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ORLANDO905.jpg   width= ORLANDO905, M, 2 YEARS, 60LBS, neutered, shots. He is blind in one eye. He's an active dog who needs play & exercise. Non aggressive with other dogs. Very outgoing. ADOPTED
ZIGGY817.jpg ZIGGY906, adult, found wandering the streets after his devoted senior mom died suddenly. He was put out in the street and the door locked. A caring lady rescued him. His purring never stopped. ADOPTED.
DAKOTA528.jpg DAKOTA528, M, 11 YEARS, neutered. We call him the purring machine. He is very lively and affectionate. Okay with cats and loves people. Son has allergies. He readily cuddles with company.
wpe1.jpg LIZKITS509, these 4 adorable kittens are about 6 weeks old. My friend's co-worker is caring for them and their Momma. They are still nursing but will be available in about 2 weeks. Momma and babies adopted.
TIGGER112.jpg TIGGER112, M, 9 years. Original owner passed away suddenly in 2006. Adopted by daughter who is relocating to TX in Feb. Tigger has been living with a Cocker. He's so handsome.
REX1226, M, 7 yrs old, neutered, bros. Super Casual, Ultra Lovable, Happy, Down-To-Earth Kitty, looking for a new home. Love kids ok other pets! I have Golden Eyes and the Fluffiest Fur. Family is moving, I cannot go with them.
SMOKE 'N CREEPER1010, sisters, 6 months old, rescued, spayed, shots. Trusting people better. They are playful and fun. Adopted together and living in Staten Island.
wpe1.jpg Melvin, one year old, rescued, adopted by Denise Romano.
RUSTY M, 10 WEEKS. A cuddler, smart, people loving. He was rescued from an all night Newsstand. He is calm, laid back, now trusts humans, love cats and older kids. This charmer was adopted by a loving family in Brooklyn with other cats.
Greetings: My name is Sam and I am a female. About a year ago I was hanging out in a yard when I found this lady who I really took a liking to. So if there is anyone out there who would like a forever guest like me, Have a meowful day. Sincerely, Sam. Adopted in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.
ROSIE201, F, 6 years, spayed, shots, tested neg, 3 lbs. An Exotic Short hair. A lap kitty, Rosie is GREAT with kids. Adopted by loving family.
FRANK'SKITS701, the Coney Island Subway Trainyard. But, I have about a dozen more, ready to find new homes -all are hand fed and eat canned and dry cat foods. Most just need some love and affection to make them really wonderful pets. They range in age, sex and color - most are 6-8 weeks old a few are 12-16 weeks old. ADOPTED IN PURRFECT HOMES.
ROSESKITS, adopted, 12 weeks old. Living in an outdoor, enclosed porch, but winter is soon approaching. They sleep, play, eat.
MARY'SKITS823, Rescued mommy cat has a home. Her babies need loving, responsible homes. Rescuer is disabled, please help. Kittens adopted.
JOYA, TUSCANY, PATCHES621, 10 WEEK OLD, rescued, with tons of personality waiting for you to adopt and love. All are very sweet, love to play. Adopted.
ROCKY823, M, 10 years, shots, neutered, Pointer mix, med. Owner died, July 19, 2011. His elderly parents are mourning, can't take dog. Non barker. Gentle, ok kids/pets. Adopted by loving family.
JOYA, 15 week old rescued kitten, shots tested negative. She's a bundle of joy, fun and affection. She was adopted and living in Bensonhusrt now.
LOVELY, a 5 month old, black and white tuxedo, rescued kitty, current with all medical, including spaying, was adopted into a loving home.
SNIKCERS11411, M, 5-6 months, cuddly with adults, not children. Snickers needs a friend, and a home as soon as possible. He was adopted into a loving home.
LUCKY425, M, 3months, shots, neutered, tested neg, eye removed. He was rescued from the street in bad condition. Loving Lucky is playful, handsome. Adopted into a loving home!
PRINCESS511, M, 9MTHS, living in a backyard in Bay Ridge, B'klyn. She's a loving sweetheart that tries to get into a home with a no cat friendly dog. He has beautiful green eyes adopted by Nancy the nurse.
NORMAN203, F, MAINE COON, 6 YEARS, cuddly lap cat, who loves children, dogs and cats. She is de-clawed, spayed with shots. Norman needs a loving home and you now, adopted into a loving forever home.
MISHU1120, F, 9 YEARS, SPAYED, SHOTS, grew up in an office building but due to allergic employees she's in foster care. Better in adult home without pets. A people cat, adopted by single lady.
QUEIE&LOVEY1205, WINTER MIRACLES, 10 week old rescue. Bro & sister need to be adopted together. Tested neg, de-wormed, shots. Queie survived eye removal, kitties are playful, loves, will fill your life with joy. Adopted by rescuer MAMA T.
MO218, M, GUINEA PIG, 3 years. Happy disposition. Make a chirping noise for food and I love lettuce and other greens and carrots. Say, "Mo do you want some lettuce?"I stand up and chirp, adopted into a forever home.
SAM1210, M, 4 MONTHS, rescued. Likes ---what happened to rest of info?
BETA203, M, 4-5 YEARS, shots, neutered. Friendly but shy around crowds/noise. Prefers quieter home. Good with kids. Currently lives with Cheddar, previously lived with 2 dogs. Sensitive to changes but adjusts well. Owner doesn't have space anymore, adopted.
CHEDDAR203, M, 4-5 YEARS, neutered/shots,18lbs. Friendly, adventurous/curious, loves people. Good with kids, plays rough when excited. Currently lives with cat (Beta), Previously lived with two dogs. Owner doesn't have space anymore, adopted.
BUBBA1226, M, 4 YEARS, FIV+. He is smart AFFECTIONATE as the day is long. Cuddles, has sweet little voice. Rescued. Rescuer has 9 indoor cats. Vet Checked. Adopted by wonderful couple in Baldwin LI.
STELLAISFELLA1130, M, 6 MONTHS. Rescued from street. Will neuter & inoculate when forever home is found. He is a car lap kitty. Stellafella needs a home and a friend now, adopted.
ABBY1030, F, 1+YEARS, SPAYED, SHOTS, TESTED. Very sweet and affectionate w/adult humans; will comply to voice discipline. She's territorial, aggressive w/our cats. Adopted into a loving home.
BUSTER628, M, 1 YEAR, 40LBS, TERRIER/SHEP X. Vet checked, shots, healthy. Housebroken. Abandoned by owner. Buster has a good personality, adopted.
STEPHANIECAT,102, M, 2-3 years, currently living on the street lost or abandoned. Obviously a house cat. Constantly meows wanting to come inside. He needs a home and a friend now. He was taken to Angel's Gate in Delhi, NY. He was found to have Leukemia.
PRINCESSBOMBAY622, F, SHOTS, 7months, SPAYED, DE-WORMED. Rescued Bombay is great with other cats. She loves to listen to classical music 96.3 fm. She desires a quite loving home, adopted in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY.
BLANCA622, F, 3YEARS, SPAYED, SHOTS. She's gorgeous, friendly, playful, silly, cuddly, affectionate, soft and fluffy, like a big marshmallow with bright blue eyes! Owner has allergies, adopted.
GOODBOY, M, 1 YEAR, NEUTERED, SHOTS. TOTAL DECLAW. I was taken in at one week old, fed with a bottle by my owner. She is moving. Not allowed to take me. Please love and give me a good Home. Good Boy was adopted and lives in a loving home in NJ.
BENNY&CHIPPY208, M, BROs, rescued, neutered, shots tested neg. Chippy had to have one eye removed due to an infection, but he's fine. Bros okay with cats, med. size dogs, are people friendly & affectionate, adopted.
NIMITZ(BLACK)/BORIS217 (BLK&WHTE). The 1 year old brothers are sweet - cautious. Rescued from apartment - woman abandoned them along with 8 other cats. My wife and I already have 5 cats, two with special needs, and kept Nimitz & Boris.
CREAMPUFF217, M, HIMALAYAN. RESCUED IN BAY BRIDGE, B'KLYN. A very friendly lap kitty. I need a home with some one to love me - I promise you my heart, adopted.
BLACKGIRL1117, 6 months. I have SPAY certificates and I will get them their rabies shot. They are feline negative and quite healthy. She is friendly and very playful. Rescued, adopted.
GRAYGIRL1117, 6 months. I have SPAY certificates and I will get them their rabies shot. They are feline negative and quite healthy. She is friendly and very playful. Rescued, adopted.
NIKA1224, F. RESCUED, 7 months, spayed, shots, tested. She is petite and has a great personality. NIKA was adopted.
ANGELKITTENS1119, I found these Three little Angels on Sunday Nov 16, 2008. Please they need a home I can't keep them I have two dog's. They are very healthy but don't know how old they are. I think they are 2 weeks old but I am not sure. They are very sweet and lovable, adopted into fine loving home!
BETTY915, F, 5 YRS, spayed, shots, leuk/aids tested. Betty was found on the street, not in the best condition. She is now a healthy, sweet, goofy girl, adopted.
PATTISKITS616, SISTERS, 12 WEEKS, SHOTS, LEUK/AIDS NEG, DE-WORMED. Litter of orphaned kitties were found on a doorstep without their mom. They were bottle fed and raised with a dog, adopted.
CLOVER618, F, 6-8 months, DE-WORMED, SHOTS, TESTED. Rescued. Sweetness. She needs one to one attention. Better in a home with no other pets. ADOPTED.
