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In Loving Memory...

Our little Muffin
changed our lives forever!

muffin.jpg In Muffin's Memory~
The pictures and heartfelt words on this page, have been sent in by pet owners and friends to honor a beloved pet.
If you would like to honor the memory of a deceased pet, please send picture to Muffin's. We empathize with your loss.

This page is dedicated to beloved pets who passed away.

Our special little 'Angels' have completed their mission and returned home. Their legacy of joy and love are with us always. The circle of life continues. Until we meet again~


Pet Loss and Grief Support
There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors. Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows, hills and valleys with lush green grass.
When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place. There is always food and water and warm spring weather. All the animals who have been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body begins to quiver. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together, never again to be separated. Author Unknown.
BRITEEYESLINDAMEM.jpg (50310 bytes)
TUMBLEWEEDRIP0411.jpg (26410 bytes) To All of My Dear TZ Sisters, "I just wanted to let you know that last Wednesday, April 11, my beloved cat Tumbleweed crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was almost 18 years old and my last cat. I am lost without him and my heart has not only been broken but shattered. I can't even begin to express how much I miss my sweet little baby who I always called "Honey".. He slept with me every single night and also ate every meal with me and Derek, almost always sharing what we were eating, his favorites being shrimp and crab legs. He was by my side no matter what I was doing--marking papers, reading, coloring, watching TV, putting on makeup in the morning, etc. I will always love him and pray that he is indeed sitting on Jesus' lap as Jude assures me he is. He was the best cat ever and the most loving and devoted little soul. Please say a little prayer for him. Thank you, my TZ sisters." Sincerely, Cat =^..^= 
LILY1210.jpg (58566 bytes) In Loving Memory of Lily our 18 year-old,  clown-of-the family, who made us laugh. All of our love always, Cat, Derek and family.

SAMMYe0403.jpg (37144 bytes)

A LOVING TRIBUTE...SAMMY, 4 years-old.

A LOVING TRIBUTE...CHARLIE, 12 years-old. 

BOORIP010117.jpg (60451 bytes)

IN LOVING MEMORY...15 year-old Boo. You were my very first cat that lived with me, taught me, were there when my mother passed, and comforted me. You were a loving cuddle kitty, and we bonded. I worked from home and we were constant companions. When I was ill, you stayed by me, and surrounded me with your healing love and energy. You will be missed my baby Boo. You touched my heart, you gave me love. Elyse

My 20 year-old Wilomeana 

JAGLINDA1002.jpg (90496 bytes)

My 12 year JAGGY was almost 2 when I rescued him. He was always a gentle, loveable, an absolute sweetheart of a cat. He never hissed or did anything bad. Whenever I brought in another cat (young ones) they would gravitate to him...especially Spats. They all wanted to lay next to him. JAG would sit next to me on a chair when I worked on the computer,  FRISKY (passed away in 2014) was on the other chair next to me. He was a 'ONE-OF-A-KIND CAT', There will never be another like him. I loved him so much, and still do. I miss him so much...Linda  
IN LOVING MEMORY..."Gizmo Was a Happy Cat'
Gizmo was a happy cat.  He liked to take a lappy nap.
Gizmo always had to peek, at what it was you had to eat. The only food he didn't like...Was peanut butter -- not a bite! Gizmo's purr was very loud, you could hear it in a crowd. Gizmo, long fur, gray and white, had oral cancer-what a sight. Although he looked a frightful zombie, he groomed the cats just like a mommy.
He loved every one of us. At least I miss him, the cats, not much.

IN LOVING MEMORY: 69 year-old, Dr. Donald Robinson, of the Bensonhurst Animal Clinic at 1951 Bath Ave., Brooklyn, NY  11214, passed away suddenly on October 12, 2015. He was a gentle, caring veterinarian, who was good with pets and people. He will be missed. RIP

IN LOVING MEMORY: Lil' Run, the little kitten died of internal complications. She was the black and white tuxedo kitty. A mention in your column is appreciated. Her brother, Peanut, the solid gray Russian Blue look-alike, is under veterinary care due to diarrhea and is now on medication. In about 5 - 6 weeks we are hoping to find him a home with a loving family.He is lonely after his sister's passing and would benefit from being with another playmate or an super-attentive human parent.  He is very affectionate and purrs as soon as we pick him up. Thank you and God Bless. 

