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What does spay mean?
It is when a female cat/dog has a hysterectomy to prevent infected uterus (PYOMETRA), cancer, unwanted litters and for female cats, a very nosey heat cycle.

Female Cats do not BLEED while in heat.

What does neuter mean?
It is when a male cat/dog gets castrated to prevent prostrate cancer, unwanted litters and negative/aggressive behavior.

**One unspayed female cat and her offspring Can reproduce 420,000 cats in 7 years!

**One unspayed female dog and her offspring Can reproduce 67,000 offspring in 6 years!

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**Spay one cat and stop the birth of 100 homeless kittens!**

Frequently Asked Questions about Spay/Neuter:

What is Spaying and Neutering?

Why should a pet be spayed or neutered?

What are the benefits of spaying or neutering?

A pet can get cancer if not spayed/neutered.

Spay/Neuter Facts and Myths

What are SpayNeuter facts?

What about pet overpopulation?

Can a cat get pregnant while nursing? YES.
Can a dog get pregnant while nursing? NO.
How often can a cat reproduce kitties? Every three months.
How often can a dog reproduce pups? Twice a year.

S/N Graphic