SMOKIE604, M, 5+ years, 15 lbs, NEUTERED. He's got a great personality; with a little temper at times. He's shy and outgoing, as he chooses. Ok with cats & dogs. Petowner moved. NO PETS. Adopted.
PIPPIN517, M, 7months, TESTED NEG, SHOTS, NEUTERED. RESCUED Pippin is shy, sweet and gentle. He's socializing well, okay w/cats. Needs someone to nurture his development, adopted by loving, patient family!
!Emergency! three adorable kittens, six weeks old, were abandoned at the Gracie Veterinary Clinic, need homes. Will be de-wormed free of charge. Thomas was adopted into a loving home.
RENE421, F, 5 YEARS, 8LBS, spayed Italian Greyhound. Litter box, leash trained. Friendly & joyous natured. Know the breed. No small kids, large dogs do to her size. Owner ill. New loving family adopted Rene.
CAVENDISH520, M, 4 months, NEUTERED, SHOTS, TESTED NEG. RESCUED. He's sweet 'n playful & shy. Loud noises scare him. He needs a loving, patient, was adopted into his new forever home.
BUTCH1105, M, 2YEARS, PIT, 65lbs shots, neutered, housebroken. Very playful and loves people. Ok with female dogs. Rescuer already has 6 dogs. New owner lives in SI and Butch plays with his new Pit bud.
PRECIOUS207, F, MED, GOLDEN RETRIEVER X, SPAY/SHOTS. Good with kids, playful and loving. Foster dad being evicted. She needs a home and a friend now. ADOPTED by MURDOCH family in Westchester!
CHICKPEA207, F, 1-2 YEARS, SHOTS, SPAYED, TESTED NEG. Very sweet & friendly, Chickpea is too sweet to remain without a good home. You'll love this cat adopted.
PRINCESS1024, F, 7 YEARS, SHOTS, 75LBS, SHEP/LAB MIX. She is loving, paper trained and goes outside. She does not chew on furniture or clothes. Loves kids, adopted.
ROCKIE1104, F, 3 months, dewormed, de-flea. Rescued Rockie is a playful, easy going kitten. A real gem and a sweet heart! Rescuer already has 6 cats. Adopted.
JOY1124, M, 4 MONTHS, SHOTS. He's a curious, active, and at times rambunctious kitty. Rescued. Baby allergic. Adopted.
KATHYSCAT1221, M, 4-5 MONTHS, very well tempered, playful and loving. He is such a wonderful cat and has a good personality. He wandered into our house one night to get in from the cold, adopted by loving family.
CINNAMON103, F, 8 months, 32lbs, SHEP/MIX, SPAYED, SHOTS, CHIPPED. Good with other dogs, friendly, (very cuddly), Ok with kids over 9 and cats too. ADOPTED.
SQUEAKS1223, F, 6 MONTHS, rescued: 88th St. & shore road. SQUEAKS is precious, funny and loving. NO Dogs. Medical will be done, adopted by MUFFIN'S.
LUCY1107, F, 8 YEAR, COCKER, 19LBS, SPAYED, SHOTS. RESCUED. LUCY, is great with kids, dogs & cats, adopted.
LITTLEGIRL1130, F, 8 MONTHS, SPAYED, SHOTS. Gets along with other cats - wants to play with them. But is very happy on her own. Very sweet and loving. adopted.
JUDY'SKITS1204, 2 MALE KITTENS, 5 WEEKS OLD. Landlady wants kittens out of the apartment, adopted.
AUDRE1104, F, 3 years, spayed, shots, tested neg. Rescued. Very friendly, very tolerant of handling, and a great nuzzler. Loves catnip! Adopted by loving family.
CHERIE1026, F, 4 YEARS, SPAYED. Rescued. BLUE EYES, SIAMESE MIX. Lil BOY's mom. Sleeps and does not cry. OWNER DIED SUDDENLY, ADOPTED.
TABBYBEAR724, M, neutered, neg hiv/leuk, shots, 10 months. Rescued. Loves petting, attention & playing. His is coat is similar to an American Curl. Okay kids & cats. ADOPTED.
IGGY725, M, 10 months, neutered, shots. Loves petting and attention. OK w/kids and cats, adopted.
DASHA829, 7 years, SPAY, SHOTS. Very friendly with guests, good with kids, & other cats. GREAT MOUSER. Outgoing, playful. Can't keep: allergies and moving, adopted by loving family.
SUNIQPUPS928. Found 6 Black Lab mix puppies in the middle of a road over the weekend. They desperately need homes now. They have 5 days to be adopted before being put to sleep, all pups were adopted.
IGGY724, M, neutered, 8 months. Rescued. He needs a friend! Loves petting, attention. His coat is similar to an American Curl. Okay kids & cats, adopted.
RHODA'S531, F, PURE SIAMESE, DECLAWED, Healthy. 6lbs, 15 years old. Better as a solo cat. VERY LOVING TO PEOPLE; she is playful and athletic, adopted by great loving family in Manhattan.
CATHYSkit802, rescued 10 weeks, kitten. Very social/comfortable with people. Vetted. I am allergic but could not leave this sweet kitten on her own to battle cars, dogs, and kids, adopted and living a purrfect life in FL.
UPDATES: In Defense of Animals is an international animal protection organization with more than 85,000 members and supporters dedicated to ending the abuse and exploitation of animals by protecting their rights and welfare.
MufAward120.jpg Muffin's was one of the honorees, chosen for the COMPANION ANIMAL GUARDING AWARD! Muffin's is honored. Complete list of honoreesComplete list of honorees
Hello Friends! 2006 has been a year of new beginnings for Muffin’s.
PS1029.jpg PeggySue the semi-feral three-legged cat we rescued last year now has a new home. For those who do not know or may have forgotten, my brother’s family in CT adopted Peggy. However, new additions to their household included, two mini goats, which survived the slaughterhouse, but put Peggy under great stress. It was decided that a new home for Peggy, was best and she now lives with us. Shortly, after PeggySue had adjusted into her new life with Scooter, our sixteen-year-old cat, we adopted Calay a rescued six-week-old handicapped kitten. *Please read about Teresa Romano below* Muffin’s created a PeggySue catnip/cuddle doll, to remind people to ‘See Capabilities, not the Disabilities’. The new joyful energy in our home is much welcomed. Another new beginning is our work with the Mayor’s Alliance getting feral cats altered. (See MAMA). In addition to Adoptions and our Spay/Neuter work, we assist with medical expenses whenever possible. Your support has been a blessing, helping us continue our work. Included in this issue are just a few of the many adoptions we have assisted. In closing this year, we wish you all the Best for the New Year! Jude & Norm! Thank you and God Bless!
Another new beginning is MAMA: Muffin’s And Mayor’s Alliance. Muffin’s is teaming up with Valerie Sicignano, Director of the NYC Feral Cat Initiative, a program of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, to create MAMA, a Spay/Neuter Feral Cat coupon program in support of our ongoing efforts to make NYC a no-kill city: a city where no healthy cat is euthanized. MAMA’s pink coupon is for FERAL CATS only, covering the spay/neuter, Rabies shot, and left ear tipping. The ASPCA and NEIGHBORHOOD CATS will also promote MAMA. For more information, call 718-833-7988.
*TERESA ROMANO, is a Guardian Angel for God’s orphaned kitties. Still in her PJs and wearing slippers, Teresa responded to an emergency call about a three-legged kitten with a dangling back paw. She flew like an Angel, and grabbed the sick six-week-old Calico from the street. She was horrified when she saw pus and blood pouring out of the infected little stump from the malnourished, flea infested kitten. She rushed the kitty to the vet, who thought the entire back paw might have to be surgically removed. Teresa gave the Clavamox, and nurtured the kitty 24-7. The Healing Angel saved the kitten’s life. There was no surgery on the little stumpy. God Kissed Her Little Paw Æ Muffin’s adopted Calay.
THE PEGGYSUE Fund helped subsidize medical for these and other needy pets. Your generous contributions made this possible.
Six week old blind Steve Wonder and Elton John his bro, were tested for Aids/Leuk, dewormed, given shots and antibiotics. They were adopted together by Rosemary in SI, NY.
Spike, 14 years old, needed emergency surgery to remove two broken teeth. He missed the cabinet and crashed landed on the table hitting his jaw. He’s fine now, playing with his bud Benson and Teresa.
6 week old Calay, was found with her little left paw dangling and badly infected. Blood and pus were pouring from her little stumpy. She was tested for Aids/Leuk, given shots, spayed and adopted by Muffin’s.
Muffin’s celebrates 19 years of providing Community Animal Services in NYC, LI and Westchester. Your generous donations sponsor M0M, Muffin’s OutReach Mission, by helping with the cost of alerting pets. We offer FREE pet listings on www.muffins.org and FREE telephone counseling. We have also assisted in 8,500 adoptions. Dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, turtles and Iguanas have been re-homed. We Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to help God’s loving creatures. Muffin’s work continues because you care! Thank you God Bless ~ Norm & Jude!
Muffin’s Adoptions and News
Benny, Male, 6 years, 30lbs, Poodle/X. He's full of energy, outgoing and loveable. A people pooch. Owner has allergies and no time, adopted by Craig Varriano SI, NY.
Pumpkin, 8 years, declaw. Adopted by Manhattan woman who had a dream about an Orange kitty.
Guinea Pig Adoptions

