are known to conceive during this precious time.  The kitties were weaned at five weeks. Cate had to go back to work and to allow her milk to dry up, so she could be spayed as soon as possible.  I left her at the store for two weeks. I scheduled with Fabio at the Animal Clinic of 20th Avenue in Bensonhurst, Cate’s surgery using the MAMA coupon, which Muffin’s subsidized.  Surgery was performed by Dr. Swails. During surgery it was discovered she was carrying eight fetuses.  I learned from the shopkeepers that this was her third litter.  She was very skinny and surely would not have survived this large pregnancy so soon after feeding her family of five.  

All but Prince, a black male kitten, have been adopted.  Cate is spayed, back at work and gaining a little more weight.  She even seems a lot happier and when I go to check on her she bounces around the store.  – Teresa Romano, from MAMA T’s ANIMAL SERVICES, Bensonhurst.  347-587-2378    

IN LOVING MEMORY: Today, January 21, 2011, it's a very sad day for us.  Our beautiful cat, Lucy succumbed to bladder cancer and she was sent back home.  We gave her a very happy and fulfilling life for six years and we will miss her so much.  We are proud to say though that we will "always love Lucy." Janice and Anthony Foti, Dyker Heights

Phoenix, my four year old cat is MISSING. He’s an Orange Tabby Stripped, missing since Sunday January 23, from 99th Street and Fort Hamilton Parkway.  He is neutered; people friendly. He is vocal; if someone talks to him he may meow at them. He is a fourteen pound piggy, like Garfield. A bunch of the cats on the square block of my house have been trapped, released and tagged. I checked with them and he has not been seen by them. They all know him; he has been trapped before with food. I also walked around checked the usual spots and other cat feeding spots that I know. I figure he has been taken in by someone, or trapped somewhere. I've checked all the garages on my block for him. Hopefully Phoenix is not freezing to death locked in somewhere.  I'm going to continue to hang signs around the neighborhood. I have had him since he was three months old. Thank you again for all your help.  Please call Elizabeth 917-837-6891

Rabbit adoptions every Saturday and Sunday at Union Square Petco 2pm-5pm Contact the ACC for more information: info@nycacc.org


                                                             Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                     by Jude Lassow
                                                                  January 21, 2011
                                                               e-mail judespets@aol.com    

BOOMER BEEN SAVED FROM KILL SHELTER -GETTING TREATMENT, NEEDS FOSTER/FOREVER HOME ASAP: “Boomer, forty-five pounds, a Box-Pittie mix, approximately seven years old, was found hobbling along Queens Blvd, and extremely neglected He’s sweet, loving dog who is already showing his personality. He's good with other dogs, cats, and kids.  He loves to play with his ball and Frisbee. He is house trained; crate trained, walks very well on a leash, and loves to ride in the car.  He shows me what it's like to be loved unconditionally with his licks, paws on our shoulders, and big brown eyes. He is already reminding us of how much joy there is in life is we allow ourselves to experience it.” 
Contact Amy at amymyers@msn.com or Sohail at 718-873-3309

Government Agency to Kill 80,000 Animals:
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just released a list of 134 chemicals that will be tested for their potential to interact with hormone systems and possibly affect the growth or reproduction of animals. The program for screening these chemicals will take years and kill approximately 80,000 animals.  Please click the link below to urge EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to use the ToxCast non-animal program to test these 134 chemicals. The non-animal program would save thousands of animals' lives.  To take action on this issue, click on the link:  2.peta.org/site/Advocacy?s_oo=AVKThv3V80nDviUi8BIPLw..&id=3455 

 Sponsored by: Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund  Africa's lions are facing habitat loss, poaching, poisoning and other threats. There are only an estimated 20,000 lions left in the wild — an alarming decline from the estimated 450,000 that existed in the 1940s. Without increased conservation efforts extinction could come for the King of Beasts as soon as 2020.  The Great Cats and Rare Canids Act — already passed in the House — would authorize critical funds for vital efforts to protect lions and rare animals like snow leopards, Ethiopian wolves, jaguars and other rare wildlife struggling to survive. Please urge your senators to help save lions and other struggling animals and support the Great Cats and Rare Canids Act.


Each year millions of cats die as a result of neglect, cruelty.  Right now there are many more cats being born everyday, than there are good homes. 

                                                             Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                     by Jude Lassow
                                                                  January 14, 2011
                                                               e-mail judespets@aol.com    

DEAR JUDE:Help, please. I was walking to Faicco on 11th Avenue. I heard loud crying that sounded like a baby or a cat.  I could not locate the source of the cries.  I heard even louder and more fretful crying and knew it was definitely a cat.  I looked and looked for the frantic feline.  Finally I saw a cat across the street on the second floor facing the door to one of the condos screaming loudly.  He was cold, frightened, and working himself into a panic.  I tried to get the cat's attention without startling it - God forbid it should run off!  When it saw me it let out the loudest meow I have ever heard.  Reassuringly I said, "Calm down.  I'm going to try to find your owner."  The cat rubbed on my legs and sniffed my hand.  I rang the bell again and again. Thank God a Russian woman approached with a baby, saying in broken English, "Okay, okay."  I do not know if she was a baby-sitter or nanny.  Imagine trusting someone in your home and they let your precious pet out?  I tried to tell her that she should never let the cat out, people steal them; they get spooked and run off.  There are so many dangers out there from evil people, cars, dogs, etc. I do not know if she understood. I waited until I saw her open the door and the cat run in the house.  This situation has an unsettling ending.  Is there anything else that I should have done or that I should still do?” Cat DeCapua

DEAR CAT: ASPCA ALERT: Approximately 3 million to 4 million pets are euthanized yearly (70 percent are cats)… Outdoor cats suffer at humans hands. They are tortured, die in traffic accidents, eat toxins, or poisoned with antifreeze. Cats catch diseases, predators hunt and kill them, fight over territory. Fleas, ticks, mites, attack outdoor cats –Excerpt from pictures-of-cats.org
Thank you Cat, you saved a house cats life! Please take Derek, your Eel rescuing husband, and give this column to the cat’s owner.  This is a purrfect way to teach that cats are unsafe outdoors.

                                                           Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                     by Jude Lassow
                                                                  January 7, 2011
                                                               e-mail judespets@aol.com  

lion_burgers.ju.top.jpgALERT: SAY NO TO AFRICAN LION BURGERS: Il Vinaio restaurant in Mesa, Arizona is selling lion burgers in honor of the World Cup in South Africa.  Owner Cameron Selogie claims that since the lions are farm-raised, it doesn't pose a danger to threatened animals in Africa. Serving up farm-raised wildlife creates a demand, which makes it easier for poachers to get their product onto the market. Lions do not belong as a novelty item on restaurant menus. Ask the owners of Il Vinaio to take lion meat off the menu.  Pass along this information -Excerpt from Care2.


WE GET LETTERS:Hi! My name is Eelijah.  I am a handsome 18" - 20" long dark honeycombed colored Tessalata AKA Honeycomb Moray Eel.  I am lucky to be alive.  A guy in Shepshead Bay put me in a bucket and was going to throw me down the sewer when my savior came along.  Derek took me home where he and his wife Cat set me up in a temporary tank.  I am warm, comfortable, and well fed munching on live gold fish.  They can't keep me, even though Cat has grown attached to me. I need a large tank (at least 150-gallon). They hope to find me a good home with someone who will love me and take care of me. 
I hope so, too.”

DEAR JUDE: “Hi, I'm Lovely Lucy and my sister is Jolly Judy. We are looking for a purrever home together. We are about six to eight months old (our math is not too good), have been living in Bayside. Our person grandmother is not capable of taking care of us any longer.  We are spayed and have all our shots, so we are ready to travel!  I know when I get a forever home I will get over being shy and be a loving kitty to you -- Judy will be a cuddly girl from the start. It will be a challenge to tell us apart, we look exactly alike. We are light gray. To find out more about us, please call Lucille (I am named after her!) at 212-888-0468.”

                                                                 Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                          by Jude Lassow
                                                                             Dec 31, 2010
                                                               e-mail judespets@aol.com     

DEAR JUDE: Spuds, seven month, twenty-five pound Jack Russell mix, was hit by a car. After surgery to repair the head of his femur we need to begin addressing the non-weight bearing lameness of his affected hind leg. If Spuds does not use the leg much following surgery, scarring will restrict range of hip motion and leg function. Passive range of motion exercises help flex and extend the hip following surgery, maximizing its function as soon as possible. He will need short, slow leash walks early on. Slow walking more than any other gait will encourage the dog to use the affected leg. Some dogs recover faster than others. Do you know anyone with experience or willing to learn, who can help us bring full range of motion back to Spuds? –Excerpt from Brooklyn Foster Animal Network Contact Laurie Bleier at 917-754-3537
HELP PLEASE: “I have a 13yr old White Turkish Angora that I rescued two and a half years ago. Maya has recently been diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid and requires medication applied to her ears twice daily (morning/night). She is spayed and current with her inoculations.  My job requires me to travel, I have no roommates. I am desperately looking for a new home for her.  She is extremely sweet, doesn't hiss, does not bite.  She was declawed by the previous owner.  She loves to love ‘n lounge. I am going out of town until 2nd of January, but will be leaving again January 6th. I have been desperately calling no kill shelters, rescue groups and craigslist, but with no luck. Any info would be appreciated.  First and foremost she needs a new home.  Please post this. Thank you so much.  Marcus Morales, Brooklyn, NY (214) 562-1286

FUN FACT: A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.

Puppypalooza! Dog Gives Birth to 17 Puppies: BERLIN Pet owner thrilled but fatigued after having to bottle feed pups for several weeks. Their mother couldn't cope with the demand. –Excerpt from aolnews


                                                                  Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                          by Jude Lassow
                                                                             Dec 24, 2010
                                                               e-mail judespets@aol.com       

I’d like to thank the Editor, Frank Griffon, and the staff of the Home Reporter.
For releasing my Poetry in Jude’s, “Muffin’s Pet Connection column.
I wish everyone the Happiest of Holidays!
I believe we should start the New Year with a positive state of mind!
Let all the negative things go, and disappear behind.
Concentrate on new ideas for the future year!
Hip hip Hooray!  Shout and cheer!
                        We’re gonna be rockin’-and-rollin’ around here.  Written by Jan E. Schneider

FALALALA KITTY NEEDS PURREVER HOME:  QUEEN ISABELLA: Is rescued, not a year old. She’s very lovable black and white tuxedo lap cat. She has been spayed, inoculated and tested negative for AIDS and Leukemia. She is scratching post trained. She is not good with other cats, but is fine with children. She is starving for love and attention. Contact: Lilo at 1-917-626-4027 or via email at slan13@verizon, and or text at 91762640274@yrmobile.com

Mistletoe can cause gastrointestinal distress, a slowed heartbeat, and other reactions if ingested, due to the presence of harmful chemicals like viscotoxins. Although not thought to be fatal, it can cause severe reactions.  In pets, mistletoe may cause gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular collapse, dyspnea, bradycardia, erratic behavior, vomiting, diarrhea, and low blood pressure. 

PIONTSETTA’S NOT FATAL: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals states that ingestion of poinsettias may cause mild to moderate gastrointestinal tract irritation, which may include drooling, vomiting, and or diarrhea -- but nothing severe or fatal.  The Society of American Florists worked with the academic faculty of entomology at Ohio State University to thoroughly test all parts of the poinsettia and conclusively established that there were no adverse effects. In 1975, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission denied a petition to require warning labels for poinsettia plants.
ALOE VERA: Great for burns, but toxic to cats and dogs. If you keep an aloe plant on hand for burns, make sure to keep it out of reach for your pets.  If ingested it can cause vomiting, depression, diarrhea, anorexia, tremors, change in urine color. –Excerpt from Care2

                                                                    Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                          by Jude Lassow
                                                                             Dec 17, 2010
                                                               e-mail judespets@aol.com

HOMELESS PET ADOPTIONS- BrooklynAnimalFosterNetwork and Kikis Pet Spa & Boutique introduce cats and dogs for adoption. Visit Saturday’s from Noon until 6pm at 60 Broadway, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Meet Beau a very active seventeen pound, one year old Shih Tzu / Pomeranian Mix boy. He loves to play with toys, and gets along with other dogs, kids and cats. One of his favorite places to sit is right by your side on the couch. Beau will let you pet him for hours. He is very curious and wants to see everything that's going on. Beau is doggie door trained and walks well on a leash.  Beau is neutered and up to date on all of his shots. Call Laurie 917 754-3537

DEAR JUDE: “WE LOST OUR DOG: My boy Skootch, last seen around 8:00 pm Friday morning December 10.  We live at183A 32 Street near Greenwood Cemetery. He is a mix about the size of a large reddish Blond Shepherd, with large Shepherd like-ears. He has a blue collar, but no ID. He’s very gentle. We are very desperate to find him, as he is my thirteen year old boy."  Please call Rose or Michael at: 
917 282 1353, 917 709 7128 or 718 788 1434  
PRINCE HENRY: A very lovable cat, loves attention and playtime. He was abandoned from a warm home into the cold streets, gladly accepting our help. He is currently in foster home, but his time is limited there. Henry gets along well with kids.  He is less than 1.5 years old, and has plenty of fun in him. He is neutered, vaccinated and tested negative for FIV and FELV. He is scratching post trained. He loves to follow people like a puppydog, is very smart.  Henry is best suited in a home without other cats. He is a Tiger Tabby and listens to commands.  Contact: Lilo at 1-917-626-4027 or via email at slan13@verizon, and or text at 91762640274@yrmobile.com

                                                                 Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                          by Jude Lassow
                                                                             Dec 10, 2010
                                                               e-mail judespets@aol.com

MEEEOWY CHRISTMAS:  Wontcha please open your heart and home to a rescued kitty?  They need a chance to share their magical purrs with an Angel…YOU!  Make this a purrfect holiday.  Your special friend awaits your gentle touch. 

