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PeggySue's  Adopt-A-Physically Challenged cat. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q- What is your goal/mission with Muffin's?
A- Our endeavor is to Reach, Teach and Educate about the health and behavior benefits of spaying and neutering a cat or dog.  Muffin's also counsels about the magnitude of pet owner responsibility, obligations, the cost and commitment to a pet BEFORE adopting.  We believe that a well informed client makes a conscientious pet owner.  We recommend doing 'homework' before bringing a new life home.  Always
think 'thrice' before a adopting a 'cute puppy or kitten'. Look at the bigger picture and make sure your life style fits having a pet.  Can you afford the medical and maintenance for a pet?  Remember, killing healthy, adoptable pets is preventable.  SPAY/NEUTER is the solution to this pet overpopulation crisis.  

Q- How does Muffin's help pet owners with the costly spay/neuter bills?
A- Muffin's offers a low cost spay/neuter discount certificate program with 80 participating vets in NYC. 

Q- Do you have low cost certificates for shots, antibiotics, declaw or other medical procedures?
A- No, we're very thankful that veterinarians accept Muffin's low cost spay/neuter certificates.

Q- How can I purchase a certificate?
A- There are several ways to obtain certificates: 
    1- Charge online
    2- Pick it up in person and pay cash
    3- Fill Out Application and send in with payment
    4- Fax application to 718-921-6327

Q- Do all vets accept Muffin's certificates?
A- No, only the vets in Muffin's low cost spay/neuter program.

Q- Do you have a senior citizen rate for spay/neuter certificates? 
we can help to subsidize the certificate fee with Muffin's MOM programs.

Q- I have a stray cat/dog.  Can I bring it to you?

A- No, Muffin's is NOT A SHELTER.  We don't take in pets, as we have no place to put them.

Q- There is a nursing mother cat in my yard. Do you have foster care for her and the babies?
A- No, Muffin's does NOT have foster care for any pets.  We do not board animals.

Q- My 8 year old dog has pyometra and needs emergency surgery for $800. Will you pay this? I have no money.
A- No, Muffin's doesn't have funds for medical procedures.

Q- Where does Muffin's funding come from? A- Muffin's is solely supported by tax deducible donations from private contributors. We are not funded by the city.

Cesar Milan - 
Dog Whisperer

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Muffin's drawing by artist Laura Bolle

Prevention of Cruelty Month PSA


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