ScoobyDoo, and Shaggy, 2 year, Guinea Pigs. The brothers were adopted together by a family in Brooklyn, NY. Guinea pig's life expectancy is 4-6 yrs.

Muffin’s welcomes Janet Bernasconi, a pillow designer in FL, from janetscreativepillows.com to our ‘family’. Janet and Jude created the 5" PeggySue catnip/cuddle doll honoring our rescued semi-feral, three-legged PeggySue. ‘God Kissed Her Little Paw’. PeggySue is on a teaching mission about adopting a healthy, three-legged cat. See the capabilities NOT the disabilities.

PeggySue’s imprinted ribbon was made by Crystal from, Queens NYC, wholesalefavors.com

The Iron on Appliqués were handmade by Ivonne, from TN, awesomeappliques.com

The 100% stretchy cotton fabric came from GA, fabric.com

The 100% non allergic stuffing came from CT, poly-fil.com

rowfny.com donated the organic catnip. ThankYou. 35% of the proceeds go to to PeggySue Fund.
Muffin’s Network

We are very thankful for the referrals that we receive from:

Muffin’s receives 20 telephone calls a day. We send out 400 pieces of mail a month. 12 fine Stores throughout the city sell Muffin’s low cost spay/neuter certificates. 84 participating veterinarians are in our Spay/Neuter certificate program.
The Tabby in the Manger
Another wonderful legend about the origin of the "M" tells about Mary and the tabby cat in the manger. It seems that the baby Jesus was cold and fussing, and Mary asked the manger animals to move in closer to warm him. The manger was simply too small to accomplish that, but a little tabby cat came in and nestled next to the baby, and cosseted Him with purring and warmth. Mary was so grateful; she bestowed her own initial, "M" on the cat's forehead. - excerpt from AboutCats.
In Loving Memory of Rose Abrams 1935-2006
Twelve years ago, Noah, Muffin, and Biscuit, were adopted by Rose Abrams and her loving family, Alissa and Jonathan. She was very creative, loved animals and an avid supporter of Muffin’s. When ‘Katrina’ struck and left many frightened animals homeless, Rose prayed for Hope, the seven-year-old lactating Beagle mother, whose babies were taken from her. Her prayers were answered. Hope now lives upstate NY. Rose radiated with love and joy! She will be missed...
Muffin’s is a non profit 501 (c)
Fed. ID # 11-3369273 tax-exempt Community Animal Service organization.
Your generous donations help us to continue helping our furry friends.

Muffin’s PC
9728 - 3rd Ave. B125, Brooklyn, NY 11209
PeggySue & Calay adopted by Muffin's
Bess, a six week old, starving, flea infested three-legged kitten, with a 103 fever was rescued by Teresa Romano, from Bensonhurst. The kittens right hind leg was dangling and badly infected. Romano brought her to Dr. Sinha's Animal Clinic in Bensonhurst. After examining Bess, Dr. Sinha prescribed Clavamox for the infection. He feels that Bess was born with the shorter leg, and that the entire dangling paw needs to be surgically removed. This beautiful semi-long hair Calico kitty needs medical assistance and a forever home. Teresa called Muffin's for help. Muffin's will be able to subsidize the surgery because of the caring students from P.S. 273 and P.S./IS 206. They participated in the Common Cents Penny Harvest program, collected pennies and made generous contributions to Muffin's.

When Bess was ten weeks old, Muffin's subsidized the four blood tests and shots. We prayed and anxiously waited for the test results. Bess is a healthy, 3.2 pound playful kitty and does not need surgery on her little stumpy. Bess was ready to be adopted. Finding a home for a three-legged kitty is not easy. Norm rescued three legged PeggySue from the basement of our apartment building. She’s accepted Scoots, our 16 year old Maine Coon X cat. She’s a youthful three year old who wants to play. Grandpa Scoots is retired! He does not play! After soul searching and praying, Jude and Norm adopted ten week old Calay AKA Bess as a playmate for PeggySue. Precious Calay is a calm, sweet, funny, lap kitty whose purrs melted our hearts. Scoots and PeggySue are not sure of this little intruder, who is currently in a cage in our living room. PeggySue hides, Scoots walks past the cage, but right now, neither cat is interested in meeting calm Calay.

The INTRODUCTION went very well. Precious Calay is teaching PeggySue how to play. She loves Scoots and plays with his tail. Thank you and God Bless!
PeggySue gets a mew lease on life

Muffin's adopted three year old PeggySue, a three legged, Charcoal gray, semi-feral kitty who was rescued from the basement in their apartment building. She is crated now and learning to trust and bond Jude and Norm. Sixteen year old Scooter, a rescued Maine Coon mix kitty, is the senior resident in their household. Cautiously he is checking out PeggySue and beginning to make eye-contact. PeggySue has been vetted, tested, and spayed. We're keeping our whiskers crossed that Scoots and PeggySue will be the new KitKat USA purr team..
dogmetqueen1117.jpg The Dog Who Met the Queen by Bernard Wasserman, DVM

The Dog Who Met the Queen is a soft covered 8 1/2" by 5 1/2 book. A treasure for animal lovers everywhere! It touches your heart, makes you laugh, cry and smile. Dr. Wasserman's stories are an embodiment of his commitment to God's creatures. His love for animals always came first! One of his clients/friends was Truman Capote, a very talented writer. Dr. Wasserman generously donated his books to Muffin's for fund raising. You'll enjoy the trials, tribulations and journeys of a fascinating veterinarian. I know I did. - Jude.
New York - Long Island's own veterinarian and New York City's WCBS 880 news radio personality, Dr. Elizabette Cohen, is pleased to announce the publication of her new book, Most Of My Patients Wear Fur: Tales of Small Animals and Their Big City Vet. A quick and enjoyable read, Most Of My Patients Wear Fur offers practical guidance with anecdotes that will make pet lovers roar! It is a compilation of tales about her patients, most of whom wear fur, their owners and their veterinarian. Each chapter offering its own stories and insights- a welcome companion to Dr. Cohen's "Healthy and Happy Pet" program heard every weekend on WCBS 880, New York.