"Meeeeow, I'm "Little One". I was rescued from a horrible life outside. I am spayed and tested. The bad news is, I tested positive for the FeLV virus. I really cannot go back outside, I would rather be adopted.  I would love to find a home with nice, loving people. Here is some information about me that might interest you: I am about 18 months old, a tuxedo cat, love to be held, cuddled. I am adorable, playful, sweet, plus, so much more…that's me! Unfortunately, I cannot have any other cats in the house with me, unless they are FeLV positive also. I can be around people and dogs since they cannot get this virus from me; it's only contagious to other felines. Please help me find a loving home. I will always love and adore you...Love, "Little One" Please call Linda 718 946-5965 
PAW MEWS: Ally-Boy has an unknown past.  He was dumped in a box with no note or any info about him. But we can rewrite his future.  This five year neutered and declawed male needs a special home. He would do best with a mature person or couple that has no other pets but lots of love to give.  He will come around with patience and love.  He is being worked with slowly and has shown improvement. Please give this fellow a chance.  For info call Rita at 646-267-9876.
HI: My name is Lil Grey. I am looking for a forever home. I am an adorable handsome four month old gray and white male tabby. I am very friendly, affectionate and playful. I am healthy, Flea-Free, De-Wormed, Vaccinated, and up-to-date with all my shots. Feline Aids (FIV) /Leukemia (FELV)-NEGATIVE. If you are interested in adopting Lil Grey contact Dee at 718-833-2678.  

                                                      Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                          by Jude Lassow
3, 2010
                                                               e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

PUBLIC ASSISTANCE RECEPRIANTS ONLY:  The ASPCA offers FREE spaying and neutering for cats and dogs to people on Medicaid, Medicare, or who live in Housing.  To find the dates and location of the sterilization van, please call Chris Keith at 917-484-1804, mention Muffin’s.  Pet owners must have proof of public assistance. 

DOGS WIN BIG ON ELECTION DAY-HISTORIC VICTORY IN MISSOURI known as the Puppy Mill Capital of America.Missouri supplies more than 40 percent of all puppies sold in pet stores nationwide. The new Missouri law, which becomes effective in one year, requires that dogs at these large-scale facilities be provided with sufficient food, clean water, regular veterinary care, adequate housing and space, and access to regular exercise. And with passage of Proposition B, Missouri becomes the fifth state—joining Louisiana, Oregon, Virginia and Washington—to create a limit on the number of intact, adult breeder dogs a commercial dog breeder may keep.  Proposition B reflects a landmark achievement in the ongoing fight against animal cruelty,” says ASPCA President & CEO Ed Sayres. “We are proud to have worked diligently on this campaign, and we celebrate this victory alongside the caring citizens of Missouri. The ASPCA is committed to working with local animal welfare groups to help breeders transition to the new humane standards and find loving homes for any displaced Missouri breeding dogs.” –Excerpt from ASPCA.org

1-failing to create full service shelters in Queens, and the Bronx, 2- AC&C rescuers and adopters face mounting costs, and animals suffer, due to overcrowded and disease ridden ACC shelters. 3- Without proper funding and buildings, the AC&C is unable to provide Professional Behavior Evaluations and Disease Control.  –Excerpt from Shelter Reform Action Committee aka SRAC

SECOND HAND SMOKE-DEADLY TO CATS: the fallout of airborne tar and nicotine lands on his coat, which he is always licking. In a second-hand smoke environment, a cat is also ingesting carcinogens directly into his system. Just opening a window isn't enough. –Excerpt from The Daily Cat Tip

                                                                   Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                          by Jude Lassow
                                                                             Nov 5, 2010


PET ALERT: Please Save the Date: Saturday November 6th - a rally at Washington Square Park to support an end to the killing of cats and dogs and the reform of the NYC shelter system.  Please attend if you can and pass to others who might be interested in joining us this day. We need to make a change, we need to save lives.  Freeddompaws.com
PUBLIC ASSISTANCE RECEPRIANTS ONLY:  The ASPCA offers FREE spaying and neutering for cats and dogs to people on Medicaid, Medicare, or who live in Housing.  To find the dates and location of the sterilization van, please call Chris Keith at 917-484-1804, mention Muffin’s.  Pet owners must have proof of public assistance.
Petition to support establishing a dog run in upper Shore Road Park:  I have been working with the Shore Road Parks Conservancy. People have inquired about creating a proper, fenced-in dog run inside upper Shore Road Park.  There are two areas in the park which have been identified as potential sites. To support the idea of creating a proper dog run in upper Shore Road Park, sign this on-line petition and spread the word to your friends and neighbors: shoreroadparks.org/dogrun.html
Thank you!” Justin Lee Brannan,

ADOPT kittens and cats:
BLACKIE and MIDNIGHT brothers - seven week old kittens, hand raised, adorable, friendly and playful. Okay with older kitties. They have been de-wormed twice. Prefer to be adopted together. Please call Linda 718-718 946-5965 Mention the Home Reporter…”Melvin will sell himself once you meet him. He is a vocal amazing one year old male cat that actually likes taking baths. He is gentle and calm and gets along with everyone even nice dogs! Let’s hear it for Melvin!  He is neutered… Fifty is an absolutely stunning lady. She got her name because she was attacked by a dog when she was a kitten and had several holes in her stomach that needed to be repaired, just like the rapper 50 Cent. She is social but independent. She’s a wonderful companion, an adorable friend. She is spayed.” Mandie 718-986-4812

                                                      Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                          by Jude Lassow
12, 2010
                                                               e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

A LETTER TO SHOWTIME: Dear Ms. Benedek: I am the Director of Muffin's Pet Connection in NYC. I am appalled by the ad Showtime is airing, showing a teenage boy holding a blow torch in one hand and a terrified kitty in the other hand.  What message is this insensitive ad giving?  This is not funny at all.  Cruelty to animals is not a laughing matter.  There must be another creative less intrusive way to promote "Shameless" a television program, as this ad is shameless. What if an angry child or an imbalanced adult, who after seeing that horrible ad, took it another step further, and actually torched an innocent animal? Please re-consider promoting this advertisement. Do no harm to God's creatures! Respect all animals.  Thank you for your time and consideration. Together, we can make a difference. Jude, Muffin's, Director, muffins.org  Melinda Benedek, Executive Vice President, Business Affairs and Production Showtime: 10880 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1500 Los Angeles, CA 90024 or call 212-708-1400 number 8. 
IN LOVING MEMORY: “Minnie, twelve and a half year old, feral Calico cat, born May 1998, was fed by Noreen and me. We starting feeding her nine years ago, after a woman in the building trapped, spayed, vaccinated, and let her out.  I started feeding cats after I adopted Boo, my orange tabby.  Noreen and I tried a few times over the years to re-home her, but Minnie would not go into a trap. Minnie had been healthy all those years living outdoors. Sadly, last week something serious happened, she was gone for a week, returned home with a horrifying infection. She knew I would save her. When I trapped her she was calm, peaceful. Taking car services back and forth, she snuggled up in the trap, which was right against me. She let me put my fingers in the cage, and talk to her.  She knew my love; she must have loved me back in her own way.  We waited an hour and a half at VERG vet's office before Dr. Murphy put her to sleep. I held Minnie on my lap for twenty minutes; Noreen donated $400.00 for Minnie’s rescue.” Elyse Karnes.

                                                      Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                          by Jude Lassow
19, 2010
                                                               e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

N LOVING MEMORY: Lily, our wonderful dog, a beautiful blonde Cocker Spaniel, helped make our home in Dyker Heights a happy place for eleven and a half wonderful years. At the time she became a part of our family, Lily, who we nick-named “The Baby” and “Louie”, was only eight weeks old.  Lily was a very loving dog.  She exhibited an extraordinary sense of empathy, seemingly able to detect when her family members were stressed, going over to calm them during times of trouble.  Lily was loved by all who knew her, she was a happy dog. Although a small dog, Lily had a happy-go-lucky trot that shook the floor boards as she pranced about the house. Lily’s “sister” Maggie, our other beautiful Cocker Spaniel, was Lily’s companion as they schemed together to steal food from the table ge e wrong road.
The number of different species are being destroyed and showed…
That man’s way of settling animal problems is totally unacceptable!
An example of this is the “Elimination of Birds in Prospect Park,” that’s documental!
The Polar Bears in the Artic don’t know where to go.
In a town in Minnesota, a Cougar was in a backyard looking at the Crow
The “Deer and Bear Hunt” is on in the mountains, and the Pheasants are hunted in the lakes.
In Africa, the Lion is almost extinct, thanks to what Man partakes!
I’d like to give a shout-out to the Animal Organizations!
Also, the “Dog and Cat rescuers” for the contributions…
Of successfully helping to save God’s little animals!
In this world of Human cannibals! Written by
Jan E. Schneider

PET AMBER ALERT LOST November 5, 2010, was last seen 15 Newcastle Court. Nikki, a female, six years old, fourteen pound, Westy, needs urgent mediation.  Reward 201-400-1110

                                                     Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                          by Jude Lassow
26, 2010
                                                               e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com


MEOW MEOW:  “Now it is my turn to Mew my views on life with MUFFIN'S.  I am PeggySue, a stunning, full-figured, three-legged, semi-feral Russian blue look-a-like.  After I was spayed, my previous owner dumped me in the basement in Jude’s apartment building.  I was starving, skin and bones, alone, terrified, and scared of the world. How could this be happening to me? I was born with most of my left paw missing; I hobble around and run in a flash. From my hiding place, I noticed a tall gent loading washing machines. He was humming a 1960’s song, lost in his own world. Cautiously I glanced out, peeking in his direction. Ooops, he spotted me…” to be continued. 
ADOPT CATS: “Hello, my name is Dan Gingold. A few weeks ago my cat Hazel and her kitten Marty were spayed and neutered using the Muffins discount for stray cats.  I thought I would be able to keep them. It turns out I am unable to so, due to my work and travel schedule.  I understand that you help people to place pets. Please help me. Hazel, a black and white tuxedo, is one year old, sweet, a little shy at first. Marty, white and black spots, is four months old, curious and playful, sure to turn out very affectionate.  My number is 415 680 5423.  Thank you very much.” 
“I would like to add on to that terrible night of putting Minnie down.  The office at VERG was very busy. I had to wait a long time; I was alone and very upset.  Dr. Murphy and the other young ladies on duty that night totally helped me through this nightmare. They kept me company, were very caring and thoughtful, offering as much time as I needed to stay with Minnie.  I could not have gotten through this bad time without their kindness.  They sent me personal letters of sympathy, not just the standard card that vets send out.  They will always be in my prayers.  Elyse Karnes


                                                                    Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                          by Jude Lassow
                                                                             Oct. 29, 2010
                                                               e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

PET AMBER ALERT - BLIND CAT LOST OCTOBER 9, 2010: Sammi, a three year old, male, mostly white with circular gray marks on his left side, is almost totally white on his right side.  His tail and ears are gray.  Sammi has never been out of the house. He was last seen on 66th street between 5th and 6th Avenue, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.  Reward for safe return.  Please call 1-347-615-5622 Family is heartbroken. 

Known as the “Puppy Mill Capital of America,” Missouri is home to an estimated 3,000 puppy mills, supplying more than 40 percent of all puppies sold in pet stores nationwide. “Infections and disease run rampant, living conditions are often bare and squalid—these dogs deserve better, we are here to help them get it.” -says Tim Rickey, ASPCA Senior Director of Field Investigations and Response.  Also known as the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, this landmark measure aims to raise the standards of care for dogs in Missouri’s commercial breeding facilities. If passed, Prop B would have revolutionary implications for puppy mills throughout the country.

Blue Buffalo Company, Ltd. recalls certain dry dog food because of possible excess Vitamin D that can affect the health of some dogs. The Blue Buffalo Company, Ltd., is recalling certain packages of its Wilderness Chicken, Basics Salmon and Large Breed Adult Chicken dry dog foods sold under THC "BLUE" brand which have the potential to contain excessive levels of Vitamin
Consumers with questions may contact the company at 1-877-523-9114 from 8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time or visit the bluebuffalo.com/news for more information. -Excerpt from FDA Food and Drug Administration-hhs.gov

Chocolate in all forms—especially dark or baking chocolate—can be very dangerous for dogs and cats. Symptoms of chocolate ingestion may include vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, as well as increased thirst, urination and heart rate—even seizures.

                                                                    Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                          by Jude Lassow
                                                                             Oct. 23, 2010
                                                               e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

ANOTHER BIRD RESCUE: My mother and I were walking down my block when we saw a pigeon huddled against our neighbor's front garden wall, clearly distressed and unable to fly.  I picked the pigeon up and put it in the garden where it would at least be off of the busy sidewalk.  I went back, got the bird and put him into a box with food and water in my private, secure hallway.  He ate immediately. I called Sean Casey and asked him if he would take the bird.  He said, "You got it!"  My angel came through again!  I didn’t know if he would survive.  I did not leave him to die on a cold, noisy, crowded sidewalk. At least I rested easy knowing that I had done all that I could to help this ailing bird. The pigeon survived the night, looked wonderful this morning, and made it safely to the capable, nurturing hands of Sean Casey. While cleaning, I found little areas of pigeon poop in my hallway.  Apparently, our injured feathered friend was up and about and got out of his box during the night. He was clever enough to go back into his box and look like he'd never left before I came out into the hall to see him in the morning.  Maybe he just wanted a safe and warm place to stay for the night and some food and water.  This really made me smile. –Cat DeCapua

ADOPT A SHELTER PET – SAVE A LIFE!  Please join LOVE WANTED 1st Annual Karen Bladykas Memorial Adoption Event.  In July, Karen lost her battle with cancer. She loved animals and made rescuing them a part of her daily life. Help us HONOR her memory.  Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 Trinity Church, 91st Street and 3rd Avenue, Bay Ridge (across from Foodtown) 11am – 4pm --- Adopt on the SPOT!  Rain or Shine/Proof of ID and residency required.  The Shelter is in desperate need of dog food, cat food and blankets! Please stop by with donations. Animals courtesy of North Shore Animal League and ACC of NYC.