IN LOVING MEMORY: For 8 years, Wendy gave Maria Sera all her love and constant purrs. She will be missed. Wendy now sits on God's lap. RIP. Until we meet again. The circle of life continues. 

IN LOVING MEMORY: Delilah, knocked on Rosemarie's door in FL,  came to Brooklyn with her and spent 15 1/2 years living a pampered, loving life. She now walks with her bud Ophelia in heaven. She will be missed. Love, Rosemarie

IN LOVING MEMORY: Frisky was my love. He would be next to me all the time, sleep with me at night, lay in my arms whenever I watched TV. and sit next to me when when at the computer.  I had to put another chair where I sat, so he could sit next to me, he was my ONE and ONLY...Losing him broke my heart, I still miss him so much. Frisky was nearly six years-old when I lost him. I wish he were still here. Love Always, Linda 
ALICERIP.jpg In Loving Memory of ALICE, who was rescued as a kitten along with her mother Katie and brother Jeffrey in 2003. Zany Alice loved to bunny-kick her big stuffed rat toy. She also loved to watch the street sweeper, running to the window every time it passed, ears flat, body low to the sill in stalking pose, following it with dark eyes as it swish-swish down the block. Alice has given us 10 years of laughs, love & kisses. She will be missed. Joanie Locicero & family.
MOMMY419.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: MOMMY aka LILONE, 4 1/2 year. She was a mush kitty who loved to be petted, held and cuddled. Adorable, playful 'n really sweet, just like cotton candy. As I held her in her final moments, I told her that her daughter "Angel" (who was near death a couple of months ago) was now doing good. Her son "Tailess" is doing great. I miss her terribly. She is at the 'Rainbow Bridge', playing, running, jumping with all of her friends, and loving it. God Bless you my "Li'l One", I will always love you...Linda.

