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Muffin's is not a shelter. We do not take in animals! 
Muffin's is not a rescue group!

Business Hours: 10 am - 3:00 pm

Monday thru Friday

Closed on Weekends and legal holidays

Visit muffins.org to purchase certificates
or buy certificates in person

Muffin's Celebrates

years of animal community services

Welcome ...
Muffin's Pet Connection,

a Non-Profit Community Animal Service Organization which has been serving NYC and surrounding areas since 1988. 
Tax Exempt.
E-mail: judespets@aol.com

SPAYLOGO731.jpg Muffin's Discount Spay/Neuter Certificate program is for people in NY STATE RESIDENTS ONLY.

Muffin's thanks the more than 100 participating vets.

Click link to buy certificate: No Checks Please!

Male Cat ... $50 - Female Cat ... $65 - *Male Dog ... $65 - * Female Dog ...$85

*If a dog is over 30 pounds, there may be additional fees paid to the vet for more anesthesia, shots, pain management, antibiotics etc, are NOT included with certificate.

Buy Certificates in Person

Discount spay/neuter certificates

MAMA TNR ~ Trap Neuter Release feral cat coupons

Muffin's MOM programs, assist pet owners and rescuers by helping subsidize spay/neuter certificates.

Watch fun musical video...Spay/Neutering  

Muffin's began with a little stray dog, who changed our lives forever.

Muffin's legacy of love continues.

Spay one unspayed female cat, and prevent the birth of 100 unwanted kittens! Don't Delay...Spay today!
Neuter male cat and dogs, prevent testicular cancer and some prostrate problems.

50,000 Spaying/Neutering certificates issued 
600 MAMA SPAY/NEUTER TNR coupons issued

Muffin's Staff
President: Norm Sunden
Director: Jude Lassow-Sunden

Web Designer: myportfolio.kellycreations1.com

We also offer Humane cat trap rental.