                                                                    Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                          by Jude Lassow
                                                                             Oct. 15, 2010
                                                               e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

SIMBY, A VERY SPECIAL CAT: My sister rescued a kitten nine years ago that changed my life and many cats' lives.  His name was Simba for the Lion King, we called him Simby.  I met him when he was only a few weeks old. When I held him in my arms I never felt such a feeling of love, never, perhaps that sounds odd.  When I came home I was very, depressed because I knew I could not see him often.  I was always an animal lover, but when my dog died ten years before I met Simba, I did not get another pet.  I was living alone, and not in great physical shape. I decided I just could not get a dog again. But cats need no walking; this should have been a consideration. I decided to get a kitten from a little shelter.  Boo, would sit at the window. I would sit holding him there, but I was not a window person before. I never noticed the cats that he was looking at on my big apartment building lawn.  From that day nine years ago I have been feeding and watering cats, rescuing many cats since Simby breezed into my life.  It also inspired me about donating and fund raising for Muffins Pet Connection. I have helped a lot of animals through Muffins.  This is all because of Simby, a very special cat that has left for Heaven.  He will live on in our hearts.” –Written by Elyse Karnes as told to Jude  
This is a Tribute to Simba, a nine year old Orange Tabby cat, who just passed away!
Simba is in a Heavenly way, of which, God has cast…
His Blessings upon Elyse, to continue feeding and rescuing kittens.
Be happy with Boo, and always treat him with delicate mittens!
You may lose a lot in life, I say,
But, don’t ever lose your sense of humor, everyday. –Written by Jan E. Schneider

                                                                    Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                          by Jude Lassow
                                                                             Oct. 8, 2010
                                                               e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

IN LOVING MEMORY: SIMBA’s TRIBUTE For Elyse Karnes  Nine year old SIMBY purrs as he walks with Jesus and Angels. His legacy of love is etched in your heart, as his paw print beats eternally. Simby, a little Angel, gave testimony to God's purrever love.  He introduced you to the world of stray cats, and you cherish your kitty cat rescue journey.  Simby purred the truth to you, freeing you from anger and resentment, replacing those negative emotions with compassion and understanding. That was his mission, to free you. Embrace God's everlasting love and heal.  Peace, from Muffin’s

DEAR JUDE: Hi, my name is Runt. I have white and brown tint in my black coat. I am about four to six months old. I am a shy stray kitten. If you can find it in your heart to bring me home, I can finally stop being tired and scared of wandering the streets. My dream is to settle down with a caring person showing them unconditional love. Please hurry and bring me home. I, my two brothers and sisters are so afraid, there are two raccoons moving into our territory. HELP! I don’t want to be a Raccoons din-din.” Contact: THERESA 518-892-8919

“Hi, my name is Blackie; I am black with a white spot below the chin and light greenish eyes. I am about four to six months old. I am a shy kitten. If you bring me home and make me part of your family, you can watch me come out of my shell and see the real affectionate kitten that I am. I will be purrever grateful, giving you my unconditional love for the rest of my life. I, my two brothers and sister are so afraid. There are two big Raccoons moving into our territory. HELP! We don’t want to be the Raccoons dessert. Contact: THERESA 518-892-8919
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUFFIN’S: On October 1 & 2nd MUFFIN'S celebrated 22 years of Animal Community Services; assisting in finding over 8,600 pawever homes, offering discount spaying and neutering programs, and Free telephone counseling. –Thank you.  Jude

                                                                    Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                          by Jude Lassow
                                                                             Oct. 1, 2010
                                                               e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

DEAR JUDE: Something nice happened today. My mother, a very good friend, and I went to the beach by the Conference House in Staten Island.  As we walked along in search of sea glass and other treasures, we found the most beautiful treasure of all: a lovely young pure white dove.  It was huddled at the base of the Conference House, unable to fly, clearly frightened and hungry.  Our friend picked it up and gave it to me to hold.  We obviously could not leave it on the beach, as a terrible death would have been a certainty. I carried it to the park ranger’s station.  They tried to locate a rehabilitator in Staten Island but could not.  They were able to give us a large tree pot to place the dove until we could figure out what to do with it.  I immediately took off my shirt, as my tank top was underneath, and covered most of the pot so that the dove would not become even more frightened.
I brought the dove to Sean Casey’s Animal Rescue in Brooklyn. He carefully took the bird from the pot and examined it.  He told us that someone had clipped the bird's wings so that it could not fly, then released it. It was otherwise healthy and clean, though badly in need of food.  He put the dove into a cage with a perch and food and water.  The dove ate immediately.  Sean promised to find it a good home. Sean is an angel!
I came from the city, and the express bus had to make its way through some very scary storms.  I thought about the dove and how terrible it would have been if he had remained without shelter.  Imagine being in these terrible storms alone, hungry, and frightened?  Thank you.- Cat DeCapua

SCARLET a six year old, long haired tortoiseshell cat, black, brown, tan, gold with a distinctive lopsided black streak down her nose. Last seen Bergen and Bond Street in Boerum Hill. Micro chipped. REWARD if found.  917.972.0217

                                                                    Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                          by Jude Lassow
                                                                          Sept. 24, 2010
                                                               e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

If a dog is unhappy, usually his owner is too!
That’s what animals do.
It’s known that if you’re ill or sad…
Your Pet usually feels bad!
The dog or cat is kinda “whacky, if you’re the nervous type.
Also, if you’re an angry type and continually gripe!
Moods change everyday, as does the weather,
The moon affects man and animals, altogether!  Written by Jan E. Schneider

“Meow, I'm Creamsicle a blond tabby kitty thrown out of my home by my owner, I was starved to near death.  Living on the streets is meowy scary!  Every night a nice lady came with a plate of food for me. After a few weeks, I began to feel better, until that terrible day when I was attacked by a bully cat that nearly cut off my tail!  I'm not a fighter; I don't know how to defend myself.  That nice lady found me all bloody, shaking. She rushed me to the doctor. I was stitched up and taken care of.  I was given all my shots and fixed too. I cannot stay at the vet’s office much longer.  I'm really a sweet boy who loves to sleep and snuggle.  Please give me a chance, I will meow you forever, Creamsicle. Thank you and God bless you.”  Joelle 718-759-7075 
CALAY’S MEWS:  “I am a four year old, stunning Calico, saved from near death by MamaT missy Teresa Romano. I had fleas crawling all over my tiny six week old body, dysentery, hydration, 102 fever, and blood and pus poured out of my infected left back paw. I was born without my foot. After a clean bill of health, Muffin’s became my new family.  PeggySue, a solid gray three-legged cat and Scooter, a gorgeous Maine Coon mix, were my new roomies.  I was hot for Scooter, his bushy tail turned me on. His large tufted paws sent purrs quivering through my body as he popped me off the bed.  It was purrs at first sight.”   

                                                                    Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                          by Jude Lassow
                                                                          Sept. 17, 2010
                                                               e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

Crystal is a loving three or four year old white Pit bull Terrier with brown spots. She is so sweet that you’d never guess what a hard life she’s had. Crystal’s owner abandoned her for two weeks without any food. A foster mom found her, starving and lonely. Crystal’s foster mom already has her hands full with two dogs and can’t give Crystal a permanent home with the attention she deserves.  Please consider bringing Crystal into your family. She gets along great with other dogs, all the people she meets, and children but shouldn’t live with cats. She has been spayed, is well-trained, and is perfectly housebroken. If you can not give Crystal a permanent home but her story tugs at your heartstrings, please contact Drew at jumpidareyou@gmail.com or 646.456.7512, if you can foster her until we can find someone who can, or even for a weekend. Thank you and God Bless.

Australian Cattle Dog, 50 pounds, white with tan speckles, knee height, lost September 4, 2010 $100 reward If found please call:  216-409-0706

Small Brown and white PITBULL lost Monday September 6, 2010. If you have any information please call: 347-420-9315 OR 347-420-9313 Reward Offered

HARTZ MOUNTAIN RECALL TREATS: The Hartz Mountain Corporation is voluntarily recalling one specific lot of Hartz Naturals Real Beef Treats for Dogs due to concerns that one or more bags within the lot may have been potentially contaminated with Salmonella. Hartz is fully cooperating with the US Food and Drug Administration in this voluntary recall.  74,700 8-oz bags of Hartz Naturals Real Beef Treats for Dogs, lot code BZ0969101E, UPC number 32700-11519, which were imported by Hartz from a Brazilian supplier, Bertin S.A. Salmonella is an organism which can cause serious infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems, all of whom are at particular risk from exposure and should avoid handling these products. Contact Hartz at 1-800-275-1414 with any questions and for information on how to obtain reimbursement for purchased product. –Excerpt from Hartz Mountain Corporation

                                                                     Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            Sept. 10, 2010
                                                                 e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

Lucy Tells Tails: “Now now boys, move over for the real scoop.  I am a pretty red-haired, eight month old gal named Lucy.  I live with my brother one-eyed Jack and two adopted feline friends, three year old Taz and my boyfriend five year old Benson.  When I was introduced to the big rooms after my initiation time in the bathroom, I ran right up to the biggest boy, bopped him on the nose and had my paw ready for another.  Benson blushing looked side to side.  It was Love-at-first sight. It helped me gain my status in the house.  It was time for the boys club to end, let the lady rule with an iron paw.  The boys fuss, chase each other trying to look tough, picking who has the biggest whiskers.  They need the feminine touch to get them in line from time to time.  There is always time for canoodle-ing with my boyfriend Benson.  Once in a while they try to get over on me, but I get them in trouble with the MamaT.  We slipped over Mom's jewelry box; I was supposed to be the lookout. They tossed everything out but I just laid there lookin' pretty, boy did they get yelled at!  MAMAT is still sorting it out.” –Teresa Romano
UPDATE: DAISY IS FREE- “Sunday I gave Daisy back to nature. My friend, Sara Thompson, and I took her down to Shore Road, releasing her in a nice area. It was a beautiful experience to care for Daisy for three weeks until she grew strong, learned to feed herself and fly. I couldn’t have accomplished this without the help of my friend Albert Rasch, a soldier in Afghanistan, guided me through this process. His blog “Feeding a Baby Mockingbird” is what kept Daisy alive. I hope my experience will encourage others to take care of wildlife, helping a little animal in need.  
Albert’s blog: trochronicles.blogspot.com/2009/05/feeding-baby-mockingbird-making-formula.html Special thanks to Muffin’s Pet Connection, who provided the five star hotel by lending a birdcage for Daisy to sleep in at night.” -Alexandra Halidisz

                                                                     Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            Sept. 3, 2010
                                                                 e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

Scientists are finally admitting that pets make you feel better.
Isn’t it great news that just came out in a letter?
Well, all is good and dandy, but people in apartments still aren’t allowed a pet!
So, what’s all the hub-bub about healthier, when laws aren’t changed yet?
If you own your own house, then it’s okay.
But if you’re a Renter, it’s not happening today.
There’s always hope that things will change, dontcha know?
The public has to contact local Representatives, in order for a bill to go.
Forever, Dogs and Cats have been considered, “Man’s best friend.”
But, obviously, Man has issues about the subject of “Pets in Apartments” that we’re unable to bend.
All I can say is that people have to communicate!
Come on people and get going!  Don’t wait!  
Written By Jan E. Schneider

LOST DOG: Gabby a two year old, very friendly female Pit Bull was lost on 08/13/2010 around Sheepshead Bay area.  She is brown with dark brown stripes and white spot on her chest. REWARD $1000 the family is terribly upset. 

HELP: BROOKLYN ANIMAL FOSTER NETWORK foster or adopt lots of loving pets. Five three month old Lab/Pointer mix puppies…GRACE a seven month old German Shepherd mix, has heart of gold…PIPER a 1.5 year old Beagle MUSH FACE…Eight week old fabulous kittens…Fabulous Declawed black Maine Coon kitty.  Please call to meet these furry friends.  BAFN will deliver.  917 754-3537

the Truth about Animal Hoarding: Animal hoarding is a complex, intricate social issue with far-reaching effects that encompass mental health, animal welfare and public safety concerns. Victims include cats, dogs, reptiles, rodents, birds, exotics, even farm animals. It’s not clear why people become animal hoarders, current research suggests the cause is often attachment disorder in conjunction with personality disorders, paranoia, dementia, depression and other mental illness. The hoarder does not intend to inflict harm on animals, in most cases, the hoarder can no longer take care of himself, much less multiple animals. –Excerpt from aspca.org

                                                                       Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            August 27, 2010
                                                                 e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

Proctor & Gamble Expands Voluntary Limited Recall of Specialized Dry Pet Foods Due to Possible Health Risk: The affected products are sold in veterinary clinics and specialty pet retailers throughout the United States and Canada. It has the potential to be contaminated with salmonella. No salmonella-related illnesses have been reported. Dry pet products include: Iams Veterinary Dry Formulas, Eukanuba Naturally Wild, Eukanuba Pure, Eukanuba Custom Care Sensitive Skin For further information or a product replacement or refund call P&G toll-free at 877-340-8823 (Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. –Excerpt from the FDA site.

RECALLS: Merrick Pet Care Filet Squares and Texas Hold'ems 10oz Bag (Item # 60016 All Lots) Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk.  

Cruelty Alert: Pets Suffering from Heatstroke in Parked Cars. On a relatively mild 85-degree day, it takes only 10 minutes for the interior of a car to reach 102 degrees, within 30 minutes, the inside of the car can be a staggering 120 degrees. Leaving windows open a few inches does not help.  Your pet can die. Please don’t leave your beloved pets in a parked car. The life you save, might be your pets. –Excerpt from ASPCA.org

FYI:  A cat sleeps 18 hours a day.