IN LOVING MEMORY: "Hey Rock, when I saw you coming over the Rainbow Bridge, I couldn't believe my eyes. I knew you'd eventually get here (as we all do) but not so soon. I had a lot of things wrong with me, as did you- here we are. This is a real cool place. It's great to get into our confrontation pose, do our rough housing, clean each other, then nap the way we used to. The sunny front window from which we watched the world go by; the admiration we received from the neighborhood was a real ego boost. It's great to be able to run free here and enjoy the grass and warm sunshine for real. It is sad to see Rita cry for us everyday, but someday we'll all be together again.. I hope she continues helping other cats as she helped us. God Bless her and others like Norm & Jude from Muffin's; Denise & Peter of Ferals in Peril, and Diana & Jill Clemente who devote so much of their time, money and energy to help all the cats who desperately need them. Special thanks to MaryJo Tobin whose LOVE WANTED Adoption Events brought us together. We, and all the others, thank and Bless your for your efforts! Honey & Rocky.
SKOOTER307.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: SKOOTER 12 yrs old, was 3 months-old when he came to us.  He was skittish and scared, and scooted all over the place, hence the name "SKOOTER". It took a while but Skooter and Pumpkin became best friends. Skooter loved  brushing, being held. He was a big baby. He loved dry Fancy Feast and treats. He waited for me to give him treats. At night he would sleep on me, if I moved he would get off, wait until I stopped and would lay on me again. He was a big boy. I miss him. It doesn't make a difference how many cats or animals you have,, they will always be my loves and in my heart…Linda & Eddie.
wpe3.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: GLENDA, 10 YEARS OLD. After suffering on the streets for 5 years, you came into my life and slept with me for five more years. We gave new life to each other. You, my precious cat, are sitting on God's lap. 
Love, Gloria McNaughton.
IN LOVING MEMORY: MALCOLM, rescued from ASPCA 16 years ago, was the office mascot kitty to Dr. Kofi's Animal Clinic in Brooklyn. He lived the last seven months of his life with Carol Kelly. He was a remarkable Maine Coon kitty.
IN LOVING MEMORY: MADAME BUTTERFLY, an outdoor kitty, 8-10 years old, had many litters (until we caught her). It took months until we were able to trap her, after her last litter in June of 2008. I still have two of her babies; Frisky, a loving Orange boy and Missy, his sister, a pretty Tabby; she is still very skittish. I love them both. - Linda.
IN LOVING MEMORY: BOOTSIE was so special; She was my Tuxedo Love, loved by everyone. She waited for me everyday to feed her turkey. She was becoming close to me. Sadly, a car accident took their precious lives. More people knew of Bootsie, because she was out there everyday, waiting for me. All I had to do was call her name, and she came. I still can' believe that she is not there, it hurts. They survived this brutal winter, and then this terrible tragedy happened, it'is unbelievable. Please pray for my angels.” - Linda.
IN LOVING MEMORY: ABBY, 24 YRS OLD, was sent to me 23 yrs ago as a rescue cat with a litter of kittens. She would help feed homeless kittens with no mom's. Her life was saved so she could help save other lives. Her spots on her back made in the shape of a angel, that was true to her. She never suffered as her life ended. I didn't allow her to get that far. She completed her mission. She will be missed. - Emma & Cherie.
IN LOVING MEMORY: EeLIJAH, the beautiful Tessalata Eel, lived in a small bucket, rescued on December 19, 2010, and sadly swam across the Rainbow Bridge May 30, 2011. Derek DeCapua saved him from a horrible demise, being dumped down a sewer. He swam relaxed and comfortable in a ten gallon tank with heat, air, and filtration, which Derek and his wife Cathy set up as a temporary home. He dined on goldfish, silversides, and spearing, he even knew his family, bobbing and weaving excitedly when it was time to eat his favorite foods. Eelijah was entertaining with his fun aquatic antics. He was dearly loved and touched the hearts of his human friends. His legacy of saving lives continues. May he swim in Peace…Cat & Derek
IN LOVING MEMORY: Tsar, 4 1/2 yr old the Fluff-R-nutter beloved kitty of Joanna Leaske and his feline companion, Pasha Belle. He waited until Jo came home and quietly passed away in her arms. Tsar is sitting on God's lap. Peace.
IN LOVING MEMORY: On February 7, 2011, DR AKHLAQ TABASSAM suffered a major heart attack. He was the beloved vet from Dr. Sinha's Animal Clinic. He is survived by his wife and three young children. His wife is having their fourth baby in April.
IN LOVING MEMORY: Today, January 21, 2011, it's a very sad day for us. Our beautiful cat, Lucy succumbed to bladder cancer and she was sent back home. We gave her a very happy and fulfilling life for six years and we will miss her so much. We are proud to say though that we will "always love Lucy."  Janice and Anthony Foti, Dyker Heights.
IN LOVING MEMORY: MINNIE survived 12 1/2 yrs outdoors. Loved and fed by Elyse Karnes and Noreen. A horrible infection took her, now she sits on God's lap. Minnie's purrs touched many hearts.
IN LOVING MEMORY: LILY our wonderful dog, a beautiful blonde Cocker Spaniel, made our home in Dyker Heights a happy place for 11 ½ years. Lily was a happy dog. It was like having a piece of Heaven on Earth. 
Kathy & Ralph DiSomma.
IN LOVING MEMORY: Simba 9yrs old, beloved cat of Joyce & Michael Grossman purrs in heaven with Angels and other family members. His legacy of kitty rescue continues as his enormous love ripples into the universe. Peace Sweet Simby.
IN LOVING MEMORY: A donation from Elyse Karnes has been sent in loving memory of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grassi beloved cat. The kitty walks with Jesus and Angels. Peace.
IN LOVING MEMORY: Tommy 10 1/2 yrs. Tommy's sudden passing, saddens Carol and Kevin and his feline family. May he rest in peace. Tommy will be missed, he was very loved. Tommy purrs with the Angels. Always, Carol.

