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" God Kissed My Little Paw."

Hi, my name is PeggySue! I am a rescued, three year old, semi-feral, three-legged cat.  I was scared, flea infested and starving in the basement. muffins.org adopted me. I am on a teaching mission...see my capabilities not my disabilities!  I am Special!

PeggySue Catnip Cuddle Doll - Handmade in USA. $4.50 including shipping, and catnip embellishment toy.  Cats & dogs go bonkers over this unique, one of a kind catnip toy.  No two dolls are alike.  Designed exclusively by www.janetscreativepillows.com
25% of the proceeds benefit the PEGGYSUE Help-A-Pet fund

CHRISTIAN_MOUSE_PAD copy.jpg (154405 bytes)

Christian The Lion mouse pad..$12 including shipping.  A unique one-of-a-kind mouse pad, 7 1/2" X 8" showing Christian's life with Ace & John and George.  Christian was a loving Angel messenger. 
Proceeds to benefit Help-A-Pet fund

PAWS4LAWS T SHIRT - $6 shipping included. 100% preshrunk white cotton T shirt with the original Paws4Laws logo, created by Szani. The message ~do no harm to pets, respect them.  Children and adults can be a positive voice for God's creatures.  Also comes with FREE P4L ID card. 100 % of the proceeds benefit the PEGGYSUE Help-A-Pet fund