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Tips and Suggestions


What's wrong with these pictures???

  scratching post.bmp

catpost312.jpg These scratching post are too short for cats. Cats like height. They like to climb. Make or buy a tall scratching post. Muffin's has used these training tips when we were teaching our cats NOT to use our furniture. With patience and persistence, we taught our kitties how to use the 5' tall scratching post we made. And it works! They stretch, scratch and enjoying climbing to the top of the post and hanging out up there. Remember, cats can be trained. Clip kitties nails. Declawing is the very last resort! Carpet a window sill with a piece of a rug. Offer this as a scratching area for the cat. Fill an empty spray bottle with cold water. Set it to stream. Spray naughty kitty when furniture is being scratched. Say NO firmly, and put the cat on his/her own scratching area. This is positive training!


Keep pets cool in the summer...
give them lots of cold water.
Add ice cubes to the water bowl.

When multiple cats live together, extra litter pans are needed. They need their own 'space.' This helps cats from going outside the litter pan.

**Do not give aspirin to your cat! Aspirin can be fatal to cats. Chocolate can be fatal to dogs**!

Always be assertively calm and in balance and take charge as the pack leader. Pets respect the LEADER and follow what they're taught. Teach limitations, boundaries and structure. Be consistent. Then give affection. Never hit your pet. The tone of voice expresses when you're pleased or displeased. As the pet does the desired action, give praise and reward with treat. Show the pet what YOU want them to do.

This is a KONG! It's a durable rubber chew toy for cats & dogs. Fill it with favorite cat or dog dry food. It takes the pet awhile to empty the Kong. It's also a great distraction for aggressive or dominant kitties. This is a positive way to teach your pet NOT to bite or bother other cats in the family. Also, fill the Kong when your going out. It keeps the pet busy.

Pets are people, too! They need structure, limitations and boundaries to have a calm, productive life. They depend on you for all of their needs. They're happiest when they have a routine. Watch Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, on the National Geographic cable channel. Muffin's highly recommends this show. His insight into dog and human psychology is amazing. Pets with negative behavior problems are sometimes solved within minutes.

When cats gag, it may be due to hair balls. Add (1) one drop of olive oil to wet food once a day. Try for one week.

Be sure to have identification on your pet at all times. You can use an ID tag, license, rabies tag, microchip or tattoo, or any combination. You never know when your pet may get lost. Always have a photo of your pet available! In case it does get lost, you must get the word out right away.

Take two medium size empty, strong cardboard boxes. Turn one upside down. Place one box on top of the other. Tape together, with masking tape, and cover with heavy plastic garbage bag. Make small opening. Put a blanket inside. The cat shelter is warm, waterproof and inexpensive. Purrfect!

*** Alerts:***

Pets are not toys. Do not give as a gift. They break if dropped, chew or scratch furniture, eat tinsel, plants, rubber bands etc. They need shots, spay or neuter, cat or dog food, NOT people food. Train with boundaries, limitations, structure and THEN affection. Landlord permission is needed. Make sure that the adopter has NO ALLERGIES OR ASTHMA.