                                                                       Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            August 20, 2010
                                                                 e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

HELLO, WE ARE NOELLE ‘N BAILEY…looking for a new home together.  We have been buds for about seven years. We are both front de clawed and spayed.  Noelle, a gray tabby is very lovable, enjoys cuddling, petting, loads of attention.  Bailey an orange tabby is shy. Bailey enjoys brushing, playing with toys, sleeping in the sun. We are looking for a home with older children or adults.  We love to be the center of attention. We shine in the spotlight.  If you could love us, we could love you back furever.  Tracy 646-592-3923

My husband Hektor I took our pooch, Scooby, for a walk.  It was steaming hot outside. Hektor noticed a small little nestling bird trying to go under a garbage can on the corner of 94th street and Third Avenue. She was crawling under the garbage, trying to shield herself from the blazing sun; she was too small to survive on her own. There was no nest around that area. We were not going to leave her on the street to die from the sun, cats or a careless human stepping on her. We picked her up, taking her to our apartment. Hektor made a little home for her from a shoebox filling it with soft paper towels, cotton balls. I found Rainbow Wildlife on the Internet, received excellent step by step instructions on how to care for orphaned bird. She needs a lot of protein, which is found in a raw meat, boiled eggs, soft cooked chicken, dog or cat food. She ate Scooby’s canned dog food. Little birds are fed by their mother who puts her bleak down on their throat. We fed her with my tweezers; it is like a bird’s beak. Feeding our little Daisy, she has a fighting chance to survive. We are planning to raise her without taming her. Once she can feed herself and fly with confidence we are taking her down to the park where we will let her free. Alexandra Halidisz
FYI: 32% of lost dogs are found over ten miles from home.


                                                                     Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            August 13, 2010
                                                                 e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com  

IN MEMORY OF ANITA: In Loving Memory of 75 year old Anita Blando.  It's been a long time since I've met someone as special as Anita.  Anita passed away suddenly July 29, 2010.  I could fill this article with all of her qualities, compassionate to both humans and animals, sincere, nurturing, comforting, beautiful inside and out and many more. She definitely had a glow around her. When you met her you knew her all your life.  She lived life fully, traveled the world.  She was a power of example to other animal rescuers with her love for all animals and dedication to them all.  Anita was full of life, always on the go, enjoying eating out and even in restaurants they greeted her with hugs.  Her special love was for her cats, though she also adopted a whale and a wolf, animals were her life.  I only knew Anita a little over four months but I knew her a lifetime.  We were in the process of neutering her outside cat colony where even they had the best of everything, a heated garage for the winter!  Her daughter Denise will continue to care for her animals and carry on her legacy.  Anita and I clicked immediately and I felt comfortable to tell her anything and the same with her.  She was a quick judge of people.  After our first conversation she told me, "we will be friends a long time."  I will treasure my time with her all my life, she made a huge impact on me. Forever, her friend, Teresa Romano

DEAR JUDE: “I Need Love:
Lil' Marble a four month Tortishell kitten, seeking a new furever home.  She lost her first home due to severe human allergies.  Her new Mom could not stop sneezing. Marble fell into a hole, which took me three days to rescue her.  Loves to be held, petted, and brushed. She is used to children as she had a 10 year old boy who was her best friend.  She has no fear of small dogs.  Please call foster Mama T at 347-587-2378.  


                                                                     Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            August 6, 2010
                                                                 e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com  

IN LOVING MEMORY: Tommy 10 1/2 yrs.  Tommy's sudden passing saddens Carol and Kevin and Tommy’s feline family. May he rest in peace. Tommy will be missed, he was much loved. Tommy walks with the Angels. Love always, Carol and family.

Hi Jude: We are Luca ‘N Lottie rescued kitties that need a furever home.
My sister Lottie has short white, yellow and gray fur who is a little bossy with me but very affectionate with our human rescuer. My fur is also short but black and white. I’m curious and friendly. Our mom was living in a garage when she was rescued by a kind lady who saw she was expecting. We were born in her home on April 6
 along with our brother and sister who have been adopted. We are still waiting and hoping for our chance to share all our loveable antics with someone in a furever home of our own. Please call: Paola 718 872 5339

before you break our hearts. Walking the dog in early AM two weeks ago I came across a Momma Tortie cat and her two babies.  Unfortunately, they were right across from a busy playground and schoolyard and half a block from an intersection.  They were old enough to run around. I trapped the babies.  I am hoping to catch up to Mom for TNR.  Blanca, snowy white, with two black thumbprints between her ears, is an independent, sweetie, play, play and more play is her Motto.  Her brother BeBe is solid glossy black. Let me tell you first how a little trouble maker, now a lover, purrer, wants attention.  Typical boy and girl cat antics abound.  I need to find these beauty’s a furever home.  Please call MAMA T (Teresa Romano) at 347-587-2378 Don't let love pass you bye.

CRITTERS NEEDING HOMES: Brooklyn Animal Foster Network, BAFN,
Maxwell a fantastic 9 month old male Retriever mix.
Parents are leaving the country. He is sweet with everyone. To
 foster or adopt please fill out our applications at brooklynanimalfosternetwork.org

                                                                     Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            July 30, 2010
                                                                 e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com  
DEAR JUDE: “LOST: 5 LB. CHIHUAHUA WEARING PINK HARNESS WITH TWO BELLS ON IT Tinkerbell was last seen in the park on Cropsey Avenue and 86TH street.*REWARD FOR HER SAFE RETURN* She was scared right out of the dog park on 86th street and 7th Avenue by a guy who was trying to handle her. Sweet scared Chihuahua needs to be home with me. She is on medication for her hips and some times is in a lot of pain. Please return her safely. We are heart broken over our little girl being gone. She was abused by her last owner, she is afraid of people especially men. Approach carefully; slowly until you gain her trust. She is terrified. She does not answer to her name. Please Help Call 347-225-1122 even if you see her, call anytime, day or night. Thank you, God Bless!”

I have an eleven year old Orange tabby cat.
He usually does what he wants to, and that’s that!
He was brought up around dogs, and I almost taught him to bark.
Bernie’s habit is rubbing his territory and stating his mark.
Bernie let’s me know when he’s hungry by pointing to his bowl.
When looking in his green eyes, you can see his soul.
Like all cats, Bernie’s obsessed with cleanliness.
Any sounds he hears, he puts his tail and ears up with full attentiveness!
He knows how to fetch and play ball.
Oh, yeah! Like me, he loves his Hagen Daz ice cream, ya’ll.
We have an 8x10 picture of Bernie sitting on the throne,
In a luxurious bathroom, none of which, you’ve known.
Yes, Bernie certainly is a special kind of pet.
I haven’t come across any cat like him, yet! –
Written by Jan E. Schneider

Compound 1080 and sodium cyanide are widely used by Wildlife Services to kill native predators of livestock. Other animals, including endangered species, pets and people can be accidental victims. Please sign the petition at Care2 petition site

                                                                     Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            July 23, 2010
                                                                 e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com  

Karen Bladykas Rest in Peace 7/16/10 

With a heavy heart and many tears
I confirm to you all our biggest fear.
Our hope for a MIRACLE didn’t come,
To her illness Karen did succumb.
We won’t hear her voice, so filled with love,
But now she’ll love us from way above.
To say we’ve lost a fellow animal lover and friend,
Is to painfully acknowledge her life‘s come to an end.
To say these words out loud are painful to me,
For I know her face I will never again see.
Oh how I wish I hadn’t erased her last voicemail to me,
But who could have known the last it would be.
We can’t say goodbye to her because she’s already passed,
But we can keep her alive by making her memory last.
When you see a stray that's down and out,
Remember what Karen was all about.
Helping an unfortunate creature in need,
Is like allowing Karen to take the lead.
Forever I will remember the sound of her voice,
We know that leaving this earth wouldn’t have been her choice.
As a reward for losing the battle she so bravely fought,
It comforts me now to think this thought.
On Rainbow Bridge she is happily seated,
No longer sad or feeling defeated.
Free of pain and worldly worries,
She’ll spend eternity with her long lost buddies!

I will miss you my very dear friend!
Love Ya, Mary Jo Tobin

                                                               Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            July 16, 2010
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FOOD RECALL: Merrick Pet Care, Inc. of Amarillo, Texas is recalling 86 cases of its 10oz “Beef Filet Squares for Dogs” pet treats (ITEM # 60016 LOT #10084TL7 Best by March 24, 2012) because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. Salmonella can affect animals. There is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products. -Excerpt from pethealthstore.com

DEAR JUDE:  “Sugar is a young male cat about five or six months old. I found him nearby Coney Island area lying on the street, severely dehydrated, covered with fleas; he was very weak, not moving, I took him to my vet, he was treated, neutered, leukemia tested negative, inoculated. Right now he is in my house, his sweet personality is amazing. He is very quiet, never touched anything in the house. He just starts playing and he likes to follow me all around. Definitely he was lost or somebody put him on the street. I can see he is litter trained. He loves people. Due to cat overpopulation in my house I already have three cats; I would like to find a good home for Sugar. He will be a wonderful house cat”. Angelica Moroz 917-750-3762

SQUEAKY’S REBUTTAL: I am Kung Fu kitty, a three-year old, rescued femme fatale brown tabby.  I was a street urchin, feared no one, fended for myself.  I lived by my wits; I was skilled at animal and human dodging.  When I tired of 88th Street and Shore Road, I allowed myself to be picked up and re-homed. I live with seven year old, three-legged PeggySue, four-year old, three legged Calay and three-year old daMouse, the only male.  Yes, I scream at Mouse to psyche him out, jump on his back, knock him down.  He’s a big lug, very sweet ‘n gentle, but when I put on my Bruce Lee stance, my screaming tells him it’s Kung Fu kitty time, we rumble. Even though Mouse is twice my size, I might let him win one day…in your dreams, Mouse, in your dreams.    

Turtles breathe through their butts.

                                                                      Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            July 8, 2010
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Things can get better than they are.
We’ve come close, but we’re still too far.
The oil-problem will go on for years.
Bringing Humans and Animals heartache and tears!
One must wonder if this is what the Bible predicts.
The oceans and seas turning bloody-red, and where there’s no fix?
Admittedly, Nature is going to have some time
Fixing the Earth’s problems, of which, mankind has ruined so fine!
There seems little hope, but we can still pray for the best.
The more people that do something, the more God will bless!
- written by Jan E. Schneider

An online meeting place for pilots and volunteers who help transport rescued animals by air. Created two years ago by Debi Boies and her pilot friend Jon Wehrenberg, Pilots N Paws pairs homeless animals awaiting transport to new homes. Since its inaugural flight in February 2008, Pilots N Paws has registered more than 1,700 pilots, representing nearly every state in the U.S. (including Hawaii), making thousands of air transports possible. –EXCERPT from mayorsalliancenyc.org

As of last Thursday our beautiful Bonnie is no longer with us,   she had a fall and small stroke. I knew I was called upon to render this last service for her. She would have been fourteen next JanuaryBeing completely blind for the last four yearsand going gradually blind since birth, I became her Seeing Eye person.  She taught me heaps, always wagging her tail, bumping into everything without even a whimper, taking it all as the norm. Moving around all objects, accepting they had their place and just got on with it, enjoying every moment. Even with the grandkids doing all sorts of games, covering her and dressing her up, nothing appeared to faze her! Living as animals do totally in the present giving unconditional love to all around her, she will be sadly missed by us all.

FYI: There are over 58 million dogs in the USA.

                                                                       Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            July 2, 2010
                                                                 e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com  

DOG FOOD VOLUNTARY RECALL: Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc., of Pacoima, CA, announces a voluntary recall of Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Chicken Dry Dog Food with the Best By date of June 17, 2011, in 5-lb. and 28-lb. bags because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. No illnesses have been reported to date.

MICKEY DAMOUSE MEEWS: "Hi, I'm Mouse, a three year old, very large, very handsome white and brown tabby kitty. When I was four weeks old, I was rescued from a yard in Bensonhurst, hours before the NorEast hit '07.  I live with three female kitties, two that have three paws.  But let me mew ya something, I don't lead the life of Hugh Heffy.  These girls show me no respect. PeggySue, seven-year old, Russian blue look-alike, a rescued semi-feral, tries to deck me with her little stumpy paw.  She stands on her front leg balancing herself, and with all of her might, she takes swats at me with her stump. I just stand very calmly, shaking my head. Then there's feisty four year old Calay, a gorgeous Calico rescue. MamaT rescued me and Calay. Calay's back paw was missing, it was badly infected.  Now she hobbles after me at warp speed, trying to get me down.  I could sit on these chics; they'd be flat out pancakes. I'm three months older than Squeaky, a rescued brown tabby. She's my soul mate.  But she's always jumping my bones. She likes to beat me up, and scream bloody murder as she lands on my back. She likes to rough 'n tumble with me, then cleans me.  I can't figure it out. What's a guy supposed to do?  Any suggestions? I'm keeping my whiskers crossed that I'll hear from other kitties that have similar issues.  Meows, Mouse. 



                                                                      Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            June 25, 2010
                                                                   e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com  

CITY PITTIES CLINIC AND DOG ADOPTION DAY: City Pitties will be hosting a Clinic and Dog Adoption Day on Sunday, June 27th at the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help from 8AM until 2 PM. OLPH is located on 5th Avenue between 59th and 60th Street on the border of Sunset Park and Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. The ASPCA mobile spay/neuter clinic will be available to the community on a first come first served basis.  Contact Jennifer 917-273-7526

space behind the frig is dangerous place: It's dark and warm.  It is a frustrating trying to get a cat out from behind the huge fridge. Try to block off the sides of the refrigerator. A strip of cardboard duck taped down the sides of the fridge, might block a cat's access to the motor area behind. –Excerpt from The Daily Cat tip.

Dear LOHVers:  We need your letters supporting the passage of Oreo's Law. The legislation is sponsored by Assembly member Micah Kellner A09449 and Senator Thomas Duane S06412.  Oreo's Law would reduce euthanizing viable and adoptable dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals in New York shelters. Qualified rescue groups and foster volunteers willing, able to remove doomed animals from shelters, finding them suitable homes. Oreo's Law will have a positive financial consequence for New York taxpayers. Rescue groups and volunteers currently save animals without government funding.  Email: MageeW@assembly.state.ny.us

URGENT-Brooklyn Animal Foster Network NEEDS HELP: Rescued dogs, Darla, looks like the RCA Victor dog Rena Bonne, 631 678 8051…Hayner, mixed breed dog, gets along with dogs and cats…Zumi, female Staffordshire terrier, Family moving to Indonesia. laszlo_sulyok@tailwaggerny.com...Budda, three year-old, fifty-four pound, American Pit Bull Terrier mix is friendly,… Bowie, three year old female, Pit mix, a people lover, paradoxicaldream@aol.com...