For further information, visit: www.YourHealthyandHappyPet.com

You can reach Dr. Cohen directly at 631-920-2785.
Latest Adoption & Pet News
FOSTERBABY611, M&F, 4 MONTHS, NEUTERED, SHOTS. Likes kids and pets. Neighbor put them out. Rescuer has 9 cats already, adopted by Barbara & Jack, in CT.
THERESA'S KITS BORN 4-19 & 4-24. 4 tabbies, 3 orange. Cute & adorable, adopted.
Muffin's adopted MICKEY DA MOUSE, a brown tabby tuxedo, 4 weeks old, rescued kitten. Saved from the NOREAST.
Teresa Romano, adopted TAZ, a gorgeous, 4 week old, solid black kitten, DA MOUSE'S bro.
CLOVER515, F, Spayed, shots, tested neg. She is a really sweet girl, and has a great personality. Likes to drink water out of the faucet! Rescued, adopted.
MAGGIE&PATCHES514, F, 8 weeks tested neg. w/shots. Playful. Maggie is Orange long hair, Patches is calico. Very Sweet girls, adopted together by a family friend.
ZENA506, F, 1 yr, Rotty/Lab X, 40-45 LBS. She good with kids and pets. She is very playful, sweet, nice fun to be with cause she is very playful with people. owner expecting. Zena was adopted.
GLADSTONE&FABIAN510, Twin bros. 10 weeks, neutered, shots, micro chipped. Healthy, fun & energetic. They need a home and a friend now. Bernadette, from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn NY adopted the boys.
CHARLIE&AMBER318, 5 months, bro & sis, altered, shots. Friendly, playful, loving. Good with kids. They enjoy taking baths. Come with supplies, adopted.
Taco&Bell403, M&F, 3 years old, Chihuahua, 10lbs, shots. Lap pups, okay with kids and dogs. Rescued from K-Mart parking lot. Kissy-kissy. Can be separated, adopted by loving NJ family.
GUBBIO312, F, 3-4 years, shots, spayed, tested neg, dewormed. Rescued. She is looking for a wonderful forever home, was adopted.
FELIX325, under 1 year, rescued. Now he loves to be petted, chase Mardi Gras beads, and roll onto his belly, was adopted by a friend.
ELLIOT NESS, the survivor Gold Fish. He's smart, young, fast, fun and hiding from Chester the turtle. ELLIOT NESS needs a new home now, adopted by CAT.
Midnight323, M, 6 years, & Salem F, 9yrs, fixed, shots, tested. Loving and affectionate. Takes to people. Salem is Midnight's mom. She is even tempered, curious, likes to cuddle and play. Owner is pregnant & allergic, cousin adopted.
DaVinci227, F, 8 years, spayed, declaw, purebred Himalayan. She is friendly loveable and loves cat treats. Her owner is going into a nursing home, was adopted.
Monet227, F, 7 years, is a spayed, declawed purebred Himalayan. She is friendly good with kids and loves to be brushed. Her owner is going into a nursing home, adopted.
Ebbets227, F, 7 years, spayed, declawed purebred Himalayan. She likes to sit by the window in the sun. Her owner is going into a nursing home, was adopted.
Fenway227, M, F, 7 years, is neutered, declawed purebred Himalayan. Spoiled by his sisters. His owner is going into a nursing home, adopted.
Tiger207, M, 3 years, neutered. He loves people, attention and to be pet. This is a great cat. He's comfortable with himself. Would be great for an older person. His owner passed away, adopted.
Toby226, M, Rotty, young. A Handsome, affectionate mush. Needs to be only pet. At ACC now! MUST BE ADOPTED IMMEDIATELY TO SAVE HIS LIFE! Toby was adopted!
SHARDAE's Kittens201, 5 Males, 3 Females, 8 weeks, home raised, lap kitties, friendly, loving and playful. Lots of fun! All the kittens have been adopted into loving, responsible homes!
Heart1204, M, 2 years, neutered, shots, FIV POS. He is very sweet, a definite lap cat. Needs to be only cat or with another cat w/FIV. He can live a long and happy life, was adopted.
Courage1210, 14 week old male. He is extremely friendly and loves to be held. All his other bros & sister have been vet tested and are all fine. Can't keep him. I have 4 other cats, was adopted into a wonderful home.
Macie1229, F, 14 month, 55 lbs, Sharpe/Bloodhound X, spayed w/shots. Loves people. Friendly with dogs. Gentle, affectionate outgoing, housebroken. Owner Relocating, adopted by family in Marine Park, Brooklyn, NY.
Charlie&Henry104, Brothers, 1 year, neutered, shots, tested neg. They're outgoing, and curious. Please adopt together, as they've never been apart. Owner being transferred out of state. They were adopted by a fabulous retired couple who are crazy about them.
Michaelskits1220, 11 weeks, M&F, Tabbies. Kissy, loving, friendly. Cute 'n adorable. Home raised, all the kitties were adopted into loving homes.
Midnight1229, 6 month beautiful all black male, very tame, likes to go outside. Needs to be neutered, was adopted.
Kitty1205, F, 1 1/2 years, spayed, shots, tested neg. front declaw. Very sweet and loving. Lovely personality. Family has new baby. Kitty was adopted by Carolyn Pritchard.
Pogo&Autumn1212, 7 week old female littermates. Poco loves to rub up against you and Purr and Autumn likes to play, both adopted.
Moose1019, M, 2 years, 65 lbs, Lab/Boxer X, shots, neutered. OK w/cats & dogs, playful Moose is sweet. He was abandoned at a vet clinic. Adopted by great family.
Smokey1204, M, 4 1/2 years, shots, neutered, front declaw. Smokey is a sweet talker. Plays tag. He needs to be in an adult home. No kids. Beautiful fluffy tail. Senior owner cannot care for him, adopted by daughter.
Fred1113, he's been a victim of abuse. Needs love in his life. He loves children. He is a very sweet, friendly, calm adult cat. He'll make a great lap cat. He is feline leukemia positive, was placed in a no-kill animal shelter with a feline leukemia room.
Pretty1012, F, 9 years, spay/shots. Owner in nursing home. Not coming home. Pretty is loving, gentle, a little shy but purrs 'n warms up. Pretty needs a home & a friend by Nov 17, adopted.
LuckyStar1017, F, Whippet/Beagle 18 months, 30 lbs, spayed, shots, micro chipped. An athlete, chases balls jumps 'n twists. Loves Dogs! Okay w/cats 'n kids (over 10). Catherine Hardee adopted LuckyStar.
Dudley1104, M, 7 years, PURE YORKIE, small, neutered shots. A smart, trained dog. Family moving this week. Dudley needs a home and a friend now, adopted.
Chester911, M, 1 year, neutered, shots, negative for FIV/FLeuk. He's outgoing, loves people & cats. Rescued. Can't keep, already have 4 cats in a one bedroom apt, adopted.
Raggy924, F, 2+years, declawed. Rescued. The lappiest lap cat you'll ever meet. She wandered into our yard. Roommate allergic. Will help with the shots. Adopted.
Charlie&Henry1018, Bros, 2 years, neutered, shots, tested neg. Need to be adopted together. Good personalities, ok w/kids, playful. Fiancé has allergies, were adopted!
Fay1019, F, 1 year, spayed, shots, tested neg. Rescued from court yard. She comes running and jumps into my lap when I call her. Would make an EXCELLENT only kitty, adopted by a friend!
Samantha1023, F, 5 weeks. Rescued. She is all black. Litter box trained. She is extremely friendly and loves attention, adopted by Dianna Soto, Brooklyn, NY.
Grace & Tips1012, sisters, 6 weeks, dewormed, vet checked. Rescued from car lot. Grace & Tips need to be adopted together. Grace was brought back to life by Teresa Romano, adopted by Chelsea & Adam of Brooklyn, NY.
Maxwell102, M, 4 weeks, very social kitten. Likes being held and is well adjusted. Rescued. Needs someone to bottle feed & adopt him, was adopted.
Spicoli815, M, 2 years, neutered, tested, shots. Super sweet 'n lovin. He was living near a library in B'klyn. He was so excited to be picked up, he walked right into the carrier, adopted by loving family.
Baby808, M, 2 years, neutered, shots. Baby is very affectionate, loves to be combed 'n have his head & neck stroked. Rescued, adopted by Denise LaTorre.
Pogo808, M, 5 years, 13 lbs, shots, declawed, neutered. Pogo is easy going 'n playful, enjoys the laser lite and crumpled paper. He's ok with kids 'n dogs, adopted by Della Evans of Brooklyn NY.
StevieWonder817, M, 8 weeks, dewormed. Rescued. His infected eyes, left Stevie blind. He was the runt of the litter. Stevie meeeows 'I WANT TO BE ADOPTED'. He's friendly, playful, lovable & litter trained, adopted by Kristina Gukhman, of Brooklyn NY, adopted EltonJohn, Stevie's baby brother too.
NyaNya705, M, 2 years, neutered Rabies shot, 14 lbs. He's very sweet, a cuddler. Ok w/kids. Doesn't know dogs. Petowner moving out of country, adopted by Sara Thompson from Brooklyn, NY.
Cli731, M, 12 years, neutered, shots, large. A love machine who's super mellow, gentle and low maintenance. Owner moving to England, adopted by neighbor.
Joan'sKits814, M/F, 5 weeks, very affectionate, sweet and friendly. Looking for a loving caring home. Owner already has 7 of her own cats, all adopted.
Teddy&Becky717, bro & sis, 10 weeks, shots, neutered, de-wormed. Rescued. Healthy, playful, kind. Looking for a loving home, adopted by friend.
Pats711Adorable rescued kitties. M/F. Best buds, littermates, need to be together. They're still a little shy. Need TLC and patience, adopted together.
Elisakits612, M/F, 15 weeks, Bro & Sister. Must stay together. Very friendly and well-socialized to people, used to dogs, adopted.
Chippy & Dusty605, F, 3-5 years, 7 lbs, Shih Tzu, shots, heartworm neg. Rescued. Very loveable wonderful girls, nice dogs, adopted.
