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 Touched by a Princess
  By Janice Foti

I’m a cat sitter in Brooklyn, New York and I received a call from Jude at Muffin's Pet Connection asking if I would pet sit for a diabetic cat.  Since I am a technician and highly experienced in medical pet sitting, I was happy to do it.  The job consisted of visiting with the cat twice a day from Thursday through Sunday to feed her and administer insulin.  Little did I know this job would change my life forever!  

Prin620.jpg (15135 bytes)I visited with “Princess” (otherwise known as “Prinni”) as scheduled and after only a couple of months of caring for her, I developed a strong attachment to her. 

As the months passed on and I continued to watch Prinni, I noticed her health was starting to worsen.   Besides having diabetes, she was developing a breathing problem and acute intestinal problems. Her owner was taking her back and forth to the vet, but Prinni’s illness was starting to interfere with her owner’s work and school schedules.

One day, I received a call from Prinni’s owner saying that she was bringing Prinni back to the shelter where she adopted her.  She just couldn’t handle the pressure and veterinary bills anymore.  She said the shelter promised her that they would care for Prinni until the end.  Right away, I panicked!  I didn’t believe the shelter would care for a sick cat the rest of its life.  The first thing I thought was “euthanasia,” not continual care.  

The next few days of my life were torture knowing that Prinni was going back to a life in a cage or possible death. I already had three cats and a very tolerant landlord and I just couldn’t bring another cat into my household.  But out of desperation, I took the chance and told Prinni’s owner that I would take her.  I already loved her as if she was my own and I just couldn’t let her go.  Well, she was so pleased!  We then made arrangements to meet and she brought Prinni to my house a couple of days later and to my surprise my landlord didn't mind!

As soon as I took Prinni in, I started her on special foods and medications until her condition stabilized.  Then one day I noticed a lump in her breast and the vet confirmed it was a carcinoma, one of the deadliest cancers.  He gave her less than two years to live.  That’s when my world fell apart.  I didn’t know how I was going to go through life without my Prinni!

I continued to administer her daily medications for the months that followed consisting of a very strict schedule.  This limited my daily activities, including vacations.  My life was literally at a standstill.  I wanted to make Prinni as  comfortable as possible during her final years.

Well, miraculously, due to my efforts and perseverance, my girl lived three more years!  Those years she spent very comfortably, always sleeping next to me at night while placing her back paw on me for security.

Then the horrific day came in January of 2003.  Prinni developed convulsions due to the spread of cancer to her brain.  I knew it was the end as I could no longer stand to see her suffer.  I had to make that “difficult choice.”  My heart is so broken without her,  but I know when my time comes she will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.  She was my heart and even in death, we have a bond that could never be broken.  I have her ashes and intend to have them buried with me when I die.  

To further honor my kitty, the license plates on my car say “Prinni,” her pictures hang from my rear view mirror and her name is written in pink on the driver side door!  So if you ever see "Prinni" in your travels, honk once in honor of my best friend! 

Janice is Furry Friends Cat sitter