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PeggySue's Page

PeggySue Testimonials

See her capabilities NOT her disabilities...

Are you having trouble getting your cat into a carrier? 
Does your cat run and hide when it sees the carrier?
The PeggySue dolly could be the answer to a stress-free trip to the vet.
Photos and story to follow.

Click here to ORDER PeggySue Dolls online
$8.50 per doll (includes shipping)


Janet Bernasconi from janetscreativepillows.com has exclusively designed the PeggySue Awareness catnip/cuddle doll.  

Handmade in USA 
100% stretchy cotton fabric.  
100% non allergic           
Contains ORGANIC catnip from Canada.  


PegSu1020.jpg (6886 bytes)

PeggySue was rescued from the basement in Muffin's apartment building. She was a  malnourished, flea infested semi-feral, three-legged adult cat.  Muffin's vetted PeggySue.  She had been previously spayed! 

PEGTABLE.jpg (41202 bytes)

PeggySue with her friend, the table leg.  She has bonded and connected with the living room coffee table leg. She plays hide 'n seek tag with Calay at this table.  Calay is our other rescued three-legged kitty. 

PSwPS810.jpg (9243 bytes)

PeggySue playing with her name-sake doll.  She enjoys cuddling, cleaning and sleeping with her doll.

PSwdoll917.jpg (23053 bytes)

PeggySue holding her little doll with her little paw.  She has really connected and bonded with her doll. 

PeggySue519.jpg (67525 bytes)

PeggySue chilling out after play-time with her doll.  Here you can see how short her little paw actually is.  She was born with a paw defect.