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Petchinpop424.jpg (11041 bytes) Petchin, cleaning one week old Popeye.  He was found in a trash can, inside a paper bag.  2/21/89
Muf&pop424.jpg (17333 bytes) Muffin, is Popeye's surrogate mom.  He used to suckle and snuggle with Muffin.  2/89
Coco&pop425.jpg (21732 bytes) Popeye and Coco.  He adopted Coco.  She's been very good for Popeye.  There is a strong feline bond between the two of them. 8/89
J&Npopeye131.jpg (9436 bytes) Jude, Norm and Popeye.  Jude's left hand is on the area on Popeye's neck where his inoperable Thyroid Tumor is today. Photo taken 2/01Popeye1014.jpg (4718 bytes)

Popeye's 'Tail' 
1989-2004 RIP

     Popeye came to Muffin's, on Feb, 21, 1989, when he was one week old.  This tiny orphaned kitten, with his umbilical cord still attached, was found in a paper bag in a garbage can.  He was screaming non stop for his mother to feed him.  Jude and Norm made an incubator for him.  A heating pad was placed in a cat carrier simulating 102 degree temperature from his mother's body.  Popeye was bottle feed every four hours round the clock.  After every meal, his little bottom was stimulated with a wet, warm cotton ball making him defecate.  Petchin, our rescued Siamese cat, cleaned him after each feeding BUT she wouldn't let him suckle on her.  Instead he suckled and snuggled into Muffin, his 'mom'.  He bonded and connected with Muffin immediately!  Popeye had a veracious appetite and we had to add regular Gerber and Beechnut baby cereal to his KMR milk.  When he was about four weeks of age, we began introducing Popeye to Stage One Turkey Baby food.  He loved it and the pabulum-like milk.  When he was five to six weeks old he began eating with our five other adult kitties, Siam, Tiger, KayCee and Petchin.  Popeye was tested and given a clean bill of health.  He made himself right at home, cuddling, romping and teaching Muffin how to eat her food and how to play fetch.  Popeye is a very good teacher.  He taught us about bottle feeding an orphaned kitten.  We still see the side effects of his not having a mom.  The lack of proper nurturing and teachings from his mom, is the origin of Popeye's biting.  For years Popeye used to drag his favorite little blanky and suckle on it! 
     On November 21, 2002, fourteen year old, Popeye was standing in the kitchen, very wobbly and loosing his balance.  He was rushed to the vet.  An X-Ray revealed a tumor on his neck.  His white blood count was 4%, where it is supposed to be 20%-50%.  Popeye's weight was 14.5 pounds.  The inoperable tumor located close to the trachea caused vomiting. We were told to make him comfortable.  
     Through prayer and meditation, we were guided to change his diet:  Popeye starts the day with Stage One baby food, one teaspoonful at a time.  After that when he starts nagging for more food, he eats:  Whiskas Pate`,  Triumph kitten canned food, AD, Fancy Feast, Friskies ground senior or light food and Redi Whip.  Plus he likes boiled, puree' chop meat.  He also enjoys NurtiCal.  Popeye was also given Echinacea, a natural herb to help boost his immune system.  Since 11/02 I've been giving Popeye hands-on-prayer healing, concentrating to increase the white blood count 
     On January 21, 2004, Popeye had congestion.  He went to the vet for blood work and an X-ray.  This time the vet called Popeye a 'Miracle Cat'.. he shouldn't be here!  The X-ray showed that the Tumor had grown, nearer the throat. BUT his white blood count went up to 13%.  His weight is now 13.5 pounds.  No anesthesia was needed to remove cells from Popeye's neck.  It revealed a Thyroid Tumor.   
    PopeyeGA419.jpg (4203 bytes)April 2004 I started using a Green Adventurine healing stone for Popeye.  This 2" stone  fits in the palm of my hand and I place it very gently against his neck while holding it.  After ten minutes, Popeye pushes my hand away...his neck and the stone are very hot.  For years Popeye has let me know when he wants the hands-on- healing.  He seeks me.  
     I had the Green Adventurine stone made up especially for Popeye by Ariel, a Reiki Master.

     Today, April 25, 2004 Popeye eats, runs in the hallway, has his meals in bed, and continues to nag when he wants a healing.  I follow his lead.  He's still teaching...Thank God!

Muffin's resident cats today!  They were all rescued. 
Coco and Popeye passed away in August '04.  

Scooterslook1127.jpg (25107 bytes) Scoots being himself with THAT look! 14 years old.
scooter&us201.jpg (84910 bytes) Scooter and us
Scootstail821.jpg (11837 bytes) See Scooter's tail
Coco1127.jpg (14484 bytes) CocotheScreamingDiva 15 years old She had a Hyper Active Thyroid which made her very vocal.
Popeye1127.jpg (19345 bytes) Popeye, 15 1/2 years old had an inoperable thyroid tumor on his neck. 
J&Npetfamily11126.jpg (64865 bytes) This was ALL of our pets.  Siam, Tiger, KayCee, Petchin, Popeye, Coco, Scooter and Muffin. 
Muf&normTimes212.jpg (14020 bytes) Muffin and Norm in the NY Times, 1990. 
Muf&n201.jpg (22857 bytes) Muffin and Norm
Scootslook821.jpg (25033 bytes) Conceited Scoots, thinks he's the cat's Meeeeow! 
ourturtles307.jpg (17812 bytes) Our Turtles: Timid Turtie, Bad Bertie and Trek.