Pumpkin711, F, 1 year, shots, spayed. Very friendly. Senior owner in hospital and not coming home. Pumpkin was adopted by a caring friend!
Coco728, F, 9 months, DarkCalico, spayed, shots. Loving, very playful 'n well behaved, adopted. Pet owner moving to England.
Buster&621, M, 2.5 years, neutered w/shots, very friendly 'n affectionate with people and cats, was adopted by George in Brooklyn, NY for his adult female cat.
Bros Shaggy and Scooby Male Guinea Pigs, 2 1/2 years old, were taken to their new home in Brooklyn last night and will live with a very pet-friendly family whose 8-year-old guinea pigs recently died.
Benny512, M, 6 years, 30 lbs, neutered, shots, Poodle/X. He's full of energy, outgoing and loveable. A people pooch. Owner has allergies and no time, adopted by Craig Varriano from SI, NY.
Robbie608, M, 1.5 years, shots, neutered. Pure Jack Russell. A smart boy, food responsive and eager to learn. Crate trained. He plays well with other dogs, but is too possessive of his space & toys, adopted.
Vernickcats407, 1 boy, 2 girls, 10 months, shots. Persians. Home raised. Excellent personalities, great with kids, people friendly, all adopted into loving homes.
Casey524, M, 8 weeks. He is shy, but playful. I have 4 cats already so I can't keep him was adopted by Pete Presto.
Squirt526, M, 5 lbs, Dauxy. under 6 months. Found in a cat carrier by the side of a road. He's very outgoing, super sweet, great w/kids, a loving, loyal companion, adopted.
Piper430, F, 4 years, 55 lbs, shots, Samoyed/lab mix. Friendly w/ adults & kids, not with unfamiliar dogs. Currently living with a toddler & a cat. Friendly w/adults & kids, adopted by Nina Carlsen and she is very happy in her new home.
Nora409, F, 1 year, 52 lbs, Pit. Rescued. Great temperament, sweet, loving, non aggressive with dogs & people. Friendly. Can't keep, small apart. Nora was adopted by a loving family!
Joan'sKittens511, M/F, 6 weeks old. Very affectionate, sweet 'n friendly. Purrs Need loving, caring home, all adopted into great homes!
Mindy&Rasco215, M/F, 5 months, 25 lbs, Shep/X, shots. Ok kids and pets. Very sweet pups, adopted.
Pumpkin215, M, 8 years, shots, neutered, declawed. Sweet, curious, playful and Ok w/cats and kids. Owner has health issues. Adopted by Manhattan woman who had a dream about an Orange kitty.
Oscar311, M, 1 year, 40 lbs, neutered. Shep/Lab. Rescued by a cop. Housebroken, loves to run & play w/dogs and kids. Outgoing & entertaining, adopted.
Blake412, M, 1 year, 5 lbs, shots, neutered, tested neg. Rescued in Manhattan. He's a sweet talker who loves attention and playing, adopted by loving family.
Margaret's friendly kittens, spayed/neutered. All eight kitties were adopted into great homes!
Smokey213, M, 9 weeks, neuter, shots, playful, likes older cats, loves to purr, good with children (plays dress-up). Can not keep because older family member is allergic, adopted.
Misty & Richard the Lionhearted1212, F, M, 1+ years, spayed/neutered, shots, tested neg. Winners! Political refugee seeking asylum in your home! Ok with cats, playful. Adopted together by loving Brooklyn, NY family.
Pinky313, M, 5 years, neutered, Cairn Terrier, 25lbs. He has nice manners, no kids, travels well & loves long walks & plays. Ok dogs, adopted by loving family in Petco, NJ.
Lefty302, M, 8 months. Shots. Neutered, tested. A handsome, winsome, sweet talker who loves to eat. Rescued. Will make a purrfect companion, adopted by Ms. Barnes.
Lovey302, F, 4 months, shots. Truly loving, affectionate, beautiful and smart. She's Lovey Dovey is the kitty for you. Rescued, adopted by a wonderful family.
Jake'sCat223, F, 10 months. Found around Boro Park / Sunset Park in Brooklyn, right after the snowstorm. Very playful, friendly, a bit shy around unknown people, adopted.
PeggySue216, F, 3 years, spayed shots/tested neg. Peg rescued from Muffin's apartment basement Shy, purrs when eating & rubbing on legs. Needs experienced cat person. Muffin's adopted this beautiful,frightened kitty.
Jaquie1005, F, 10 months, shots Aids/Leuk Neg. Petite. Very friendly with kids & people. Skittish with cats. Rescued. She's a sleek purr machine. Will be spayed, adopted by loving family.
BIGRED1006, M, survived Katrina. He's a real softee at heart. He still has 9 lives to go He's FELV+ medical will be done. He needs a home alone or with other FELV kitty, adopted by foster mom.
Babie126, F, 2 years, spayed, micro chipped. Sweet temperament, has no behavior problems, loves people of all ages and just needs lots of love. Child allergic, adopted by family member!
Mel & Stripe110, M, 4 months, kitties, home raised. Both are very playful and extremely friendly. Rescuer has allergies, adopted together.
Smokey, 1 year old, M, rescued kitty, adopted.
Sam&Daisy103, M/F, 6 months, kitties, tested neg. shots. spayed/neutered. Rescued. Playful, sweet. Shy w/people but starting to relax. Ok w/cats. Adopted into a loving home.
Matilda1126, F, 4-5 month old kitten. Spayed Tested neg, has shots. She's affectionate, playful and surprisingly well behaved for a kitten. Rescued.
Birdie, 4 year old male, beautiful Budgie Parakeet, adopted by Luisa Fontaine.
TeenKit1201, F, spayed, shots, tested neg. A little shy, but playful and loving, gorgeous! looking for lots of love and a good home, adopted by foster mom.
Yoda&Apollo1123, Bros, 10 years. EMERGENCY. Loving, sweet talker, no issues, healthy. Owner returning to S. Africa to take care of ailing mother. Went into foster care with a loving caretaker for six months.
KATRINA'Skits1006, 8 weeks. Bro & Sis. They traveled all the way from Louisiana. They Romp & play together. Tested negative. All medical will be done, adopted.
KATRINA'Skits1006. They traveled all the way from Louisiana. They Romp & play together. Tested negative. All medical will be done, adopted.
Kitty411, F, adult, spayed, shots, tested neg. Rescued from apartment basement. Sweet, loving, friendly. At vets now. PrettyKitty was adopted.
Carla1017, F, 4 months old. Spayed, vaccinated, tested neg. She's shy around new people but sweet. Rescued, adopted through a vets office.
Mr. Beautiful1107, M, 1 year, shots, neutered, tested neg. Very sweet and cuddly. Former stray living outdoors, needs a home before winter comes. Can't take in due to allergies, was adopted.
Princess1110, F, 1 year, shots, spayed, Beagle. Rescued from ACC by Angel Touch Pet Spa. Well mannered, loves everyone and pets too, adopted by a great family in Port Washington.
Stevespup1103, M, 3 month, Pit/X. Rescued from Owl's Head Park. Sweet disposition, likes people & other animals, friendly. Not yet housetrained The pup captivated the rescuers heart and he kept.
Santa'sLittleHelper1101, F, 1 year, 21 lbs, Beagle/X, spayed, shots. Rescued, sweet, active. Ok w/older kids. Needs housetraining. Santa's helper was adopted.
Gusto1109, M, Chihuahua, 20 months, shots, neutered, 10-15lbs. Very playful, open and friendly. Ok w/older kids. Moving NO pets permitted. Leslie and her sister who live Upstate New York, Mohegan Sun Lake, adopted Gusto. Rain a Chihuahua, plays with his new pal Gusto.
SAD1101, F, 10 weeks, spayed, shots, tested neg. Super cute, playful and friendly, looking for good homes with responsible cat lovers, adopted.
Four kittens1013, one month old still nursing with mom. Saved from the rain. Very cute, sociable, affectionate, all adopted into great homes.
Mikey828, M, 14 weeks, shots neutered, tested negative. He's very affectionate and friendly. His black markings are unusual, adopted.
Orlee930, M, rescued from New Orleans kill shelter. 12 weeks. Very sweet, playful. Looking for home with a cat, dog or kids to play with. Medical will be done, adopted by loving family in Manhattan.
Bailey901, 10 month neutered Australian Cattle Dog, 49 lbs Sweet, loving, attentive as all of these "Velcro dogs" are, great w/cats & dogs, smart, adopted.
Mittens&Poco731, M,16 weeks, shots, tested neg, dewormed, sweet, affectionate, healthy and sociable. They like people, other cats and the dog. Can't keep have 4 cats. Both kitties were adopted.
Jake916, M, 22 months, 60 lbs, Chocolate Retriever, neutered, shots. Very playful and active. Needs more training. Good with kids & dogs. Moving Sept. 30. No pets, now living in PA.
Shocky916, M, 53 lbs, 8 years, Shep/X. Shots. Friendly, loves kids, people. Loves taking walks. Moving Sept. 30. No pets, now living in PA.
MonarchButterfly914, F, 4 months tested, shots. Rescued. Tortoise shell kitty. Playful, affectionate lap cat. Okay with kids and pets, adopted.
Kitten807, M, 10 weeks, dewormed Leuk/Aids tested. Playful, gets along with other cats, adopted.
Joan'sKits913, 5 weeks old. M/F. Very affectionate and playful. Looking for a caring and loving home. Have 6 of my own and can not keep, kitties adopted into great homes!
Francie913, F, 5 1/2 years, 17 lbs, spayed, tested neg, shots. She's a big couch potato. Lap kitty. Needs a quiet adult home, adopted by a friend of the family.
Ariel824, M, 5 years, Siamese/X, shots, neutered. Tested neg, affectionate, talkative, Great personality. Good with everyone. Family is allergic. A loving family adopted Ariel.
AnnMarieKits914, 5 1/2 weeks, rescued. Extremely friendly, all four kittens were adopted into great homes.