IN LOVING MEMORY: Karen Bladykas  Rest in Peace 7/16/10 
With a heavy heart and many tears I
confirm to you all our biggest fear. Our
hope for a MIRACLE didn’t come,
To her illness Karen did succumb.
We won’t hear her voice, so filled with love,
But now she’ll love us from way above.
To say we’ve lost a fellow animal lover
and friend,
Is to painfully acknowledge her life‘s
come to an end.
To say these words out loud are painful
to me,
For I know her face I will never again
Oh how I wish I hadn’t erased her last
voicemail to me,
But who could have known the last it
would be.
We can’t say goodbye to her because
she’s already passed,
But we can keep her alive by making
her memory last.
When you see a stray that's down and out,
Remember what Karen was all about.
Helping an unfortunate creature in need,
Is like allowing Karen to take the lead.
Forever I will remember the sound of her voice,
We know that leaving this earth
wouldn’t have been her choice.
As a reward for losing the battle she so
bravely fought, It comforts me now to think this thought.
On Rainbow Bridge she is happily seated,
No longer sad or feeling defeated.
Free of pain and worldly worries, She’ll spend eternity with her long lost
buddies! I will miss you my very dear friend! Love Ya, Mary Jo Tobin
AngelCat205.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: Rocky Balboa, a rescued senior kitty with Leukemia. Rocky's last two years on earth, were filled with love, devotion, companionship. He had a one-two punch for life. Frank & Laura Grassi miss Rocky's zest for life.
SIN LOVING MEMORY: Stoli Taormina, March 22, 1985 - April 6, 2010. Today, I helped my best friend find heaven. He was 25 yrs old in our world, 116 in his. He wanted to stay with me forever, but his body wouldn't let him. So, with broken hearts, we let each other go. Till we meet again, my First Son. Love Dee.
IN LOVING MEMORY: Daddy, 16-years-old, a loving tribute to a wonderful friend and loving companion.
goldenangel.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY OF OAKLEY- The Harris family dog, a little boy who they loved so…Sincerely, Elyse Karnes.
IN LOVING MEMORY: Jerryke, 9/20/95-1/26/10 was a kind little dog who never hurt a soul, gave his best. He was full of love and life, never a dull moment with him, such a little saint. He will be missed, Mom is very upset. He will be missed by all of us. He was truly part of our family.
IN LOVING MEMORY: LOUIS L'AMOUR, a handsome, loving cat who will be forever missed. Rescued from a filthy, horrible "shelter," Louis had a loving family and kitty companions for seven-years.
KEEKEEMEM909.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: Nine years ago, a small 2 1/2 yr old Shih Tzu joined our family. Though her time on earth was short, KeeKee was a wondrous creature who filled our lives with love, laughter and wonderful memories. While we miss her presence on earth, t''s comforting that she is prancing with Angels & visiting relatives in Heaven.  Deborah Knutsen-Kontos & family.
PISTASCHIOILM427.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: Adopted late in life Pistachio's last 2-1/2 years were not lacking in lots of love. I wish I had more time with him. He was great company. What more can you ask of a friend. He was 19 years old. Andrew Romano."
SASSY720.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: "In loving memory of our little snowball "Sassy". Three short years together when you were suddenly taken from us. But a heart Full of memories and joys which will last a lifetime. Love, Miss You, Kathy, Stevie, CoCo, Brighteyes, Max & Rosie."
TEAKO217.jpg (334564 bytes) IN LOVING MEMORY: Our little loveable TEAKO, the big brother of the Kangaroo Clan. TEAKO passed away much to soon. He was the joy of our lives, a very special little guy. He'ill be missed, never forgotten. Rest in peace, little TEAKO. Mike, Helene 'N friends. Special thanks to Teresa for her help with the Kangaroo Clan. MM.
SUNHUI1027.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: SunHui Michalski - 1937-2007. Sunny, a gentle soul, our friend and pet lover, is walking with the Angels. She rescued PeggySue, a three-legged cat, from the basement in our apartment building. Muffin's adopted her. We miss Sunny. 
Jude, Norm & Eric.
MUSSYBUNNY1206.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: Mussy enjoyed life very much and was a very affectionate rabbit. He loved to lay down on my pillow with me after hopping and jumping every night for his playtime. He was very special to me and my son. We miss him so very much. He was taken from us too soon at the age of just over 2 years old. Let him rest in peace. I hope he knows how sad and lonely we are without him because we loved him so much. Randi.
MONTY1116.jpg In Loving Memory of Monty Foti (1990-2007). To my dear Monty:  A good boy...a beautiful boy, Daddy loves you. Once owned by a Rockette, you will always be a celebrity in my book; named for Admiral Lord MountBatten, I salute you my buddy, who always greeted me at every meeting with unconditional love and a "Garrow!" - Thanks for being the best friend a guy could ever have, See you soon MontyBoo, I will always love you "Garrow and Forever!"
MAGGIEMEM918.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: Thank you to all who helped in our time of crisis, and for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers for my beloved Maggie. She is smiling down to all of us from heaven. Although her life was short, she was such a sweet, happy little dog who our lives compete. She will be missed tremendously. Love Bonnie & Christina - from the Animal Clinic of Bay Ridge.
Heavenly sky Stock Image IN LOVING MEMORY: DAISY, beloved poodle of Diane Willoughby. Please take comfort in knowing that DAISY is walking with the Angels, telling them all about how you loved her! Peace, Cathy and Derek DeCapua.
GIZMO813.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: Gizmo, a 16 years old Pomeranian passed away on August 4th in a heart attack. He was loved and cared for by Catherine in Brooklyn, New York. He was a real character and extremely loving. We will miss him dearly.

