Donation to Help Muffin's

Donation to Help Muffin\'s
Muffins is solely supported by your generous donations. These contributions have helped us to find homes for more than 8,500 pets in need. In addition to our low cost spay/neuter certificate program, we offer compassionate one-to-one telephone counseling for many pet related matters including: Bereavement, health issues, bottle feeding, behavior, pet sitting, dog walking, kitten/puppy care, trapping/socializing options and general 'common-sense' information. When funds are available, Muffin's subsidizes spay/neuter certificates. Your charitable donations make all this possible. Please help MOM, Muffin's Outreach Mission programs to continue on our mission to Reach, Teach, Educate and grow. Jude and Norm Muffin's is a tax exempt Animal Service Organization. Thank you kindly. God Bless!
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