Little One609, 16 weeks, neutered, had first booster shot, Leuk/Aids tested. Very friendly, looking for friendly person to adopt!
Chelsea614, 8 years, 80 lbs, shots/spayed. Golden/Lab mix. She's great w/kids & cats. Loves swimming, camping & snow. She's dog aggressive. Unhappy to give up. Chelsea was adopted by loving family in PA.
Gordon823, M, 7 years, neutered, shots, tested neg. Orange Tabby Exotic Shorthair rescued Laid back. Extremely affectionate. Ok w/cats. Moving, adopted.
Ripley825, M, 3 years, neutered, shots. Shetland Sheepdog. Ok kids/pets. He likes to snuggle. Needs quiet home outside of NY. Owner very ill, adopted by foster mom in Maine!
Poppy824, M, 1yr, neutered, 9lbs, shots, tested neg. Shy, but very good with pets. Long hair! Bushy tail. Moving to CA with 3 cats. Poppy needs a friend now, has been adopted.
Cali828, F, 9 weeks. FIV positive. Rescued from sewer. Must be only cat or with other FIV cat. She's very playful and loving, adopted.
Mr. Beautiful803, M, 1 year, shots tested, dewormed. Living in yard He's gorgeous, affectionate vocal, very engaging cat. Can't keep - severe allergies, adopted.
Oreo808, F, 3 year, spayed, shots, Oreo is loving & affectionate, a great family cat w/kids. Loves to play & cuddle. Supplies Owner has allergies. Catlin adopted Oreo, and living in a loving home!
Princess730, F, 4 years, 7 lbs, shots spayed, tested neg. Loves people, being petted & good with kids. Rescued. Comes with supplies and food, adopted.
Chunky and Baby609, 10 week old kittens, adopted.
GemmyF&JoeyM728, bro & sis, 12 weeks old. Female has blue eyes. Healthy, playful, energetic. Identical, adopted by loving family.
SweetSammy519, M, young, lost one eye to pellet gun. He's friendly, loving and needs a home by June 1. EMERGENCY he's so sweet! adopted by loving Park Slope family.
Rita708, Fuzzy; F, 7 week, gray & white kitten. Great w/kids & pets. Lovely, playful, very affectionate. Can't keep, have 3 other cats. Too many to handle, adopted by Ingrid, of Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY.
Smokey729, M, 4 weeks, dumped in park. Very spry, playful, excellent temperament. He loves when you hold him and rub his belly, adopted by loving family who is more than happy and willing to take on the care of a 4 weeks old kitten.
Annette623, F, Adult. She's good looking, friendly & gentle. Rescued. She needs an experienced cat person, adopted in Brooklyn, NY.
Bo704, M, 10 week. Rescued from collector. Very friendly and lovable. Dewormed, will be neutered, tested and given shots prior to adoption, has found a wonderful home with Daniela and Chris in Queens.
Meeko704, M, 6 months, neutered, shots, tested. Rescued from collector, very friendly and playful, adopted by a loving family in Brooklyn.
Gizmo725, M, 10 months, Shih Tzu, good with kids, quiet. Family moving 7/31/05, adopted.
Seamus720, M, Bichon, 4 years, 10lbs, neutered/shots. Seamus a friendly, happy, playful dog. Okay with kids. Owner going into hospital 7/26/05, adopted by Desires Fluson and family.
Baby, F, under 1 year, Brown Tabby, spayed/tested shots. Rescued from lawn. Sweet and loving, adopted by Kay in Brooklyn, NY.
Mama711, F, 2 years, spayed, shots, tested. She's beautiful, blue tabby cat, w/the grace and strength of dancer. Affectionate, trusting, and TigerBoy711, M, 4 months, Brown Tabby. He is a dominant personality, but has a sweet side. NO DOGS, adopted together by Liz in Park Slope Brooklyn, NY.
Joan'skit718, M, 8 weeks, rescued. Extremely affectionate, sweet and friendly, purrs a lot. Looking for a loving, caring home. Already have 6 of my own, adopted into a loving home.
George516, M, 1+years, neutered shots. A loving, cuddly lap kitty. Rescued. He's better as an ONLY cat. Comes with scratching post and carrier, adopted by wonderful couple.
Annette623, F. She's good looking, friendly & gentle. Rescued. She needs an experienced cat person, adopted.
Smokey704, M, 10 weeks. Rescued from collector. Very friendly and lovable. Dewormed, will be neutered, tested and given shots prior to adoption, adopted by Valerie and her family in Borough Park, Brooklyn NY.
Luna627, F, 11 months, Boston Terrier, small, spayed/shots. Very friendly, ok with kids. Outgoing, playful. Apartment too small, adopted by Michelle Hines.
Sweetie and Queenie601, 11week lovable calico kittens were adopted by Gary and Judith of Brooklyn.
Maggie601, very sweet 10 week old calico kitty was adopted by Sharon of Boston, MA, April 6/01. Sweet but shy tabby kitten was adopted by Kristen of Brooklyn.
Linus13, was adopted by Judith Rumelt of Brooklyn NY, Debs kit.
Baby6/11, was adopted by Anna Lee of Brooklyn, NY Debs kit.
Daisy611, was adopted by Alex Young, Brooklyn NY, Debs kit.
Sneaky529, M, 4 months, rescued. Very friendly, outgoing, playful, loving attentive to humans! Purrs a lot. Snuck into our home. Can't keep, we have 10 cats, adopted.
Joanskit527, M, 7 weeks, rescued. A perfect lap cat, loves to sleep on you. Purrs a lot, play time, attention. Have 7 cats. He needs a loving home, adopted.
EulaMae426, F, 3 years, spayed shots, declaw. Very friendly & playful. Not afraid of strangers. Ok kids. adopted.
SweetSammy, M, 2 year old, rescued. One eye shot out with pellet gun. He's a love and has been adopted.
Ritakit527, Female kitten, 7 weeks. Gray & White very friendly needs home, adopted by Ty and family from Manhattan.
Debkit515, the all gray kitty (now named Miranda) adopted by Marie Petroza.
Missy427, F, Missy, two month old kitten. Rescued, shots active, cuddles, affectionate. Loveable, enjoys attention. My dog not cat friendly, adopted.
GANDALF131, M, 1 year, neutered, Leuk/Aids NEGATIVE, 10 lbs, outgoing, housebroken. Found in the stairwell of our building. He's living in a bathroom. He's very friendly & outgoing, adopted.
Brendakit228, M, 6-8 weeks, found on street. Very sweet and cute. I already have two rescued cats. I would like to find a good home for this one. Unknown if it has shots, but I would be willing to contribute to the cost of shots to get him a good home, adopted.
Alex124, F, spayed/tested neg, shots, declawed, dewormed. Rescued from Brooklyn street. She has shown no "attack qualities" so far was adopted by a lovely Queens, woman.
Charlie112, M, 4-5 years, Lab/Shep X. Charismatic Charlie loves, people & pets. Sweet & affectionate. Rescued at Manhattan CACC, adopted.
EMERGENCY! 2 Tuxedo sibs, M/F. Rescued in Dec. shy, but sweet & gentle. shots, tested neg. neutering (which you can do inexpensively with Muffins help). Must find home ASAP as rescuer is leaving town Jan 31, adopted.
RESCUED KITTEN122, spayed female tabby, 3 months old, affectionate looking for a good home, with another cat or dog, and a guardian who loves affectionate cats, adopted by a caring family.
RESCUED KITTENS122, 2 neutered males, brothers, 3.5 months old, purr bags, looking for a good home, preferably together, or with another cat or dog, adopted into a loving home.
Lucycat1202, F, 3 years, spayed/shots, tested neg. Blue eyes Seal Point Siamese rescued. The rescuer can't keep, as she has 7 cats, in small apart, adopted by loving family.
Scruffy1202, F, 12 years, spay/shots tested neg. Healthy. Scruffy is a lap cat, she's sweet, gentle & loving. Good personality.
Ginger1223, F, 2-3 years. Terrier mix Spayed/Shots, 23 lbs. Very sweet. Good w/ kids and pets. Outgoing. Paper trained. I can't keep her because work & study, adopted by Helen Simon, and her 10 year old Cocker, Shaney, Brooklyn, NY.
Jimmy1204, M, 16 weeks, neuter/shots, tested neg. Jimmy is a very delicious kitty needing a responsible home. Rescued, adopted by Dawn - Marie Vasco - Brooklyn, NY.
Maxine107, F, 7 years, spayed, shots, tested neg. Very affectionate, loving kitty, who wants a quiet, warm lap to sit on. She's best with no other pets. rescued, adopted by Tody Freedman of Brooklyn, NY.
Eileen1214, F, 5 months, spayed/shots. Rescued from Brooklyn streets. Older cat won't stop attacking her. She's very friendly, sociable, easy going kitten with a great personality. She'll love you, adopted by loving family.
Laura'skittens, adopted.
Thomaskits1101, litter of 9 kittens, nine weeks of age, shots, dewormed, with vet's health record. Kittens are black, gray, gray with white and calico. All are friendly, healthy and playful, each one was adopted into a loving, responsible home.
Togo1113, F, 3 1/2 years, shots, spayed, heartworm tested. Australian shepherd mix. Very friendly, wags her tail at everyone (especially men) loves children, adopted.
JOKit917, M, 24 weeks. He is friendly, loving and playful. He has a clean bill of health from St. Francis Animal Hospital, adopted.
SweetPea, M, 5 months, neutered, shots, tested neg. Rescued. Beautiful, healthy kitten, looking for that someone special who will give him a loving home, adopted by Lennie from Brooklyn, NY.
Digby1117, M, 11 lbs. Neutered, shots, negative FLV/FIV. He showed up in our back yard last winter & is now inside waiting for a new home. Our 15 year old cat say's NO. He's a really great cat, adopted.
Lily1110, F, 2 years, 25 lbs, spayed, shots. She is a happy dog and acts very much like a puppy much of the time. Ok kids and small dogs, NO CATS. Moved NO PETS, adopted.