ASPCA NEWS: Groundbreaking Dog Fighting DNA Database Launched the nation's first criminal dog fighting DNA database, known as the Canine CODIS (Combined DNA Index System). Similar to the FBI's human CODIS—a computerized archive that stores the DNA profiles of criminal offenders and crime scene evidence. –Excerpt from aspca.org


                                                                      Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            June 18, 2010
                                                                   e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com  

IAMS RECALL: Procter & Gamble voluntarily recalled specific lots of IAMS canned cat food in North America as a precautionary measure.  Diagnostic testing indicated that the product may contain insufficient levels of thiamine (Vitamin B1), essential for cats.  Cats that were fed these canned products as their only food are at greater risk for developing signs of thiamine deficiency.  The following IAMS canned cat foods: Iams ProActive Health canned Cat and Kitten Food – all varieties of 3 oz & 5.5 oz cans. Date on Bottom of Can 09/2011 to 06/2012.  This recall is limited to only Iams canned cat food. No other Iams pet food is involved. Early signs of thiamine deficiency may include loss of appetite, salivation, vomiting, weight loss.  In advanced cases, signs may include ventroflexion (downward curving) of the neck, wobbly gait, falling, circling and seizures. Contact your veterinarian if your cat displays any of these signs.  If treated promptly, thiamine deficiency is typically reversible. Consumers who have purchased canned cat food with these codes should discard it.  For further information call P&G toll-free at 877-340-8826 (Monday – Friday, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST)

On Saturday June 19, 2010, from 11am until 4pm, visit Salt March Nature Center at Marine Park, 3302 Avenue U, East 33rd Street, Brooklyn.  Save-A-Life of a shelter pet requires ID, adoption fee and proof of address. Animals courtesy of: North Shore Animal League and Animal Care and Control. For more information, call Lynn McEvoy 718-421-2021.

Hi, I'm Humphrey, a lovable senior black and white cat, looking for a helping hand. My caretaker for the past 15 years recently suffered a stroke.  
I have been living all alone ever since. People come by to feed and check in on me but that's no way to be spending my golden years. My dad's family gave an ultimatum -- find a new home by the end of THIS WEEKEND or else! Please help. I would forever show you my appreciation with snuggle and head butts.”
 Email: lauriebleier@nyc.rr.com

DON'T DELAY-SPAY TODAY: In six years, one unspayed female dog and her offspring can reproduce 67,000 homeless pups. Visit muffins.org

                                                                      Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            June 11, 2010
                                                                   e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com  

WE GET LETTERS: “We need help. It's been busy at Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition. We were in the Bronx working on a sixteen and four kitten feral cat colony.  All the cats were trapped, spayed, neutered, vaccinated and checked by a veterinarian. We do not want to return them to dangerous streets.  Our current foster homes are full. Some cats were hit by cars, others poisoned before we could trap them. Charlie, Timmy, Penelope (Sweet P), Mama's Boy, Splish, Johnny and Rudy are all young, friendly Bronx kitties desperately searching for a temporary or permanent home.
We were also asked by the NYPD to take two kitties that had been left behind in an abandoned apartment.  Mayberry and Honeycomb are young, affectionate and friendly, they need a trustworthy home.  Callie is a friendly, happy girl who wants to talk, play.  She was abandoned in Brooklyn and recently found us.  She is in a temporary home but can't stay there
Contact Anne Levin 718 360-9918
. Thank you and God Bless. Mention the Home Reporter.

DEAR JUDE: K9KASTLE a rescue organization that finds animals in undesirable situations, places them in adoptive homes. We need furever homes for three great dogs, rescued from a hoarder in Arkansas, transported to MO, then NJ/NY. One year old, lab mixes; Little Liza, 30 pounds, resembles a tiny black lab, affectionate fantastic with dogs and cats, but scared of new situations.  Kisses everyone. She needs a home that will socialize her. Her brothers also need homes.  Contact Tara at K9Kastle@aol.com 

KITTY’S SILENT MEOW…The silent meow is actually a real meow, but the sound is above the range of human hearing. Cats can hear sounds as high-pitched at 65,000 cycles per second. Humans, on the other hand, can only hear up to about 20,000 cycles per second, so what sounds like a piercing cry to your cat may be completely inaudible to you. –Excerpt from the Daily Cat Tip

In six years, one unspayed female dog and her offspring can reproduce
 67,000 homeless pups. muffins.org

FUN FACT: A catfish has approximately 100,000 taste buds

                                                                      Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            June 4, 2010
                                                                   e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com                                                   

Dear Jude:  “This is an emergency.  My name is MUCCA.  I am a six and a half year old Bull Terrier Mix.  My previous owner cut, starved and dumped me. Sadly, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Dr. Joseph at ASC in Yonkers is treating me.  I am responding to steroids and need Cyber Knife Radiation. This is expensive.  I need your help now.  Please send donations to Animal Specialty Center, 9 Odell Plaza, Yonkers, NY 10701 (For Mucca the City Pittie) or wishuponahero.com/wishes/?id=622519 or muccathecitypittie.chipin.com/mucca-the-city-pitty.  An AKC Canine Good Citizen, I started Humane Ed with teens at OLPH.  After treatment, I plan to train as a therapy dog, visit human cancer patients and help other dogs with MUCCA Fund. Please help my dream come true.  Thank you and God Bless!  Mucca” -CityPitties.org
A NOTE FROM JUDE:  MUCCA needs her Guardian Angels to help fulfill her mission. Bacio, a Pit Bull mix, is Mucca’s devoted bud.  He comforted her after the diagnosis.

The silent meow is actually a real meow, but the sound is above the range of human hearing. Cats can hear sounds as high-pitched at 65,000 cycles per second. Humans, on the other hand, can only hear up to about 20,000 cycles per second, so what sounds like a piercing cry to your cat may be completely inaudible to you. –Excerpt from the Daily Cat Tip

City Pitties News: A proposal to elected officials: install "DOG WASTE STATIONS" around Dyker Beach Park and along the Shore Road, Promenade in Bay Ridge, eight totals. This neighborhood improvement initiative will keep our popular recreation tracks clean, dog friendly and could create green jobs. Inexpensive, easy to install waste stations are successful in big cities with heavy paw traffic throughout the country. If you support our idea, please contact Councilman Gentile's Office at 718-748-5200, Senator Golden's Office at 718-238-6044, Assemblyman Brook-Krasny's Office at 718-680-2845, Assemblyman Abbate's Office at 718-232-9565 and/or Community Board 10 at 718-745-6827.  Voice your support at the Dyker Civic meeting on June 8th, 8pm at St. Philip's Parish Hall, on 80th St. and 11th Avenue.

                                                                      Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            MAY 28, 2010
                                                                   e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com      

A family decided to keep a Mama Bear and her cubs under their deck,
Now, that’s responsibility of animals, by heck!
This family made sure the cubs didn’t run off, and fed the Mama, too.
In late March, the Mama Bear and her cubs went back into the woods. Who knew?
It shows you that the wild animals are reaching out to us for food.
It is also man that has been so crude!
Man is taking what little space the wild animals of our land have, anyway.
That’s why we the people of our nation have to do something today!
Written By Jan E. Schneider
adopt rescued Kittenpalooza: Marble, nine weeks, Torti. Marble is tame friendly, and loves to be held.  She's a sweetie.  Call MamaT 347-587-2378… Anita’s kits, five weeks, Chubby, friendly healthy brown tabby boys.  Call 718-946-3597…
Dee’s kits…
Semi long hair black and white five week old
Call 718-309-6374


SPRINGTIME DANGERS FOR PETS: Poisonous flowers such as Tulip, hyacinth and daffodil bulbs can damage a dog's mouth and esophagus, causing drooling, vomiting, severe diarrhea or even abnormal heart rhythms, depending on the amount consumed.  Common fertilizers, even organic, can be toxic to dogs. Dogs love the taste of these meat-based products. Ingesting blood meal can cause vomiting, diarrhea and severe pancreatic inflammation, while bone meal can create a cement-like ball in the dog's stomach, potentially forming an obstruction in the gastrointestinal tract and requiring surgery to remove. –Excerpt from paw nation 

                                                                      Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            MAY 21, 2010
                                                                   e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com


K9Kastle-PetCo event: Saturday and Sunday May 22nd and May 23rd.
The hours are from 12pm until 5pm at three Brooklyn PetCo stores:
86th St and Stillwell Avenue, East 17th Street, Avenue Y and Utica Avenue and Flatbush Avenue. Save-a-Life.
WE GET LETTERS:  “Me and my Sis want to thank Muffin’s, Norm and Jude for making us feel all better.  After we had our stitches out, mommy got us new collars and took our graduation pictures.  We are officially all better and good as new.  But we could not be all better if not for Muffin’s people.  Love from Jack and Lucy AKA Quie and Lovey. 

a 9 month pretty brown tabby kitty, living in a backyard in Bay Ridge,
Brooklyn. She is a loving sweetheart that tries to get into a home with a no cat unfriendly dog. She has beautiful green eyes.  She needs a friend and a home. Call Fran 718-745-5403

New postage stamps feature shelter animals:  This series features photos of five dogs and five cats from a shelter in Connecticut. It was created to encourage pet adoption and responsible pet care. Visit muffins.org and local shelters.  Don’t delay…Adopt today. 

Help Oil Spill: Donate Pet and Human Hair:
A San Francisco-based nonprofit has been accepting donations of non-filthy pet fur and human hair since 1998 to craft oil-absorbing hair mats and hair-stuffed containment booms made from recycled pantyhose. These hairy contraptions are effective at soaking-up oil. -Excerpt from Care2 

                                                                     Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            MAY 15, 2010
                                                                   e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com


Dear Readers:  My name is Phoenix.  I am a friendly and gorgeous one and a half year old female, two tones face dark Calico. I had a human caretaker but for some reason I was put outside. At first I was sad and scared but then I decided to explore my neighborhood seeking a new caretaker. I traveled all the backyards of brownstones in Park Slope playing with butterflies and climbing trees.  One day, I came upon a beautiful backyard where a wonderful human fed me and gave me water. She took me to a nice vet who gave me a clean bill of health. I hope that you can give me the purrfect furever home! Call Carol at Gracie’s Veterinary Clinic 718-965-3411 or  email pheonix429@gmail.com 

is an eight year old, forty five pound, male Shepherd and Terrier mix pooch.  He’s neutered and up to date with shots.  He is friendly, gets along with kids, cats and dogs.  Chunky needs to find a new home because the owner moved to help his 96 year old mother and the landlord won't allow pets.  He has been staying temporarily with other relatives but they can not keep him.  Robert 917-952-6383  Mention The Home Reporter
ASPCA ALERT:  Animals are the silent victims of domestic violence. Most people treat pets as members of the family. Unfortunately, when it comes to domestic violence, pets are also deemed part of the family unit and forced to suffer in silence at the hands of abusers. Some studies estimate that:  50% of domestic violence victims delay seeking help out of concern that their pet may be harmed by the abuser.  88% of companion animals living in households where domestic violence occurs are routinely threatened, harmed or even killed. The ASPCA works tirelessly to educate law enforcement and the public about the link between animal cruelty and domestic abuse and to lobby for stricter punishments for pet abusers. –Excerpt from aspca.org

                                                                     Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            MAY 7, 2010
                                                                   e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

Lucky a three months old male kitten was found on the street in very bad condition. He had terrible cold, lost one eye, and very weak. I rushed him to the hospital, were he was for couple weeks.  My vet took good care of him and now he is in my house looking for a good person to take him. He is very playful, litter trained, has first shots, blood tested negative. Even though he lost one eye, he is most handsome. I have too much cats, most of them old and they don't go alone with the new kitten.”  Angelica 917-750-3762

Adopt or foster Oscar a one-eyed, caramel bundle of love!
He is thirteen pounds of white and gold Shih Tzu.  He is a very sweet, gentle boy who has been through quite a bit.  His people who had him for nine years since he was a puppy, dumped him at the local kill shelter. He was scheduled for euthanasia, but Dianne called them and I went and got him in time.  He was already neutered, inserted a microchip and gave him all his shots.
   Please call 917 754-3537
 ASAP. Brooklyn Animal Foster Network will deliver Oscar.

DEAR JUDE: My name is Fi-Fi. I am a domestic long hair with emerald green eyes.  My mommy says I'm the most beautiful, sweetest cat God ever made; I know she believes it in her heart. I've had my shots, spayed and I do have my claws of which I am proud to say have never threatened anyone except for the occasional rodent. I am nine years old, in good health, and just as beautiful and loving as the day I was born.  My mom had a baby five years ago.  He has bad allergy problems. Recently, she saw a pulmonologist who said she must find me a home. I need my new family to know that I love to snuggle.  I even let my mom cradle my head over her shoulder like a baby. Me, a cat! I will be a blessing to your lives. You'll see! Thank you Winifred Edwards  718-773-0474  646-239-3725

                                                                    Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                           APRIL 30, 2010
                                                                   e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

Pets as prey: alarming rise in dognapping: It does not matter the kind of dog or the age, they are all at risk. Dognappers are grabbing dogs and cats to put them into pitbull rings - to be torn apart LIMB BY LIMB and eaten by them.  Some charge a fee for people to watch!  These dogs will never be returned.  No chip or tattoo will help.  Victims are dogs left unattended - tied outside stores, left alone in yards, in cars, in carriers in Airports etc.  –excerpt from Jackie Page's Animal Network 

IN LOVING MEMORY:  Rocky Balboa, a rescued senior kitty with Leukemia. Rocky's last two years on earth, were filled with love, devotion, companionship. He had a one-two punch for life.  Frank and Laura Grassi miss Rocky's zest for living.

Super Urgent Sammy, two year old female Tibetan terrier is terrified of the outdoors. Due to her extreme anxiety she must be in a quiet loving home with no children or other pets. She is extremely affectionate but only in environment where there are no other threats to her. She thrives with couples and singles. We need more time to find a rightful place for Sammy on this planet.  
Please call 917 754-3537 ASAP.  Brooklyn Animal Foster Network will deliver Sammy.