 Image result for free angel cat image

IN LOVING MEMORY OF SAMANTHA 'MANTHA', the beloved cat of the Georges family. Love Cathy.
AngelCat205.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: LUCKY, 5 years old, beloved cat companion of HILDA KARNES. LUCKY’s loving heart was weak and he was called back home. We miss our LUCKY BOY and will always love him. He is our cherished gift.  Love, HILDA & ELYSE KARNES.
SPIKETAZ717.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: SPIKE, Beloved cat of Teresa Romano. Loved by family and friends for 15 years. Never can one ask for a more loving, compassionate, playful, caring, brave companion in their life. Forever in our hearts. Mama T, Andrew, Linda, Benson & Taz.
TOMMY717MEM.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: TOMMY, 15 Years. We miss him very much & loved him so much. He was a GENTLE GIANT, who got along with all the cats, birds, and loved people. LOVE YOU TOMMY...Joanie Locicero.
BUFFY519.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: BUFFY, 14 Years. One sunny day in February 1999 Miss Buffy joined our family. She was 6 years-old. She brought so much laughter & joy to us. Buffy danced, walked on her hind legs, chased us and gave us so much love. Now that she’s gone, we miss her terribly. She had slowed down a bit and loved to sleep with any of us who headed for the sofa or bed. Our Little Angel is surely with the Lord and bringing Him the adoration and joy she gave to us. God Bless our Buffy, Love the Festa family.
AngelCat205.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: SASHI, 18 years. This beautiful cat was rescued with Aids. SHARI HARRIS, loved and cared for her. Sashi, had a full and loving life. She will be missed!
WHITECATMEM802.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: WHITE CAT, 19 years. Rescued and loved by ANDREW ROMANO.. She will be missed. WHITE CAT was the kabasi loving cat in the world!
Scootslook821.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: Scooter, 17 years 2/'90-2/3/07. He was the cats meeow! And he knew it! Scoots was KungFu kitty, who was filled with mischievous fun. Until we meet again. HELLO SCOOTS. We love you forever & a day Jude & Norm.
HoneyGirl211.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: HoneyGirl, 12 years. Our sweet lil lady, bravely and courageously fought a chronic illness for many years. We miss you, but our memories will comfort us. Love, Mike, Helen, Smokey, and Teako.
AngelCat205.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: WILLIE, was a feral kitty, who touched Shari Harris' heart. Willie 'ran into the light' before Shari could trap and rehabilitate this handsome kitty. He's purring with the Angels!
Herb&Lady106.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: Lady, 10 years old, was the joy of Herb's life. This super sweet, dark gray tuxedo kitty was rescued from a shelter. Lady was Herbs loving companion. Until we meet again.
goldenangel.jpg In Loving Memory of Orion (1996-July 18, 2006). Found on a street corner in Brooklyn, Orion found refuge in a Muffins foster home. He came into our lives in September 1997. He was goofy, everyone's best bud He was a skinny, underweight affection starved pup. He blossomed becoming a fountain of unconditional love. Although disease took him, he remains in our hearts. Alan & Greg.
Vixen704.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: Vixen (my calico clown) 11/18/88 - 7/6/05. I love you more than anything in this world. You were named after Santa’s reindeer, and like the reindeer, you were on a mission to teach me love, comfort me, and make me laugh. Though your mission on Earth is over, the lessons you taught me will be with me for the rest of my life. Thank you for all of the years we shared. You will live on in my heart. Cathy DeCapua.
MaggieMEM623.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY... Maggie, 10 year old, Blue 'n Creamy Torti. A long friendship of love. She was the sweetest kitty - a good girl. A sweetheart who captivated ten year old Spike, my stunning solid black cat. They were lovers from the beginning.  - Teresa Romano.