Bonnie&Clyde107, F/M, 4 1/2 months, spayed/neutered, shots, tested neg. Very affectionate and loving. Rescued, adopted by Caroline Katta, Brooklyn, NY.
Mickey624, M, 4-5 years old, Cocker/X, neutered, shots. Mickey is sweet and sensitive. Rescued from shelter, adopted, by Lazzo from Brooklyn, NY.
Sandy831, M, 4 years, Cocker, neutered/shots. Sandy is so sweet. He loves human adult companionship. No other dogs. Rescued from shelter, adopted in NY.
Goldie106, M, 7 months, not neutered. Very sweet kitty. He's a talker, animated and intelligent. Loves to play. Typical kitten. Not afraid to protect himself. Rescued, adopted by Ronald Germano, Brooklyn, NY.
Lala1020, F, 6 years, spayed, shots, English Cocker. Rescued from kill shelter. Lala is a gentle, friendly girl. She is the meaning of Love, Lala was adopted. She now lives in PA.
BabyRuth1020, F, 9 weeks, shots, spayed, dewormed. Found at 3 weeks old along with her litter mates in abandoned car lot covered in dirt, oil, starving, adopted by Jennifer, Bronx, NY.
Denisekits, M, 13 weeks. Emergency kittens need homes now! Living in parking lot They're cute, adorable, shy. They need a friend, adopted by Michael Umbreia.
TootsieRoll& Teddy Bear1030, F, 9 weeks, shots, spayed, dewormed. Found at 3 weeks old along with her litter mates in abandoned car lot covered in dirt, oil, starving, adopted by John and Katherine DiFrisco, Yonkers, NY.
Ren1030, M, 7 1/2 weeks, shots dewormed, neutered. PitBull X Found in a garbage dumpster, adopted by Maya Kashi, Randolph, NJ.
TinyTim1030, M, 7 1/2 weeks, neutered, shots, Pit Bull X. Tiny Tim was found in a garbage dumpster. Someone threw him away like trash, adopted by Regina Kelly, from Bellerose, NY.
Hershey1020, F, 9 weeks, shots spayed, dewormed. Found at 3 weeks old along with her litter mates in abandoned car lot covered in dirt, oil, starving, adopted by Evelyn and Elise De Leon, from Brooklyn, NY.
Stimpy107, M, 7 1/2 weeks, shots, wormed, neutered. Found in a garbage dumpster, adopted Argie from LI.
Blue929, M, 3 years, Siamese, neutered, tested, shots. Went to the LI Freeport Humane Shelter.
Thelma929, F, 6 years, 5 lbs. tan Persian, tested/shots, housebroken, must move out of town. Went to the LI Freeport Humane Shelter.
Louise929, F, 6 1/2 years, beautiful rust orange Persian, 6 lbs, tested, shots. Went to the LI Freeport Humane Shelter.
Daphne921, F, 1 year, Calico, spayed, shots. Adopted.
Duncan921, M, 1 year, neutered/shots. Adopted.
LittleGuy916, M, Small orange tabby, 1 3/4 years, with very sweet face. Needs home ASAP. Adopted by Kay, a very spiritual Senior Citizen.
Denisekits920, F, 9 weeks. Adopted by Mykra of Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY.
BriBri626, F, 6 years, spayed, declawed, shots, Leuk & AIDS neg. Adopted by Deborah Grayson.
ChunkyMonkey330, M, 5 years. Cocker, neutered, shots, 40 lbs, rescued, adopted with Oreo. They now live in south Hamptons with their new family.
Oreo301, M, 9 months, neutered, shots, Cocker. Adopted with ChunkyMonkey. They now live in south Hamptons with their new family.
Ides908, M, 6 months, 10 lbs, Beagle, UTD shots. Adopted by loving Queens family with kids.
Ebony&Tiger908, F/M, 3 weeks old kitties, M, rescued. They are both sweet lovable kittens. They have been dewormed and have found a home with Claire in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY.
Louie707, M, 10 weeks. Adopted.
Elwood714, M, 9 years, neutered, Boxer/Staff X crate, obedience trained, microchip, housebroken, adopted by Eddie.
Foxy809, F, 14 weeKs, first 2 shots, spayed, shots. Leuk/Aids tested neg. Adopted Alan Randall.
jancop204.jpg Don't shoot ..I'm the cat sitter
by Janice Foti
"As I was getting ready to feed the 10 cats, I heard a loud knocking on the door and someone saying, 'open up, open this door immediately!' So, with one hand holding the cat food can and the other holding a spoon, I ran over to open the door. To my surprise there were six police officers standing there pointing six guns at me! The police officer told me that someone had reported a break-in at this address. He wouldn't even let me turn around to walk back into the house. I had to back up into the house with my hands up holding the cat food can and spoon while he still had the gun pointing at me! I nervously told him that I was the cat sitter and showed him all the dishes I had lined up for feeding. I also showed him some identification and the note that my client had left instructing me on how and what to feed the cats. The officers were then convinced that I meant no harm and left." I had diarrhea for the next three days! Purrs Tail: Introduce yourself to the neighbors as the cat sitter.
PegSu1020.jpg All in the Family
Three legged, semi feral PeggySue was rescued from the basement in Muffin’s apartment building. The exterminator was scheduled to fumigate the area where she was living. Norm rescued, vetted and drove her to CT where she now lives with his brother’s family. PeggySue responds to Norm’s weekend visits by running over and rubbing all over him, talking, purrring, nudging his hand with her head and devouring all the food he gives her.LÆve is in the air!
Help is on the way for Katrina’s seventeen rescued pets! Muffin’s received an SOS call from Moria Holland who was going to Louisiana to rescue pets from kill shelters. Moria, along with her husband Peter and Vet Tech Jessica Howard, rented a van, filled it with food, water and medical supplies. After driving 2,000 miles and spending ten days in New Orleans, this heroic rescue team saved seventeen cats, dogs and kittens. These frightened animals were starving and traumatized. A beautiful sad eyed Beagle was alone in a cage waiting her turn to be euthanized. She was weak and quiet. For seven years, she had been used as a breeding dog. Days before the wrath of Katrina engulfed Louisiana, she was taken from her puppies, and surrendered to a kill shelter. This poor nursing mother who pined away for her babies, was filled with milk. Moria's heart was touched by this dog’s gentleness and sweet kisses. Along with four other dogs, five cats and seven kittens, ‘Hope’ endured the 34 hour car ride back to Brooklyn NY. The pets were vetted, blood tested, given shots and dewormed. Hope was loaded with heartworm and treated at the Otterkill Animal Hospital upstate. Thanks to our kindhearted supporters and their generous donations, Muffin’s helped to subsidize the medical fees for Katrina’s survivors. The real heroes were Moria, Peter and Jessica for getting involved. Thank you and God Bless.
Pets helped by your generous donations...
Laura Bolle, from Freedom Paws Silky Rescue, saves dogs from Puppy Mills. Twelve dogs were vaccinated and altered... Max, 5 yr old companion dog to disabled senior citizen Ana Saliva, was neutered and given shots...Dawn Wiener's rescued kitty, tested, spayed w/shots...Luisa Benton’s female cat spayed w/shots...Senior citizen Peter Purpura’s three rescued cats spayed with shots...Nancy Perlstein ‘s rescued cat tested, spayed w/shots...Elyse Karnes rescued Baby, a year old cat, who was spayed, tested and inoculated. Rue 6 week old kitty, rescued by Dee was tested, dewormed and given eye meds.
Muffin’s Adoption’s & Latest News
jphone725.jpg Jude is writing 'Muffin's Pet Connection' a weekly column in the Home Reporter Brooklyn, NY Newspaper. Jude is writing 'Muffin's Pet Connection' a weekly column in the Home Reporter Brooklyn, NY Newspaper. Click here to Read Jude's Weekly Pet Column in the Home Reporter Newspaper.
Sammy519.jpg Sammy finds LÆve! Sweet Sammy, a 2 year old black kitty, was found with one eye shot out by a BB gun. His other eye was badly infected. Your generous contributions made it possible for Muffin’s to subsidized his medical treatment. Sammy was adopted by a Karen, who was smitten by his charm and his laid sweetness.
MacyFund224.jpg Macy’s New Life...
When eight week old Macy was rescued, both of her red bulging eyes were horribly infected. Dee applied Chamomile eye presses hourly to Macy’s inflamed eyes. The following day, Macy was rushed to the vet, who had to remove both her eyes. She was fighting for her life, as she was anemic, and flea infested. After she healed, Macy was adopted by Miriam and her four adult cats. She runs, jumps in the air and catches a toy. She’s a fun kitty who is the Queen Bee in the feline family. Macy always uses the litter pan...
Viva La Kitty. During the NorEast ‘05 blizzard, a cat wondered into an empty shack, where she was locked in for two weeks. There were no foot or paw prints in the snow. When Dee found her, ‘Viva’ was screaming and scratching at the door. There was blood the on cats paws and on the door. Viva was a starving three pound malnourished, seven month old kitty. She went to the vet, had IV fluids, was blood tested, given shots and dewormed. Ten pound Viva adopted Dee and her four adult felines. Muffin’s was able to subsidize her medical due to your generous donations and continued support.
Muffin’s ‘family’ is expanding~
We now have 84 veterinarian offices throughout NYC, who participate in our low cost spay/neuter program. We appreciate their continued help to stop pet overpopulation! Muffin’s nine Reps sell our spay/neuter certificates at their fine stores.