PEGGYSUE CATNIP CUDDLE DOLL TO THE RESCUE: I gave Peggy Sue to an eighteen year old cat, she loved it, went bonkers!  I went to pick it up to move it away from the unstable TV- she almost ate my hand…Also, I had trouble getting a cat out from under the bed to clip his nails.  I took one of the PeggySue’s out of my bag; he smelled it and came right out.  It worked wonders as I was able to grab him!  Thanks Peg! Purrs from Janice Foti of furryfriendshome.com

DEAR JUDE:  “Dogs and cats are the best medicine for people.  Whenever I had a migraine headache I would take one of my cats and hold him close to me.  I would feel so good.” –Joannie LoCicero

                                                                      Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                           APRIL 23, 2010
                                                                   e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

WINTER MIRACLES UPDATE:  It is official.  Queie and Lovey have a forever home. After much soul searching and thought I have decided to keep my little rescues.  They have had a long recuperation in my home since I found them in December '09.  As you all may recall Queie had to be strong enough to endure the removal of one of his eyes.   Both suffered severe respiratory infections as well.  Queie had a very strong attachment to me and Lovey is just a complete sweetheart.  She takes good care of her brother.  Both babies get along excellently with my two adult males Benson and Taz. They play, run, chase and do everything together.  Queie plays fetch with his mousey until you can't throw anymore.  Lovey is very playful and is learning to play fetch as well with her plastic bell ball.  They have been altered by Dr. Alexandru at Bay Ridge Vet.  Muffin’s subsidized their procedures.  Their journey of recovery continues. Teresa Romano, their proud MAMA

POSTAGE STAMPS TO AID SHELTER ANIMALS: Starting April 30th you can buy stamps at the post office that help to buy food for shelter pets. You can pre-order them online. Stamps are regular price.  stampstotherescue.com


EPA DECLARES SPOT-ON FLEA AND TICK PRODUCTS SAFE: Due to the number of dogs and cats that reported health-related incidents after being treated with "spot-on" pesticide-based flea and tick control products, the EPA intensified the evaluation of the products and concluded these products safe.  EPA will begin reviewing labels to determine which ones need stronger and clearer labeling statements. –excerpt from paw nation

A shout of Thanks to Joannie: 
for her generous donation of towels, Towels are one of the number one items in a rescuers arsenal.  They are used when babies are washed, medicated, and fed.  Thanks again Joannie Locicero and Bless You.   -- Teresa Romano

BROOKLYN ANIMAL FOSTER NETWORK: Don't miss our Weekend Adoption Events
 at John Jay High School, 7
th Avenue and 4th Street.  Meet our cats and dogs most Saturdays and Sundays.  Call 718 789-6865 on Fridays to confirm.

                                                                      Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                             By Jude Lassow
                                                                             APRIL 2, 2010
                                                                   e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

Rabid Raccoon Found in Brownstone Brooklyn: Several weeks ago, the NYC Department of Health captured the borough’s first-ever rabid raccoon in the neighborhood of Boerum Hill. While city agencies do not usually catch or remove raccoons, reports of this particular critter’s erratic behavior (namely, interacting with a dog) prompted the Health Department’s involvement. As a result, the agency says it plans to “enhance raccoon surveillance” in Brooklyn.  New York City is definitely experiencing a spike in rabid raccoons. Less than two months into 2010, 39 Manhattan raccoons have already tested positive for the disease; by contrast, there were 12 such cases in all of 2009. The NYC Health Department’s recent press release about its trap-vaccinate-release program for Central Park raccoons includes tips on protecting yourself and your pets against rabies.  Due to the increasing risk of exposure to rabid raccoons, make sure your pets’ vaccinations are up to date. By law, all New York City dogs must be vaccinated against rabies, and ASPCA veterinarians advise that outdoor cats should be vaccinated as well. –Excerpt from aspca.org


2009: The Legislative Year in Review:  A tough year for animal-friendly legislation, hard work by legislators, the animal welfare community and animal advocates helped bring state-level bills over the finish line.  Many states continue to pass anti-animal fighting laws multiple states pass laws to restrict tethering, increase penalties for intentional acts of animal cruelty and allow pets to be included in court-issued orders of protection.  More state governments are taking a long, hard look at puppy mills and attempting to rein in the abuses that are so prevalent in the commercial dog breeding industry. –Excerpt from aspca.org

CHAMP, a two year old, 70 pound Rottweiler, is neutered with shots. He is crate trained.  He has not been around kids.  Champ is playful but rough. The owner cannot keep because of manager issues. Champ is fine with other Rotty at home. 713-295-9193...RUBY, a rescued two year old, spayed with shots, 70 pound, Shepard/Husky.  She has a playful active silly personality. She is good with kids and dogs. 347-256-0609

                                                                          Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                                by Jude Lassow
                                                                                  MAY 8, 2009
                                                                      e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

ASPCA: WARNING SECONDHAND SMOKE: SILENT KILLER HURTS PETS, TOO Health officials often talk about the dangers of living with a smoker, but few pet parents are aware that our animal companions face similar risks—from respiratory problems to cancer—when exposed to secondhand smoke. New research suggests that secondhand smoke is unsafe at all levels—for humans and pets—so it's time to get serious about ditching those butts for good.  A recent study shows that nearly 30 percent of pets live with at least one smoker. This is a grave concern, according to Dr. Sharon Gwaltney-Brant, Medical Director of the ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center, since secondhand smoke can damage the nervous systems of both cats and dogs. –excerpt from aspca.org...
DEAR NEW YORK CITY SUPPORTERS: Pass along this important email regarding upcoming changes to the housing administration’s pet policy.
WHO: Residents of 
New York City Public Housing governed by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and their dogs.
WHAT: NYCHA has decided to allow only small dogs in public housing. The maximum allowable weight of pet dogs is being lowered from 40 to 25 pounds. 
NYCHA also plans to ban certain breeds outright—NYCHA tenants will not be allowed to own or register purebred
or mixed-breed Rottweilers, Pit Bulls or Doberman pinschers.
WHEN: The new policy was scheduled to go into effect 
Friday, May 1, 2009.
EXEMPTIONS: Service animals are exempt from weight and breed restrictions.
FOR CURRENT DOG OWNERS: Dogs already living in NYCHA buildings who are 40 pounds or under can be grandfathered in under the existing pet policy—regardless of breed—as long as residents submit a dog registration form to their NYCHA housing office by this Thursday, April 30. Residents who submit this form will have an additional 90 days to license their dogs with the City (which may be done online) and submit the required vet erinary certificate indicating that their dogs are licensed, spayed/neutered and vaccinated against rabies.
The ASPCA is opposed to the revised NYCHA pet policy, and are working to prevent it from going into effect. In the meantime, it is important that dogs who have already found good homes do not lose them. –excerpt aspca.org
FUN FACT: Rin Tin Tin was the first American dog movie star and signed his own contracts for 22 movies with a pawprint.

                                                                    Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            MAY 1, 2009
                                                                      e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com
Meet Cesar Millan the world renowned dog expert on Saturday and Sunday May 3rd and 4th. Cesar trains people and rehabilitates dogs.  His method really works.  Be the pack leader with calm assertive energy.  For additional information visit AnimalLeague.org
new report from the Environmental Protection Agency, found topical and on-spot flea and tick medications injured 44,000 pets last year.  The study looked at EPA-registered pet products, commonly found at drug stores or on supermarket shelves in 2008. Sprays, collars, and shampoos – anything topical or on-spot to treat ticks and fleas were included.  For more information check with the National Pesticide Information Center. –excerpt from EPA.ORG

FDA CONFIRMS ONGOING PROBE OF NUTRO PET FOOD regarding Deaths, and mysterious Illnesses:  In 2007 MARS Inc, a privately-held Virginia-based food products company, gained NUTRO Pet Food. -excerpt from consumeraffairs.com 
Adopt Browny!  Browny is a great one and a half year old, 40 pound, neutered, up to date on vet care, and housebroken Pit mix.  He was found in the Bronx, and ended up at ACC.  He is being fostered.  He is super gentle when taking treats.  Browny is really fun to watch. When he is walked he seems to be listening to and observing everything!  He also likes to watch TV!  He is great with people, kids, and other dogs.  Browny may be okay with cats too.  Call Karen -718 238 1409.

Hi my name is Thug. I am eight years old. My mom is traveling.  My foster parents have a nasty cat that won’t let me use the litter box! I am looking for a family that I can love. I can stay at home by myself when you work. If you have a problem, or a hard day, I will listen. I love being petted. I look forward to finding my new home ASAP Thanks for getting to know me and considering me as your own”.nscarborough8@gmail.com

OSCAR, a stunning solid black four year old male cat, is neutered with shots. Oscar is a lively, very intelligent
cat. The owner has become so allergic to cats that she has to give him up. He has been the family four years gets along pretty well with our other cat. 

                                                                   Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            April 24, 2009
                                                                  e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

NON-SCENTED EATING: PLASTIC BOWLS CAN RETAIN ODORS: No matter how much you wash them, some plastic bowls will always retain odors. Plastic can also harbor bacteria which then can irritate the cat's chin. Best way to feed a cat wet food is to give up the idea of a bowl entirely - serve meals on a big saucer so that your kitty cat doesn't have to press her chin down into a bowl of food, which can often cause blackheads on a cat's chin. excerpt from the Cat Bible

ASPCA: GO ORANGE FOR ANIMALS PREVENT CRUELY MONTH: Purchase orange string or rope lights, available online and at hardware and specialty lighting and novelty stores, and wrap your house,=0 Aterrace, trees, lamppost, porch steps, mail box…even the family swing set.
Open your closet and get out those bright orange pants, shirts, ties, shoelaces and socks and don them for the next two Fridays—or any other day of the week—for the month of April.  Write some animal-friendly messages on your vehicle— “Go Orange for Animals!” or “Celebrate Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month!” Got a green thumb? Plant an orange garden for animals. Ask your local garden center which orange flowering plants thrive in your area, and do some creative landscaping.-excerpt from aspca.org

Choose to Save-A-Life, Adopt a Shelter Pet today! The event will be held Saturday April 25 at the Salem Church, 450 – 67TH Street (between 4th and 5thAvenue), from 11:30am until 4:30pm.  Please bring proof of ID and adoption fee.  Animals are courtesy ofNorth Shore Animal League and the ACC.  Put a little friend in your life! 

CATS CAN GET ALLERGIES WHICH SHOW ON THEIR FEET: Footpad problems are rare in cats but when they happen it's usually because the cat was allergic to something he touched, inhaled or ate. If a cat's footpad is red, swollen and sensitive to the touch, that can be a sign that he is allergic to something in his environment. Check with the kitties vet.  –excerpt from the Cat Bible.

Scientists say that pigs, unlike all other domestic animals, arrive at solutions
by thinking them through. Pigs can be and have been taught to accomplish almost any feat a dog can master, 
and usually in a shorter period of time.

                                                                     Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            April 17, 2009
                                                                      e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

DEAR JUDE: A gorgeous red nose pit that is in desperate, urgent need of a home.  When I say urgent, I mean urgent!  This dog is miserable right now.  He is tied up 24/7 to either a leg of a table or a tree.  He is in danger of choking himself to death.  He is becoming stir crazy from no interaction with people and absolutely NO EXERCISE.  HE MUST BE SAVED IMMEDIATELY!  A foster or a forever home is needed.  The following things must hold true:  NO other pets!  No children under 15 A strong, experienced owner.  He needs someone who is NOT AFRAID of the breed.  Also someone who can work with him and spend at least one hour a day walking or running him.  I really fear for this dog.  He is a great fella, has had training, sits on command, gives paw, and lies down.  He is a doll, but must get some attention ASAP!  Please if you can help, or know anyone that can help out, have them contact me ASAP.  718-986-1362. Thanks, Mary Jo Tobin
Dear Muffins Pets: ‘We are writing to thank you for the excellent jobs that you are doing helping New Yorkers get domestic and feral cats neutered and spayed. Thanks to your program we were able to take to the vet several cats that have been living in our backyards and those of our neighbors in the South Bronx. Without your assistance some of these creatures would have continued to undergo a vicious cycle of suffering and hardship. Today, they are free to grow healthy and to enjoy the upcoming summer months. The City needs more programs like yours. Nicolas Estevez and David Hinkle are the cat lovers Neighbors of Longwood in theBronx’.

Meow, my name is Dusty.  I’m a lovable 10-year old cat whose owner and best friend just died. I need a new home and someone to cuddle with and take care of me. I’m a gray, long-hai red male cat. I’m healthy, neutered and de-clawed. I love curling up on someone’s lap or just being petted.   Will you adopt me? If so, please call Brad at 718 614 8640”

DON’T DELAY..SPAY/NEUTER TODAY:  Call 718-680-2220 for Muffin’s low cost certificate and vet list.

                                                                   Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            April 10, 2009
                                                                      e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

DEAR READERS:  Think about this…

 Her eyes met mine as she walked down the corridor peering apprehensively into the kennels.
 I felt her need instantly and knew I had to help her.
 I wagged my tail, not too exuberantly, so she wouldn't be afraid.
 As she stopped at my kennel I blocked her view from a little accident I had in
 the back of my cage.
 I didn't want her to know that I hadn't been walked today.
 Sometimes the shelter keepers get too busy and I didn't want her to think poorly of them.
 As she read my kennel card I hoped that she wouldn't feel sad about my past.
 I only have the future to look forward to and want to make a difference in someone's life.
 She got down on her knees and made little kissy sounds at me.
 I shoved my shoulder and side of my head up against the bars to comfort her.
 Gentle fingertips caressed my neck; she was desperate for companionship.
 A tear fell down her cheek and I raised my paw to assure her that all would be well.
 Soon my kennel door opened and her smile was so bright that I instantly jumped into her arms.
 I would promise to keep her safe. I would promise to always be by her side.
 I would promise to do everything I could to see that radiant smile and sparkle in her eyes.
 I was so fortunate that she came down my corridor. So many more are out there who haven't walked the corridors.
There are so many more to be saved. At least I could save one. I rescued a human today.

This touching poem was submitted by Cat DeCapua, Author Anonymous
APRIL aspca Month: “Go Orange for Animals.” Iconic buildings and landmarks across USA will support the ASPCA’ s life-saving work as they light up in its signature Orange color.  Take photos of your pet wearing orange and submit to aspca.org

World Week for Animals in Laboratories - April 18-26

Please join IDA during World Week for Animals in Laboratories (WWAIL), to speak out against the use of animals in testing and research. E-mail wwail@idausa.org if you'd like to help.

