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God Kissed Her  Little Paw 

35% of the proceeds benefit
PeggySue's  Adopt-A-Physically Challenged cat. 

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PeggySue Testimonials

PeggySue Awareness
Catnip Doll

Stores that sell PeggySue dolls

FREE 12 week pet listing.  Please read instructions below and notify Muffin's weekly of your pet's status.  If we don't hear from you, your pet will be listed as ADOPTED. 

Scan e-mail photo in JPG format to: EMAIL

Please Call (718) 833-7988  or

Email: muffinspets@gmail.com

1. Your first name and phone number is required and will appear on the listing.

2. Your pet's photo with brief description is also posted on muffins.org and  Petfinder.com the largest pet listing web site on the Internet. 

Limit (2) free pets listings. 
Pet's picture (mandatory) with description on Muffin's web site with your name and phone number.  You will  get the calls and do the screening. You may use Muffin's Pet Adoption form for screening purposes.  If your pet is adopted, please notify Muffin's. 

We suggest that you ask a small donation for Muffin's, as it insures that the perspective pet owner can afford the pet and also assists Muffin's to help other pets in need.  

Please mail donations with pets name to:  

Muffin's PC 
9728-3rd Ave. 
Brooklyn,  NY  11209

Please click PetListing form fill out and submit with the following information: 
your name, work and home telephone numbers with area code, pets name, dog or cat, age, brief description, personality, spayed/neutered with shots, and reason pet needs a new home.

*It is mandatory that all listings include pets picture.

Mail photo to:

Muffin's PC
9728 3rd Ave #125
Brooklyn, NY 11209


Cesar Milan -
  Dog Whisperer

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Muffin's drawing by artist Laura Bolle

Prevention of Cruelty Month PSA


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Muffin's Spay/Neuter Awareness pin

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Stop the killing of 
Deaf Dalmatians

Get Ready for
Pet Emergencies

Anti Freeze kills dogs and cats

Puppy Mill Campaign

Animal Emergency Rescues 

Bird Flu Fact Sheet