Walter’s Pet Reference Guide: A Survival Guide for you and Your Pets is now on CD or soft cover 500 page book. It’s A to Z references containing a wealth of information that could save your pets life! Not available in stores.

Call for information (800) 247-6553 A Portion of the Proceeds Will Go to Benefit the Animals!
Thank You ¤ God Bless
Sandra Bass-Atlas, for generously supporting Muffin’s and helping us to grow. Thousands of pets have been saved and re-homed...To the students of PS 206 for donating the Common Cents Penny Harvest funds to MJM Muffin’s Jutreach Mission programs... The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd’s contribution from the Goetz estate... Sponsors for The Katrina 17 rescue: Rose and Alissa Abrams, Carol and Jenny from Pet Unisex, Dee & Candice, Eileen Olsen, Emma DeRosa, Janice Foti, Jeanne Grifo, Gladys M. Rodriguez, plus Muffin’s fund raising cans...Dr. Bernard Wasserman, DVM and author, donated a case of his books, ‘The Dog Who Met the Queen & other stories...And for everyone who neuters a stray!
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Pet Awarness Day in Staten Island. On September 17, 2005 Muffin's NY Assistant Janice Foti and her husband Anthony attended this informative pet event. Janice raised money for Muffin's 'Katrina Helping Pets' and 'Macy's fund' by selling Muffin's key rings and Awareness spay/neuter pins.
Help for Surviving Pets from Katrina
Moria Holland rented a Van and drove from Brooklyn, NY down to New Orleans to save animals from shelters. Moria, along with her husband, and a licensed Vet Tech filled the Van with animal medical supplies, food and water. Muffin's will help to subsidize the shots, blood work, heart worm test, and spay/neuter for these rescued pets. We need your help! We have foster care and forever homes for some of these frightened dogs. Together, we can make a difference... Thank you and God Bless!
Help Survivors of Katrina sponsored by Little Luna
6 Cheever Place, B'klyn, NY 11231 (Corner of Kane St.)
Sammy519.jpg The Story of Sammy.... "Sammy" the cat, is the very definition of "grace under pressure." A long haired, black un-neutered male, we think someone may have shot him in one eye with pellet gun, nevertheless, we've never met a gentler, sweeter cat. Sammy is so grateful for any stability and affection that comes his way, and he responds with deep and moving devotion---at some point in time, somebody must have loved this cat very much, because you can tell by his character that he has the memory of goodness in his life. His strength is so inspiring, and he deserves to survive. We found him, half-blind, helpless and confused cowering inside the workings of a parked truck on 5th Avenue. We were amazed that, instead of biting and scratching when we retrieved him out of the truck, he took refuge in our arms. Poor Sammy---so sweet and trusting... it must have made it all that easier to hurt him.
Samm519.jpg One of Sammy's eyes can't be saved, but the other is doing well under treatment. When he gets his medication, he is as gentle as a lamb. He needs an operation to clear the lost eye away, and a home where he will be loved and nurtured.

Please help Sammy--if anyone in the world deserves to be safe and happy, it's him. He will return whatever love you give him, and then some. Thank you! Jenny jennyjoz@yahoo.com Please Donate to Sweet Sammy's Fund.

Muffin's own 'backyard rescue"
Three legged kitty saved!
A small kitty with a missing front leg was discovered in our apartment basement. She was half feral and very hungry. After feeding her for a few days it became apparent that she could not stay where she was because of apartment rules and a scheduled fumigating of her surroundings. To make matters worse another more friendly cat had joined her. With your generous help Muffin’s was able to get both cats vet checked and spayed. The three legged cat now named Stella resides in CT. Her companion Kitty411, is still at the vets recuperating from an infection but will soon be ready to adopt. Both cats, tested negative, were dewormed and given shots. If you're interested adopting the kitties, please email muffinspets@gmail.com
Macy's Zest-for-LifeUpdate about Macy's Zest-for-Life
Viva Needs A Valentine Angel
Read a touching 'tail' about Janice and Prinni.
STOP chicken cruelty and be healthier! Buy cage free eggs.. Hens walk around, eat good quality grain and have NO ANTIBIOTICS or STEROIDS.
Muffin's Outreach Mission Program=MOM programs, assisted Citizens Committee For Animal Rights in Queens, who is helping a distraught pet owner with 14 cats, by subsidizing spay/neuter certificates. CCFAR is trying to defuse this daunting situation.
Read about Tips for your pets
Read about Popeye's tail
Check out Ani-Med for Pet Care information, provided by the ASPCA
Check out Odds N' Ends for sale.
Thank you...God Bless
Sandra Bass-Atlas for generously supporting Muffin’s Macy's Fund and MOM programs. We are able to help more pets and needy pet owners. Thank you kindly.

To All the students at PS 206, teachers, staff and coordinators who participated in the Common Cents Penny Harvest Program, and choose Muffin's to receive a charitable donation. We sincerely appreciate this generous contribution. The Animals and Muffin's thanks you!

Muffin’s eighty-four veterinarians, Our ten Reps who sell Muffin’s spay/neuter certificates, Our sponsors, Laura Bolle, the artist, for donating beautiful Muffin drawings, Annye Cohen for her generous donation and our loyal members whose charitable contributions Help Muffin’s programs, to The ASPCA, ACCNYC, SPAY/USA, MAYORS ALLIANCE for NYC, THE FUND and GROOMERS for referrals. We sincerely appreciate you! Jude and Norm.
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An Estimated 70,000 cats and dogs are born each day in the United States.
MOM needs you!
Muffin’s Outreach Mission program helps pet owners and rescuers. We need you to make the program work.
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