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PAW'S CORNER        
By Samantha Mazzotta
The Brooklyn Spectator Jan. 4, 2005
Lingering Pet Odors
Q:  I am writing in regard to your recent column on older cats that are soiling their owner's carpet and what to do about the smell.
There is a wonderful organization in Brooklyn, N Y., called Muffin's Pet Connection.
One of its tips for getting rid of cat's spraying and regular urine smells is white vinegar.
It seems to work so I thought I would send it along to you.  You might want to check out Muffin's Website  www.muffins.org
                            Elyse K. via e-mail
A:  Thanks, Elyse!  White vinegar is a fairly gentle cleaner and is worth a try, especially by pet owners exasperated by lingering odors.
Muffin's Pet Connection is indeed a wonderful non-profit organization.  Its mission is to assist pet owners in placing dogs, cats, ferrets, iguanas - you name it - in loving homes.  It is not a shelter; owners continue to care for their pets while a new home for them is found.
This certainly eases some of the stress that a pet goes through when leaving one family and being adopted by another.  It also helps the owner know that his or her pet will go to a loving family rather than a dubious future at a shelter.
Thanks for giving great advice all around!  Folks, check out Muffin's Pet Connection to find out more about the services it provides to the pet community in New York City.