MAMA FERAL CAT-TNR SPAY/NEUTER coupons Cat MUST be in a trap! 718-680-2220

                                                                   Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            April 3, 2009
                                                                  e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

WIGGIN' OUT STRESS TRIGGERS SHEDDING: A cat experiencing stress, even a small dose of it, will shed automatically as a response. Since we know how long the list of stress factors for cats is, this can happen quite frequently and your cat will need some extra brushing help from you. So if you know that your cat has recently been in a stressful situation (your absence, going to the vet, household visitors, etc.) then jump right in with some extra brush strokes and attention. Excert from The Cat Bible  
Cats are very sensitive little critters –Jude

ASPCA ALERT: Can You Tell If an Animal Has Been Abused? 

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. Recognizing signs of abuse20is not simple say ASPCA experts. Many people interpret an animal’s aggression, fear or timidity as a surefire clue that the animal has suffered cruelty—but looking solely at a pet’s behavior doesn’t tell the whole story.
“It’s almost impossible to make conclusions based on a pet’s behavior alone,” says the ASPCA AnimalBehavior Center’s Kristen Collins, CPDT. “The best way to tell whether a pet is being or has been abused is to observe his body language and the surrounding environment.”  Some physical and environmental signs of animal abuse:  Collar so tight that it’s caused a neck wound or has become embedded in the pet’s neck. Open wounds, signs of multiple healed wounds or an ongoing injury or illness that isn’t being treated.  Extreme thinness or emaciation—bones may be visible beneath the skin. Pets are tied up alone outside for long periods of time without adequate food or water.  Pets are kept in an area littered with feces, garbage, broken glass or other objects that could harm them. For more information about cruelty signs, go to aspca.org If you suspect an animal is being abused, don’t keep it to yourself—report it to your local authorities. “Reporting suspected animal cruelty ensures that animals in jeopardy receive prompt and often lifesaving care,” says ASPCA Supervisory Special Investigator Annemarie Lucas. “By making a complaint to the police or humane society in your area—which you can do anonymously—you help ensure that animals in need are rescued and that perpetrators of animal cruelty are brought to justice."

FUN FACT:  Animals that lay eggs don't have belly buttons

                                                                      Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            March 27, 2009
                                                                      e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

WE GET LETTERS: Dear Muffin’s Pet Connection; As previously discussed, our after school program ran a service project selling raffle tickets at a recent event to raise money for a charitable cause. The third and fourth graders at PS 345 have decided to donate their $74 profits to you.  We really appreciate what you do, Keep up the good work.  Can you please send us a receipt and some information about your facility to share with the (20) students.  Sincerely CITY YEAR at PS 345”. 

THANK YOU FROM MUFFIN'S.  We are honored that you selected Muffin’s to receive the student’s generous contribution.  The student’s will be receiving key rings, laminated books marks, newsletters and special PAWS4LAWS ID cards.  Purrs and woofs from the animals you saved!  God Bless!  

“HELLO, my name is Ginger, a three and a half year old, female Red Brown Golden Retriever, who was born October 9, 2005.   They say I have a pretty face.  I just lost my sister.  My mommy is disabled and can’t take care of me or take me for walks all the time.   My mommy loves me.  She has to move and can’t take me with her.  Mommy wants a good home for me. I am spayed and in good health.  I love people.  I am housebroken.   Please help me find a good family.  Vet references required.  Call 718-339-2202

“Hi, my name is 
BABY, a one year old strikingly handsome male, grayish tabby.  I am neutered with shots.  I am totally declawed.  I was taken in at one week old, fed with a bottle by my owner. She is moving, but not allowed to take me. Please love and give me a good home. I’ll love you right back”. 718-598-3942

at Rikers Island, Queens (corner of 19th Avenue &Hazen St.)  WHAT:  Iam's dry food, expiration date of November 2008 (some bags may=2 0have an expiration date a few months earlier - if you are concerned about feeding expired food, please do not RSVP). If you need help registering or updating your colony or have any other questions, please contact 

                                                                    Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            March 20, 2009
                                                                      e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

Cats go through a mourning period when they lose someone or another animal close to them. They can suffer from the same symptoms of grief as humans - loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much, and they can become withdrawn or moody. Some of the ways you can help a cat going through mourning is spend as much time with her as possible, have other people the cat knows visit and make a fuss over her, give her something with the scent of the person or animal who has gone, maintain feeding and grooming routines and offer extra tasty meals, keeping her company while she eats. 

CLOSE THE WINDOW! CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT: Open windows pose a serious threat to cats, who are naturally curious - especially about the sights, sound and smells outside your windows. If you live above the ground floor there is a life-threatening danger of your kitten venturing out on the windowsill and falling. While cats do have natural ability to orient themselves mid-air and land on their feet after falling, beyond a certain distance their own genetic ability does not overcome the pull or the danger of gravity.  Keep well-secured screens on the window or install a cat window box made for that location. -Excerpts from the CatBible   Muffin’s receives heartbreaking telephone phone calls from cat owners whose kitty have fallen from an open window on the fifth or sixth floor.  Window screens are a must in keeping curious cats and children out of harm's way.  Open windows can be a fatal feline attraction!  Cat-proofing your home is the responsible thing to do.  Protect your feline friend! The life you save may be your cats!  

GUIDELINES FOR CATS: Bathrooms:  Always accompany guests to the bathroom. It is not necessary to do anything-just sit and stare.  Bedtime:  Always sleep on the human at night so she/he cannot move around.
Play:  This is an important part of your life.  Sleep in the daytime so you are fresh for your nocturnal games. And run, run, run, non stop while human is trying to sleep.  Now that’s meeeow-y purrs. 

ADOPT-A-PET:  Check out muffins.org -
see a pet that is right for you!  Look at the photos of adoptable cuddly cats and distinguished dogs. 

                                                                     Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            March 13, 2009
                                                                      e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

OWNING A CAT GOOD FOR THE HEART? Study Shows Cat Owners Less Likely to Die From Heart Attacks Your cat may bring you a lot more than unconditional love after a tough day.  A new study shows that cat owners are less likely to die of a heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases than people who have never had a pet cat.  The findings emerged from an analysis of data on nearly 4,500 men and women, ages 30 to 75, who part icipated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Study. All were free of cardiovascular disease when they entered the study in the 1970s.  Over half, 55%, reported having a pet cat at some point in their lives.  Compared with cat owners, people who never had a pet cat were 40% more likely to die of a heart attack over the 20-year study period. They were also 30% more likely to die of any cardiovascular disease, including stroke, heart failure, and chronic heart disease. The researchers found no such link for people who had a pet dog.  The findings were presented here at the American Stroke Association's (ASA) International Stroke Conference.  EXCERPT from WEBMD submitted by Eylse Karnes

11,000 unwanted animals are put down in the country’s shelters every single day. – Excerpt best friends.org
More than 70% of cats who enter animal pounds and shelters are killed each year.  That is 7 in 10 cats! –
Excerpt Alley Cat Allies.org  SPAYING AND NEUTERING is the solution to pet overpopulation.  One unspayed female cat and her offspring can reproduce 420,000 homeless cats in seven years.  In six years one unspayed female dog and her offspring can reproduce 67,000 unwanted dogs. 
MAMA, the TNR feral cat coupon program is sponsored by MUFFIN'S and the MAYOR’S 
ALLIANCE.  Visit muffins.org/MAMA.htm to get information about the participating veterinarians. 

PREYING FOR FOOD: CATS MAY CHATTER BEFORE THEY POUNCE. Cats who chatter are doing it because they see possible prey. Some cats will make a strange chattering noise that is a rapid clicking of their teeth with a high-pitched whining sound to go with it. It's probably because they have an abundance of adrenaline, a surplus of energy as they anticipate the hunt when they see t hat bird or mouse. Excerpt from the CatBible
FUN FACT: A cat’s sense of taste is keener than a dog’s sense of taste.

                                                                   Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            March 6, 2009
                                                                     e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

BEEFSTEAK CHARLIE NEEDS A LOVING HOME....”Hi, My name is Charlie. I am a fluffy, grey and white 3 year old neutered cat.  I had my shots.  Currently I am living with my foster Mom who found me struggling in this cold harsh weather.  I love people, cuddling and attention. Sometimes I get a little scared.  With time and patience I am sure I will make a wonderful addition to your family. contact Debbie 917 957 6877  Meow Meow (Thank you) 

SATURDAY MARCH 14, 2009  Salem
 Church, 450-67THStreet 11:30am- 4:30pm Rain or shine. Animals are courtesy of NSAL and the ACC shelters.  Proof of ID and adoption fee required.
LOST DOG: ‘BELLA’ female, Cane Corso, looks like a Gray Lab.  NYPD MOUNTED POLICE Please call 917-595-7883 REWARD Family misses her terribly.  Attention M. Panazzo
LOST CAT: ‘MUI-MUI’ female, 3 year old grey and white with some t an, white bib and boots.  She was last seen on Senator Street late October 2008.  REWARD:  call 845-297-0124
LOST CAT: ‘KISSES’- female Calico, 4 ½ years old.  She is spayed, friendly and lost on 94TH street and Fourth Avenue.  Please call Lana, 347-216-7893  

MUFFIN'S SERVICES:  Low cost spaying and neutering certificates with 34 participating vets in Brooklyn, MAMA feral cat coupon program, trap rental, and in-home cat nail clipping.  Call 718-833-7988



Allergies caused by environmental factors like pollen, mold and fleas are common in pets.  Excessive scratching or stomach upset could also be the result of an everyday food allergy.  According to ASPCA experts at the Animal Poison Control Center, the main source of protein in a pet's diet is sometimes responsible for allergic reactions—but cats and dogs can also suffer allergies to carbohydrates like wheat or soy.  ASPCA Client Services Associate Jessica Rushin suggests that sweet potatoes and rice, which are often found in foods formulated for pets with sensitive stomachs, can be good carb substitutes.  Pet allergies can cause such varied symptoms as excessive chewing or licking of the skin, paws, muzzle or ears; dry, flaky skin; chronic ear issues; swelling of the lips, tongue or eyelids, and=0 Agastrointestinal signs like vomiting and diarrhea. –excerpt from aspca.org  Check with your vet if your companion animal has any of these symptoms. 

                                                                     Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            February 27, 2009
                                                                      e-mail muffinspets@gmail.com

WE GET LETTERS: Hi, my name is Cream Puff. I was left out in the cold and snowy streets.  I found my way to someone’s backyard in Bay Ridge on Friday 13th. It was a good luck day for me, since she was nice enough to feed and make a box for me to stay in.  Other cats would come and start fights with me.  I am not a fighter, I am an indoor cat.  I am a male, pure breed Red eared Himalayan.  The weather is getting colder and the basement where I am staying is damp and cold. I am very friendly. My hobbies are being pet, belly rubs, being brushed. I like to sit on people laps and purr. I need a home with some one to love me - I promise you my heart Please call (917) 365-9303”.

We are two handsome brothers who would love to find a loving home together!  Our original mom left us in her apartment along with nine other kitties!  It was a very cold day, and the wi ndows were wide open.  Some workers came into the apartment to do some work and found us all terrified and hungry.  Our rescuers found other foster homes for our friends, and decided to foster us themselves.  We love each other very much, and want if at all possible to stay together as your cat team. We are very sweet, and want to have a loving forever home where we can let our personalities shine through.  I’m Nimitz, the black inquisitive one. I am friendly, and forward.  My brother Boris (the black and white one) is an absolute mush, and loves to sit on our foster mom’s feet!  We both love being petted, and will love you back.  We are neutered and vet checked. Please call 347-731-2274

he TN 
White County, puppy mill small dogs are at the ASPCA Adoption Center in Manhattan (424 E. 92nd Street). For more information, call (212) 876-7700, ext. 4145.

Clay litter is not only bad for the environment, but it can be highly irritating to both felines and humans. –excerpt from the CatBible

Cats are color blind

                                                                    Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            February 20, 2009
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JUDE’S COMMENTARY:  ANIMALS HAVE FEELINGS…Animals are NOT property! Animals feel love. Animals feel abandonment. Animals feel hunger. Animals feel pain. Animals mourn. Animals feel fear!  Animals are mothers and fathers who protect their babies.  Animals protect and save humans!  Animals provide services for disabled and challenged humans.  They give their lives to better ours.  Animals are a blessing to human kind!  They are our families, our best friends, and our confidant; our faithful guides and companions.  They make this world a safer and better place for humans to live in.  Animals are God's gifts to us!  But according to the law animals are PROPERTY!  Property does not have feelings.  Animals have natural instinct feelings.  If they are cut, they bleed.   How can we, animal lovers, who are concerned about the safety and welfare of all animals, help to change this archaic law?  We need a law that recognizes that animals are an intricate part of our lives, whether they are house pets or animals of the wild, they are all God’s creatures.  And we need to respect them all.  Please email any suggestions about this sensitive issue.  Animals need our help and protection.  "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ~ Mahatma Gandhi   Please, let us help our animal friends.  Together, we can make a difference. Thank you and God Bless! 

"Adopted late in life Pistachio's last 2-1/2 years were not lacking in lots of love.  I wish I had more time with him.  He was great company.  What more can you ask of a friend.  He was 19 years old.  Andrew Romano"
“Hi! We're Benny and Chippy.
We are very lucky brothers - we were rescued from the streets of East NY.  Right now we are living with nice people, other felines and a medium-sized dog.  Chippy had to have one eye removed because it was badly infected and not treated. Now we are both very healthy; we are six months old, neutered, have our shots and tested negative for FIV/FeLV.  Would you please make us part of your family? We will love you forever.  Ellen 646-982-7665 Visit http://muffins.org/Cats1.htm to see our photos

                                                                     Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            February 13, 2009
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WE GET LETTERS: “We will be moving overseas in mid-February, and need to find our two beautiful, cuddly cats a new loving home, either together or separately.  We are very sad to leave them behind.  Both cats are up to date in their shots and altered.  They are very pleasant to be around, and withstand much patience the petting of our one-year old son. Yogi, a four-year old male, has a laid back personality. Coco IS a playful, beautiful two-year old female. Call Emily 646-236-9760” Visit muffins.org to see their photos. 