IN LOVING MEMORY: Flint the Wonder Dog, 1/9/92 - 4/20/06 looked after a little princess and her Nana. The little princess, whose life is constantly afflicted with severe illness, took in rescue animals all the time and always put others before her, yet Flint was always there to put her first. He always knew when something was going to happen to her. He was always there when she was having a bad day. He was one of those dogs that would save a family from a burning house. This is how he got his name "The Wonder Dog." He loved all animals, all people. He will be missed by many two and four legged alike, but especially by his little princess. Heather Sells & family, Australia 
mARCI318.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: Marci, 16-year-old Chihuahua, rescued from Puppy Mill in Missouri when she was 10 1/2 years old. She was in dire need of vet care, as she had a severe heart condition. Cindy, from Second Chance Pet Society, doted on this special senior lady. Marci's love touched so many hearts. Love Cindy.
IN LOVING MEMORY: Buttons, 15 year old Shih Tzu, loving companion to Shari, Artie, Carly and Blake Harris, and their pet family, kitties Sashi, Lucky and little doggie Oakly. Buttons touched our hearts with unconditional love and will always be treasured. Until we meet again. Love Always, Shari.
LilGuy1017.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: LittleGuy 2002-2004, was a rescued kitty who touched so many lives. His mission was to reach out to Elyse and teach about loving and letting go. He gave joy, love and lots of purrs to everyone he met. This special little kitty will be forever in our hearts. Love Elyse and Kay.
FrankieMEM.jpg In loving Memory of Frankie, whose only wish in life was to be a part of a loving family, to be loved unconditionally. I hope that you will always be in a safe, peaceful place, where you can be free and run in the wind forever. I miss and love you. Sue.
popeyeeating403.JPG IN LOVING MEMORY: Popeye 2/21/89-8/16/04. Popeye was lfound in a garbage can when he was only 5 days old. We bottle fed him. He became Mr. 'mom' and adopted Coco (see below). He loved to eat and lay in the hallway! Popeye had an inoperable thyroid tumor on his neck, next to the trachea. We love you lots Popeye, always and a day. Until we meet again. Love Jude & Norm.
Coco&pop425.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: Popeye and Coco 1989-2004. Popeye was 6 months and Coco was 8 weeks when he adopted her. He was a wonderful 'Mom'. They bonded and connected right away. Coco settled his 'edge' .. they really loved each other! Both rescued kitties. Love Jude & Norm
Coco813.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: CocoDiva 1989-8/13/04. Coco was a rescued kitty from Queens, NY. She was feisty, funny and full of energy. She easily handled Popeye, Scooter, Petchin, KayCee, Tiger and Petchin. She loved Muffin. Coco taught us about her Hyper Active Thyroid; her burst of energy & vocalizing. It was a joyful blessing having her in our lives. 
Love Jude & Norm...until we meet again..
Edward701.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: Edward 1988-2004. He was a Mother's Day Gift from my daughter, 16 years ago. He was the handsomest little dog, wore his ears crossed and his fur very thick & warm, shared it all about the house as well. He took his daddy for very long walks, guarded the house, chased the cat next-door, sang to the TV and our girl's Clarinet playing, liked to sit in the middle of the dining room table, an interesting centre piece! He also spent hours with A. when she was ill or hurt, loved us all unconditionally, was a constant and true friend. We are blessed to have had him with us and grateful we did. Thanks Teddy - Edward, you are loved." -Heather Sell & family.
Tiger622.jpg In Loving memory of TIGER who brought happiness in our lives for 21 and a half years. He was with us from birth and now is reunited with his two biological sisters, Tiger Lily and Blackie. Tiger will never be forgotten. 
Pam and Mark.
Lori603.jpg In Memory of Lori Jirovec, Feb 15, 1959 - June 3, 2004. from Personality Pups grooming store, a dedicated animal rescuer, wife and mom. Lori saved thousands of pets lives. Love Elyse Karnes and Shirley Grossman.
DonnaMEM.jpg In Loving Memory of Donna Olsen, Aug 2, 1952 - Feb. 18, 2004, who is dancing with the Angels now. Her legacy of strength and determination will shine on. Donna's love for pets radiated throughout her life. 
Love Jude.
IN LOVING MEMORY: Dr. Vilbert Paris, passed away February 26, 2004. He was a dedicated and well respected veterinarian in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY


In Loving Memory of Maya, cherished little Hamster who brought me much joy, amusement, affection and who will never be forgotten. Love Claudia.
IN LOVING MEMORY: Gracie Veterinary Clinic is named for and dedicated to the Loving Memory of our much missed, 13 year old 'Ms. Gracie'. She was always the first to welcome a client. She will ualways be in our hearts. Dr Kofi Nyanin, Maryann and Malcolm too, (Gracie's step brother).
IN LOVING MEMORY: Dearest Sophie, Thank you for thirteen years of boundless, unconditional love. Surely such a beautiful soul is with the angels now. With love, Dana.
Raisen910.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: Raisen, You brought me years of love, hugs and I will always remember the great times we shared. You will never be forgotten and your spot by my pillow will never be the same. Love, mom, nana, Oreo, Rizzo.
joshmem.jpg JIN LOVING MEMORY: Josh, You were the love of our lives and we miss you terribly. You gave us great joy and unconditional love-you will always be remembered. Grandma's chair will never be the same without you creeping up to her to give her hugs, cuddles and the special soft yet masculine purr. Josh our love, rest peacefully in heaven with Snowball and Samantha. With love and kisses forever-Mommy, Grandma & Hannah.
Rambo202.jpg In Loving Memory of Rambo...On January 7th, 2002, we lost Rambo, a very special dog. To me, he was my 4th child. My son Joshua, once asked if there was a fire, who will you get first, Rambo or us? ~Ronnie Kerchner.
Petchin105.jpg In Loving Memory of Petchin, 17 years, 11/18/01. Jude adopted her from the ASPCA Little Miss Social Butterfly greeted everyone sitting on the desk at Muffin's. She'd purr, kiss & rub noses. The Circle of Life Continues~ Until we meet again. Love Jude & Norm, Popeye, CoCo & Scooter.

In Loving Memory of 14 year-old KayCee. She was  six-weeks old when found in a garbage bag underneath the wheel of a car in NJ. Jude's niece brought her to be re-homed. KayCee adopted Jude's father, stole his heart Halloween cash, treats, candy and other things for him. She was a character. She always found Houdini, the escape artist hamster. KayCee was a 1-in-a-million kitty
Sasha105.jpg "In loving memory of Sasha who was my pal and cuddly bear for 12 wonderful years. Her purrs will always sound loudly in my heart. I love you Sasha. Rest in peace." - Janice Foti.
Eek105.jpg IN LOVING MEMORY: EEK, 16 years of loving devotion & dedication to Tara Ciabattari and pet companions, Madison, Lexy, Attila & Savannah.
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