‘THANK YOU LOU! There’s a guy named Lou, 
Who gave incentive for Jude to do. An article about cruelty to animals being a NO! NO! Since that time, Jude has developed MUFFIN'S as a logo.
She just wanted to say Thank you Lou Zerato for being there..
When he wrote the song, ‘They’re Here, They’re Here’
In your younger life, it’s wonderful to have a Mentor.
Later, you realize who and why God used, as a sender. –written by Jan E. Schneider

Take a few moments now to contact BP Lubricant USA, which aired a commercial during the=2 0Super Bowl featuring chimpanzees.  In addition to portraying the animals in a demeaning way, using chimpanzees in advertisements is inherently cruel.  Great apes used in entertainment are often very young. They are taken from their mothers as infants and are beaten to ensure that they know "whose boss" and do as the trainer demands. Once they are too old and no longer considered "useful," many primates are discarded in hideous roadside zoos or are warehoused in appalling conditions. PETA investigations have revealed that former "celebrity" apes were living in small cages littered with garbage and feces and were denied basic necessities (like food and veterinary care). –excerpt from Peta.org

 CRUELTY TO ANIMALS A FELONY, according to the Humane Society of the United States. Aggravated animal cruelty on first offense is punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 and up to six years in prison. The bill also includes a five-year sentencing enhancement for anyone convicted of torturing an animal in the presence of a child.  ANIMALS HAVE FEELINGS! 

                                                                     Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            February 6, 2009
                                                                      e-mail judespets@aol.com

In 1966, when I was 19, Mr. Haas, the then Editor of The Spectator, provided an opportunity for me to write a weekly Teen Talk column.  The sixties vibrations were rockin’.  
Lou Zerato, animal lover and guitar-playing, gifted song writer, tossed me the February 4, 1966, issue of LIFE magazine.  He pointed to an article about dog napping and unlicensed laboratories that brutally experimented on dogs.  The graphic photos showed malnourished, sickly, stolen dogs who were cramped in tiny cages.  My stomach churned as I read the horrifying story.  An outraged Lou urged me to write about this.  Lou was right; I had to inform the community of these gruesome events.
For six years, nine laws had been pending that could ease the suffering of these tortured animals.  Allegations had to be investigated.  Four other teens and I embarked on our mission to write an enlightened expose`.  I investigated and then submitted my article to Mr. Haas.  After three months of extensive research, hundreds of calls and letters, speaking with politicians, and waiting for information, I was informed that animals were just an imals, that they were merely property, had no feelings, and that humans came first!  I was shocked and angry at the cold hypocrisy and indifference of law makers.
Further, a devastating side effect of thalidomide was revealed. Thalidomide was prescribed for pregnant women to settle morning sickness.  It tested safe on animals. However, it had tragic effects.  About ten thousand babies were born worldwide, with severe birth defects.  What was the purpose of these drug tests if they proved safe for animals but were harmful to humans?
As one lone voice in the animal wilderness, my hands were tied--there was nothing I could do to help stop this inhumanity.  We started a petition to change old laws, c ollected thousands of signatures, and were going to send it to President Johnson.  Mr. Haas helped me to disseminate information about this issue by publishing “Teen-agers Campaign To Protect Pets” on June 17, 1966.  Thank you, Lou for being my muse and shining the light of truth on animal issues.  Thank you Mr. Haas for helping me spread the word.   
Today there are experimental alternatives.  Thank God!  My pet crusades continue. Visit muffins.org. 

                                                                      Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            January 30, 2009
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PEANUT BUTTER RECALLS: NOW DOG BISCUITS: The peanut butter recall crept into pet foods today when PetSmart announced it was voluntarily recalling some peanut butter biscuits because they used the peanut butter from Peanut Corporation ofAmerica, where the FDA says they've traced the salm onella outbreak. –excerpt from WalletPop  

WE GET LETTERS…”Hi Jude: I have a situation and maybe you can help or offer me advice. I went to TNR for an elderly lady who was feeding five older kittens. After the second day of trapping and after I got the last kitten, she was nice enough to tell me that I can't bring them back. She said that the neighbors don't like her feeding the cats and they will tolerate the older six or seven that she's feeding but not these six-month old kittens.  I have them in my one remaining cat-less bathroom and they are slowly adjusting to being indoors. There are two kittens that were coming around but now they are regressing because the other three aren't that friendly.  I need someone to help me foster the other three cats or they can take the more friendly ones.  I need to separate them so that they will quickly socialize so that they can be adopted.  In the past I d idn't do this fast enough and the cats aren't friendly to humans. I am familiar with the feral cat socializing tapes from Urban Cat League and I am following them.  Do you know anyone really good with socializing?  I will give them food, litter and a stipend if they can help me with this.  Thanks for any help or  advice-
Ellen 646-982-7665

ADOPTION:  HemmingwayKitty, is a two or three month old female, rescued, polydactyl kitten.  She is good with other cats and people. The special kitty is has six toes.  I have too many other animals, and can not keep her.  718-372-6284

A MUST READ POEM: "The Journey" by Crystal Ward Kent.  It is just beautiful. Right now my kitties Boo and Pooky are wrestling. I love to watch them; they are so gentle with each other.  They really love each other and give me much pleasure.  People who cannot appreciate this are missing out on something.- submitted by Elyse Karnes


FUN FACT:  BABOON’S DNA is 97% the same as humans.  

                                                                     Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            January 23, 2009
                                                                      e-mail judespets@aol.com

  • 1-Wash and dry your pet’s feet after walking in snow remove salt and chemicals.  Check for cracks in paw pads or redness between the toes.   2-Take a towel with you to clean off stinging, irritated paws. 3-A sweater or coat will help to retain body heat and prevent skin from getting dry. Booties help minimize contact with painful salt crystals, poisonous anti-freeze and chemical de-icers.  4-Massaging petroleum jelly into paw pads before going outside helps to protect from salt and chemical agents. Moisturizing after helps to heal chapped paw skin.   5-Trim long-haired dogs to minimize the clinging of ice balls, salt crystals and de-icing chemicals that can dry on a pet’s skin. (Don’t forget the hair between the toes!)  6-If you spot wounds or redness on your pet9 9s feet or skin, contact your veterinarian immediately.

    “I’m Trixie, a female cat about 5 months old, white with black spots.  My owner moved and left me in this terrible cold.  I’m very loveable. I love to cuddle. I’m currently living in a neighbor’s house. They saw me crying in the cold.  But they can not keep me because their dog does not like cats. I am locked in a bedroom until I can find a new home. If you adopt me, I will be your BFF and give you all my love and devotion.  Please call 917-952-0436.  I hope to see you soon”.
HIDDEN DANGER: KEEP YOUR PET SAFE FROM ELECTRIC SHOCK: ASPCA.org offers tips to help you avoid potentially hazardous areas, and advice on what to do if a pet suffers an electrical shock:
  • Keep your dog away from metal fixtures, such as lampposts, grates or manhole covers.  They may conduct hazardous electricity.
  • Your dog's rubber rain boots won't protect your pooch from a strong current.  Some boots—those with metal studs, for example—may even make the situation worse.
  • Observe your dog’s behavior.  Is he skittish, frightened, angry or upset for no apparent reason? These sudden behavioral changes could be an indication of electric shock.
  • If your dog is incapacitated due to shock, don’t try to touch or move him without protective gear.  Your pooch may pass the current to you, rendering you both incapable of seeking help. Call your local fire department immediately. 

                                                                    Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            January 16, 2009
                                                                      e-mail judespets@aol.com

POWER ANIMALS:  BODY AND SPIRIT we are awakening to the idea that our bodies, minds, and spirits are one; this is a principal theme of alternative and vibrational healing.  To make the world of spirit part of our normal reality, create and deepen our connection to animals.  Many cultures believe that animals can bring us messages from the spiritual plane and guide us. As we open ourselves to a deepened awareness of animals we become more able to appreciate how the physical and spiritual worlds are one. –excerpt from beyondtherainbow.com

One of my POWER ANIMALS is the LION.  I totally connect with CHRISTIAN THE LION.  My birth sign is LEO THE LION.  Now I understand more about me and this majestic feline.  The Lion is associated with the Sun and feminine power.  The females do most of the hunting to keep the pride fed and healthy reflecting the female power of nurturing the family/community.   If Lion energy shows up, you may receive some lessons or issues dealing with groups or community to surface.  Lion medicine shows the benefits of stealth and strategy when dealing with any issues that may arise as they avoid confrontations/danger when ever possible.  The lion is power, but power contained.  He will teach you the strength of quiet command.  He will teach you to hold yourself with such presence that merely being around you will fill others with respect and awe. Creativity, intuition and imagination, shine new light on your life.  Lion also reminds us to "roar" if we feel threatened or our space invaded.   Know and be the quiet strength of confidence.  Speak calmly and with authority.  Act from a place of personal truth and wisdom, a wisdom that comes from the quiet times you spend just being and feeling your deep connection with all that is.  Walk with grace and strength.  Hold your head high. And once in a while, give out a resounding, magnificent roar. After all, you are the lion! 

WHAT IS YOUR POWER ANIMAL?  A Butterfly found me.  It signaled me by waving its black wings spotted with yellow dots and flying right by my right ear.  It stayed there for 20 minutes.  This happened two days in a row at exactly the same time! Butterfly means; transitions, changes, new beginnings!  It is fascinating how animals have spiritual energy guiding us on our journey.   
Visit truthzone.net  Find your POWER ANIMAL.  

                                                                     Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            January 9, 2009
                                                                    e-mail judespets@aol.com

MUFFIN'S APPLAUDS JOANNIE LOCICERO – GUARDIAN ANGEL TO OUTDOOR CATS!  An Animal Rescuer for over forty-years, Joannie single-handedly spayed, neutered, released, fed, cared and re-homed over sixty-five outdoor cats.  Thousands and thousands of dollars were spent on medical fees, food and outdoor shelters, including a barn.  Surgery, medication, office visits, treatments including veterinarian house calls, ensured that Joannie’s Angel Kitty Crews were healthy and did not reproduce.  At one time, thirteen semi-feral cats stepped into Joannie’s magical cat kingdom - her home.  These frightened felines were nurtured, loved, respected and in time, responded to unconditional love.  Joannie opened her heart and her home to Tabby, Tommy, Misty, Heidi, Nicky, Harold, Jimmy, Oliver, mentioning just a few, to the freedom of exploring their new eleven room home.  The grateful kitties grew to trust their new pet companion.  These rescued kitties had a long life with Joannie.  After decades of her one-woman cat clean-up activities on 69TH street, 72 year old Joannie, asked MUFFIN'S for help with her latest kitty cat rescues.  To date, MUFFIN'S has donated a humane cat trap, and seven MAMA spay/neuter feral cat coupons to our friend Joannie.  The MAMA coupon includes Rabies shot and left ear tipping.  Norm drops off and picks up the trapped cat to the ANIMAL CLINIC OF BAY RIDGE.  A generous contribution to MUFFIN’S from JANICE FOTI of furryfriendshome.com gave us the opportunity to assist Joannie.  There are about five to seven more cats that need to be trapped, and fixed. Joannie’s rescues continue… Fixing one cat prevents the birth of 100 unwanted, homeless cats.  Fixing 65 cats prevented the unwanted births of 6,500 cats.  Thank you Joannie and God Bless!  
WE GET LETTERS: Nika, a brown tabby tuxedo, was found on the street in Brooklyn.  She is a great cat - Nika has the best personality of any cat I have rescued.  She loves to play.  And drinks water right out of the faucet!  She is about seven month’s old, petite, spayed, blood tested-healthy.  There is a modest adoption fee.  Victoria at 914-443-9209 See her photo at muffins.org/Cats1.htm

                                                                  Muffin's Pet Connection
                                                                            by Jude Lassow
                                                                            January 1, 2009
                                                                    e-mail judespets@aol.com

WE GET LETTERS:  DEAR JUDE- “My name is One-Eyed Jack and I am a handsome gray-striped stray cat.  My name is self-explanatory: I am missing my right eye and I need surgery to heal properly.  I’m neutered, FIV and Leukemia negative, and have had all my shots!
I have been living a tough life outside, begging for food to survive. Yet, I am docile and learning to trust people. Once my recovery is complete, I need a patient and loving home to spend the rest of my days in. If this sounds like you, please call my foster mom, Jackie (718) 637-3053 or email pixieled@optonline.net
   Thank You and God Bless!

I went to the NYC Feral Cat Boot Camp a few weeks ago and was given a book full of information.  I have some feral cats I feed in my yard and I want to get them fixed.  I was told to contact MUFFIN'S to get a spaying and neutering certificate.  I figured you may know someone who needed outdoor cat shelters.  I am donating two FREE Large Styrofoam Coolers, approximately 2 feet by 2 feet.  There were used to ship steaks.  They are purrfect for an outdoor cat shelter.  The thick Styrofoam will keep the cats warm all winter.  I am located in Bergen Beach , Brooklyn Please call 718-759-7391 to arrange pick up.

A MUST READ BOOK:  FOUR PAWS UP!  “ANGEL ANIMALS” Divine Messengers Of Miracles, By Allen & Linda Anderson This book is filled with uplifting, funny and heart wrenching true-to-life animal stories, written by petowners from all over the world.
Animals are God’s gifts to us; an extension of His ever present love!  I would love to hear your comments about this book or any other pet related book.  Have you read any good books lately?  Or have you written some interesting antidotes about your pet? MUFFIN’S PAWZ 4 PETS club is looking for articles up to 100 words to appear in Muffin’s Pet Connection column. 
May the purrs and woofs be your writing guides. 

CALAY ‘n PEGGYSUE MAKE YOUTUBE! Visit muffins.org See my rescued three-legged cats playing and jumping.  Calay, the Calico is teaching semi-feral PeggySue the Russian Blue look-a-like, how to trust and play.   Adopting a healthy three-legged pet is the right thing to do.  Your life will change forever!